GALVESTON — A 61-year-old woman robbed in a retail store’s parking lot has her belongings back after witnesses followed the suspects and led police to the getaway car, authorities said Tuesday.

Galveston police arrested Amy Nicole Roque, 23, and Jackey Wayne Wooley, 43, in connection with a 6:53 p.m. Monday purse-snatching in the parking lot of Walmart, 6702 Seawall Blvd.

“The 61-year-old lady was coming out of her vehicle to go grocery shopping,” Galveston police Lt. David Torres said. “The girl popped out of this car and asked the lady if she needed any help. The lady said, ‘No.’”

Police accused Roque of pulling the purse away from the woman and Wooley of driving the getaway car. Both remained jailed Tuesday on a robbery charge with bond set at $25,000 for Roque and $40,000 for Wooley.

The car left the parking lot and drove toward Central City Boulevard.

A Hitchcock man and a tow-truck driver followed and called police to let dispatchers know where they were headed.

Torres spotted the car, an Acura, at 39th Street between avenues S and S½.

“The girl jumped out of the car while it was still rolling,” Torres said. “I stayed with the car that came to a stop just shy of 40th street and Avenue S.”

Torres arrested the driver, and patrol officer James Tiemann found the passenger at nearby apartment complex, Torres said.

The victim had minor injuries, Torres said.

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(5) comments

Don Ciaccio

And when you carry, you always shoot to kill. That will slow down the purse snatchings. Possible death seems to be a deterrent to crime.

George Croix

Too bad the 61 year old victim wasn't a member of The Church of God with Signs Following.
That purse might have contained more than the low lifes bargained for.

Raymond Lewis

Seems to me if she had a hand gun in the purse it, obviously would have been snatched along with the rest of the purse. Dumb comment.

Glad the good guys prevailed...and no shots were fired.

Stephen Murphy

Off with their heads!


Guillotine!! Guillotine!! Guillotine!! Ahhh I get maddddd when folks mess with Old Folks!!

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