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Robert Buckner

Is LMISD's ratings any better than last year? I guess if their appeal fails then they can change the names and shuffle campuses again and start a new gimmick to attempt to fool folks again.
Kudos to those ISDs and charter schools that are doing their jobs.

Walter Manuel

Good eye Robert,,,,,

It appears LMISD once again looks for every loophole in order to justify why they didn't do well and why they continue to "barely" survive year after year.

Everyone in LM needs to take a closer look at TEA's report of the "numbers" breakdown for each index at each campus district wide in order to get a better picture of just how poorly LMISD really IS doing.

When a districts elementary school receives "Improvement Required", anyone with a working brain cell should consider that perhaps this isn't the educational path that they would want to start their child to start out on.

LMISD has run out of "gimmicks", it is what it is....[wink]

Island Bred

I vaguely remember MissionaryMan saying something about the reason they were shuffling schools and changing names and it was linked to time they are given to be graded. HMMmmm - chickens coming home to roost!! Once again the script of the story came out before the play. Poor LM. They ought to give LMISD to TC - that's the only way we are ever going to get out of this mess. I would feel better if they just called it west TCISD - after all that's all it is. Amazing how the other districts could improve - really improve and they are throwing a ticker tape for the miserable inches that LMISD advanced and they are whining over the ratings they say they didn't deserve. I'm so sick of this board - and the mentality they foster.

Walter Manuel

Yep you got it Margurite!

Unfortunately, Texas City doesn't want LMISD's problem students and that's pretty much what's left because most of our good students are long gone. Those remaining few "good" students are perhaps trapped there because of one reason or another, otherwise I'm sure they would have followed behind the others!

We'll see if TEA removes the school board and brings in state monitors this year and then if they still don't improve this year then fire the superintendent next?

The ball is now in TEA's court NOT LMISD's....[smile]

Keith Gray

Great Job SFISD!!! Be happy I'm not still in school to drag down the curve...

George Croix

Perhaps the Board at SFISD would be willing to share some how-to-do-its with the LMISD Board?

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