Add High Island to the list of Galveston County school districts that failed to meet state minimum standards. Also add Santa Fe to the list of districts that met state standards, as well as all of its school campuses.

The state released its initial state ratings Friday. Using data provided by the county’s school districts, The Daily News reported on most of the ratings before the state made the figures public.

Santa Fe joins Clear Creek, Dickinson and Friendswood as the only districts in the state where the district, as well as all of its campuses, received the Met Standard rating from the state.

The state only issues a Met Standard or Improvement Required rating based on performances in four indices.

The indices are: Student Achievement, that provides a snapshot of performance across all subjects; Student Progress, that measures year-to-year student progress by subject and student group; Closing Performance Gaps, which tracks advanced academic achievement of economically disadvantaged students and the lowest performing racial/ethnic student groups; and Postsecondary Readiness, which emphasizes the importance of earning a high school diploma that provides students with the foundation necessary for success in college, the workforce, job training programs, or the military.

Galveston, Hitchcock and Texas City each received Met Standard as districts, but each had campuses that were given Improvement Required ratings.

The La Marque and High Island school district’s each received an Improvement Required rating, but in the case of High Island, the rating was for the district only. All of the High Island school campuses received a Met Standard rating.

The district overall fell short in Index 4, which measures a school district’s efforts to prepare students for college, the job market, job training programs or to enlist in the military. The district didn’t miss the mark by much, however.

The district missed the state standard by just two points. Superintendent D’Ann Vonderau did not respond to The Daily News’ request for data or comments.

La Marque as a district narrowly missed meeting state standards by just one point in two indices and as a result will appeal it’s rating, Superintendent Terri Watkins said. The district’s accreditation was put on probation by the state earlier this year and is working under a state-mandated improvement plan.

Making the situation tougher for La Marque is that three of its five campuses were given Improvement Required. Only the Renaissance Academy, which focuses on STEM studies, and La Marque Intermediate received Met Standard ratings.

Initially La Marque officials claimed that because of the district’s restructuring of campuses last year that La Marque Elementary, La Marque Junior High and La Marque Intermediate should not be rated. State officials on Friday confirmed the district was incorrect and the ratings stand.

Another year of not meeting state minimums could result in the district losing its accreditation, but state officials have said that is not a guarantee.

While Santa Fe Superintendent Leigh Wall was unable to get its data to The Daily News in time for Friday’s report, the news is still as good as it was in the first place.

The district not only met state standards in all of the index, each of its campuses did as well.

The county’s charter schools also faired well in the latest state ratings.

Ambassadors Preparatory Academy and Odyssey Academy in Galveston each received a Met Standard rating. Mainland Preparatory Academy in La Marque, the county’s first charter school, also received a Met Standard rating, as did Premier Learning Academy, which is also located in La Marque.

Clear Creek ISD, Met Standard

Met Standard

HIGH SCHOOLS: Clear Creek*, Clear Lake*, Clear Brook*, Clear View*, Clear Springs*, Clear Horizons Early College*, Clear Falls*

INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS: Seabrook, Clear Lake, League City*, Creekside, Brookside*, Victory Lakes, Westbrook*, Bayside*, Clear Creek*

ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS: Clear Lake City*, Ed White*, League City, James Ross, Bay*, Lavace Stewart*, McWhirter, Whitcomb, Green*, Armand, Landolt*, Walter Hall*, John Ward, Ferguson, Brookwood*, Wedgewood, Hyde*, North Pointe, Goforth*, Bauerschlag*, Falcon Pass*

Improvement Required: None

Dickinson ISD, Met Standard

Met Standard: Dickinson High School, Dickinson Continuation Center, R.D. McAdams Junior High, Dunbar Middle School*, Barber Middle School*, Little Elementary*, Silbernagel Elementary, Hughes Road Elementary*, San Leon Elementary*, Calder Road Elementary*

Improvement Required: None

Friendswood ISD, Met Standard

Met Standard: Friendswood High School*, Friendswood Junior High, Westwood Elementary; C.W. Cline Elementary*, Bales Intermediate*, Windsong Intermediate*

Improvement Required: None

Galveston ISD, Met Standard

Met Standard: Ball High School*, Scott Collegiate Academy, AIM College and Career Prep, Austin Middle*, KIPP Coastal Village Middle* (Now Coastal Village Middle School), Crenshaw Elementary and Middle School*, Oppe Elementary*, Parker Elementary*, KIPP Coastal Village (now Coastal Village Primary)*, Early Childhood University

Improvement Required: Central Middle School, Weis Middle School, Morgan Elementary

High Island ISD. Improvement Required

Met Standard: High Island High School, High Island Middle School, High Island Elementary*

Improvement Required: None

Hitchcock ISD, Met Standard

Met Standard: Hitchcock High School, Crosby Middle School, Stewart Elementary*

Improvement Required: Hitchcock Primary

La Marque ISD, Improvement Required

Met Standard: Renaissance Academy*, La Marque Intermediate*

Improvement Required: La Marque High School, La Marque Junior High, La Marque Elementary (includes Early Childhood Learning)

Santa Fe ISD, Met Standard

Met Standard: Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe Junior High, Roy Wollam Elementary, Kubacak Elementary

Texas City ISD, Met Standard

Met Standard: Texas City High School, Blocker Middle School, Fry Intermediate*, Heights Elementary*, Kohfeldt Elementary*, Roosevelt-Wilson Elementary* (includes Calvin Vincent Pre-K/Head Start)

Improvement Required: Northside Elementary

* = Campus awarded at least one academic distinction

Note: Ratings are preliminary, pending any appeals

Source: Texas Education Agency

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(6) comments

Robert Buckner

Is LMISD's ratings any better than last year? I guess if their appeal fails then they can change the names and shuffle campuses again and start a new gimmick to attempt to fool folks again.
Kudos to those ISDs and charter schools that are doing their jobs.

Walter Manuel

Good eye Robert,,,,,

It appears LMISD once again looks for every loophole in order to justify why they didn't do well and why they continue to "barely" survive year after year.

Everyone in LM needs to take a closer look at TEA's report of the "numbers" breakdown for each index at each campus district wide in order to get a better picture of just how poorly LMISD really IS doing.

When a districts elementary school receives "Improvement Required", anyone with a working brain cell should consider that perhaps this isn't the educational path that they would want to start their child to start out on.

LMISD has run out of "gimmicks", it is what it is....[wink]

Island Bred

I vaguely remember MissionaryMan saying something about the reason they were shuffling schools and changing names and it was linked to time they are given to be graded. HMMmmm - chickens coming home to roost!! Once again the script of the story came out before the play. Poor LM. They ought to give LMISD to TC - that's the only way we are ever going to get out of this mess. I would feel better if they just called it west TCISD - after all that's all it is. Amazing how the other districts could improve - really improve and they are throwing a ticker tape for the miserable inches that LMISD advanced and they are whining over the ratings they say they didn't deserve. I'm so sick of this board - and the mentality they foster.

Walter Manuel

Yep you got it Margurite!

Unfortunately, Texas City doesn't want LMISD's problem students and that's pretty much what's left because most of our good students are long gone. Those remaining few "good" students are perhaps trapped there because of one reason or another, otherwise I'm sure they would have followed behind the others!

We'll see if TEA removes the school board and brings in state monitors this year and then if they still don't improve this year then fire the superintendent next?

The ball is now in TEA's court NOT LMISD's....[smile]

Keith Gray

Great Job SFISD!!! Be happy I'm not still in school to drag down the curve...

George Croix

Perhaps the Board at SFISD would be willing to share some how-to-do-its with the LMISD Board?

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