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Ann Derek

I'm surprised they didn't furnish them an ambulance at the taxpayer's expense, too.

Island Bred

?????? What sort of comment is that?

I say he is precious - precious - precious! Welcome to the world little one and don't pay attention to the riff raff - geesh

I'm not sure what the comment is or why it is made since nothing was said about insurance or the lack of it. There are some who prefer to use UTMB - there are some who choose to take thier business elsewhere. You may have just decided for them should they decide to have a 4th child. I'm sure Memorial, St Johns or any HCA facility would be glad to accomadate them or any other hospital in the area.

Hey dummie - they ALL take Medicaid if that's the case but it just really has nothing to do with the story


What I like about that little dude is he is not afraid. He does not know what he is in for, but look at him, he is NOT afraid! If it was me,...I'd peep my head out,...look from side to side, and say, "THANKS BUT NO THANKS!" "I'M GOING BACK!" [smile]


I forgot to mention for a newborn, this little guy got a pair of hands on him! He also looks like it would not be to much out of his way to "WHUP UP" on somebody too!

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