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Mike Leahy

I guess all those tourists drove only the Causeway, 61st, Seawall Blvd, and 3005.

If they spent their time here driving on all the other streets we residents use, or the commercial traffic on Harborside or Port Industrial endures, they would not be coming back too often.

Ron Shelby

Obviously, paid parking on the seawall didn't hurt tourism.

Robert Buckner

I wonder how they arrive at that 5+million figure.

George Croix

This is great news.
No doubt the Deepwater Horizon lawsuit wanting compensation for potential loss of tourism revenue, despite zero oil from it ever showing up, has already been dropped as a result of it's outing for what it was.

vic krc
Victor Krc

When I lived on the island some years back the standard complaint from some local business owners was that tourists from Houston came down to Galveston with a T-shirt and a $5 bill and didn't change either one. Looks like that has changed.

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