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Andy Aycoth

I have seen granddaughters look just like their grandma did in their younger days.
Not only look like but had allot of the mannerisms
Happy Mother's Day to all to mothers out there . There is no greater gift than to be a mother.

Lars Faltskog

OMG...is this article for real? Well, my older brother looks as old as my dad and people say so a lot. Now, THAT's a bummer. Hopefully, one is compared to their mom/daughter or son/father for good (not bad) reasons.

Be glad if you still have your youthful good looks. Sooner or later, we'll all start looking like Grandpa Jones and Minnie Pearl. That is, if we're Anglo. Now, as for other folks: How about Medea, or Fred Sanford? If you're Filipino, how would you like to look like Ferdinand Marcos? How about Latino women who soon will look like Lupe Onitveros? We all were young and pretty at once. Do you think Sofia Vergara will always look like she does now?

Beauty is on the inside. Soon, we'll all be at the assisted living home comparing how we all look like each other.

Kay Elsbury

Seriously? THIS is what people care about? Yeah, when my daughter was in high school people thought we were sisters...probably because I was a teen when I had her. That is not newsworthy. Could we be any more shallow?

Lars Faltskog

Response to Anymouse posted at 6:41 am on Tue, May 13, 2014:

Your post made my day. I was wondering about the simplicity of all of this too, and was hoping I wasn't the only one picking up on it.

Seems as though some of these "youthful moms who look like their daughters" should encourage their look-alikes to judge people by who they are and not how they look. Looks and charm fade. Anyone remember Grizabella from "Cats"? Time to grow old gracefully.

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