Days after a Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the death of teen Trayvon Martin, the case and reaction to the verdict still resonate around the water cooler, in coffee shops and especially online.

The verdict has drawn protests nationwide, including one scheduled for Galveston on Friday and one that closed down a Houston freeway Monday.

Even President Barack Obama weighed in before and after the trial.

It is not often a fatal shooting in a small town captures the nation’s attention as the Zimmerman/Martin case did. Whether it was media driven is one of the issues debated all along.

Thanks in large part to social media, however, the case drew notice that rivaled the nation’s attention during the O.J. Simpson murder trial in 1994.

In Galveston County, the reactions are just as passionate as those played out outside the Stanford, Fla., courthouse and on talk shows on cable networks.

Passionate on both sides

“Without a shadow of a doubt, I truly believe George Zimmerman’s overzealous actions as neighborhood watch captain and his thirst to be a hero resulted in the death of a teenager who by everyone’s account did absolutely nothing illegal, and thereby nothing wrong,” said Dedrick Johnson, a Texas City Commissioner and longtime community activist who has for years work with African-American teens.

“It’s a touchy situation simply because it wreaks of more injustice for the African-American male, something that has perpetuated itself throughout our history.”

Johnson thinks that Zimmerman has yet to be held accountable by the justice system and that race does play a role.

“There are holes in the law,” he said. “Nothing is perfect, but minorities seem to be falling through these gaps at a disproportionate rate. We can argue it all day, but cases don’t lie. Numbers don’t lie.”

Rusty Carnes of Galveston sees things differently.

“The jury did its job and whether we agree or not, it is the American Way,” Carnes said. “As for whether I agree with their decision, I have no choice but to agree as I was not even there to hear every bit of information that they did.”

He does think there is blame to go around and that race does play a role.

“As for George Zimmerman, I believe he is a want-to-be cop,” Carnes said. “As for Trayvon Martin, he was a want-to-be tough guy that charged a nut with a gun and lost. Neither was totally right in their actions, and it resulted in a real tragedy. This case has reignited the real issues of racism that plague our society, and for that I hate that it ever happened.”

Local protest

Moved in part by her brother’s murder at the hand of gang members in 1991, Jazzalynn McMurrin is organizing a protest to be held in front of Galveston City Hall at 3 p.m. Friday.

Her brother Larry Brown was killed in a drive-by shooting, and his killers were never brought to justice, she said.

“He was just 15 (years old) and an innocent bystander,” McMurrin said. “To lose someone and not get justice, I understand what that is like.”

For La Marque resident Tonia Sherwood, the case stirred up too much hatred, especially in a case that involved the death of a teen. She wonders whether people would defend Zimmerman if it were their child who was killed.

“To all who say George Zimmerman had the right to use deadly (force), what if you woke in morning and was told you had to bury your son?” she asked. “How would you feel? And all over some candy and a soda?”

Texas City resident Patti Abschneider believes the media hype over the case was overblown.

“The jury had the facts and we didn’t,” she said. “The media has hyped this up and it needs to be let go.

“People are killing each other every day and it doesn’t get this type of play. Let the judicial system decide this and quit making this a black/white issue. Move on, people.”

Make a change

For Hitchcock resident and community activist Sam Collins, people who are feeling passionate about the issue one way or another need to not argue or debate the case but take action.

“Whatever you are feeling, I pray that you will use those emotions to drive you to make a positive impact in your immediate circle of influence,” he said. “You will either work to make things better, or your apathy will allow things to get worse. If you are not focused on solutions that solve problems, you are part of the problem.”

La Marque native Stephen House finds fault all around.

“Trayvon wasn’t a Boy Scout, but Zimmerman wasn’t the perfect neighborhood watchman,” he said. “Two imperfect humans met one dark night, and it turned out horribly.”

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Harley Rider

Y'all need to get over it all ready

Miles Montegut

To tell people to "get over it" is pretty insensitive and doesn't help. Everybody needs to learn from this that putting your hands on people (violence) isnt the answer. A brief conversation would have solved both if their suspicions.

Gary Miller

A reasonable conversation could have defused the situation.
Apparently Trayvon attacked Zimmerman instead of engageing in any conversation.
A reasonable conversation require two reasonable people. Seems Tayvon wasn't interested in being reasonable.

Pat Johnson

What does one think a black boy would say in a conversation?

Tamala Robinson

The black attorneys that I work with, business owners in my family, brothers with degrees probably would not hold a conversation with you because your vocabulary is so limited to grade school. The conversation would be to broad for you to grasp any type of understanding! We will just leave you with the book of Jack and Jill. I hope you understand that conversation and maybe not.

Robert Buckner

Keep it peaceful and please do not obstruct folks doing their "thing" whether driving, walking, or whatever.

Gary Miller

The racists are protesting?
The night Travon and Zimmerman met the only criminal act was Trayvon's asualt on Zimmerman. Up until then both had been legal. Trayvon's conduct was legal but strange enough to attract the attention of a neighborhood watchman who was doing what he was supposed to do. Observe and report.
Zimmerman seems to be the kind of person that would have given Travon a ride home if Travon had asked.
The Jury heard the evidence and agreed Zimmerman defended himself from a vicious attack by Trayvon. If Travon had survived he'd have been arrested for felony asault.
The racists are attacking Florida's "stand your ground" law which had nothing do do with the case.

There will be racism in America as long as one political party uses it for political advantage.

Tamala Robinson

I have read you stupid comments over and over. Why don't you take your Klan behind to Vidor. That is where you need to be with your ignorant statements. I guess that means when a police officer stops you for something, you don't have to follow his order. Zimmerman sure didn't and all of you white people are defending him. Your prejudice shows everytime you respond to something in GDN. Yep Vidor is calling you.

Gary Miller

The KLAN? Composed of racist white democrats.

Gary Miller


Stupid is ignoring the facts. Zimmerman was returning to his Truck. After the police dispatcher told him a partrol car was dispatched and he didn't need to follow Travon any more. He did what the dispatcher suggested. Not an order and not by a policeman.

Paul Hyatt

I see that the truth about the KLAN is still not being taught.... The Klan was created by democrats and still run by them.... Yet you support them.... How weird can you get....

Dorothy Holt

Tamala, you make me sad from your sorely lacking knowledge of history. People like you are the biggest threat to our country. Please read some history about our country and your might start to read beginning in the 1850's through the 1960's. You will be surprised..

Tamala Robinson

Dotty you can't tell me anything about history. I don't need to read it in YOUR history books sweetie. I hated it when I was in school and didn't like it much in college. It was not my history. If it was about the truth and all truthful events, I guarantee you would be crying somewhere. Your history is never true. I have the facts from grandfathers and great grands...... Now that's the history you and others are afraid of, but it is true history. Why don't you research the FACTS and get back to me!! Don't I remember Buttermilk Junction as a little girl. As I said, it is your history which is flawed, not ours. Hell, you all got rich off the backs and work of my forefathers. Now do you want to write the truth about American History and Texas History? No sweetie, my history is accurate. I know all about the changes in the Democratic, Republican Party, Amendments and adendums to our Judicial system. Please go get you some tea and read about the real history and get back with me.

Pat Johnson

Prior to the Civil Rights Act, blacks showed more respect for us whites, as now the blacks think us whites owe them something. Fast forward 30 years, you now see albino boot lipped kids with curly hair without their fathers, either because they are locked up in prison or buried in the cemetery due to their criminal past.

Growing up in an all white community, which is still all white are victimized by blacks, some whom are shot and killed while breaking into homes.

I feel no pity for Martin as chose his destiny, one that many black youth and adults experience daily.

Kevin Lang

IHOG, you still sound like an eyewitness. I thought that Zimmerman and Martin were the only eyewitnesses. We never heard Martin's story. We heard Zimmerman's story secondhand. How come you weren't on the witness list?

Since I wasn't there, I don't know how Martin and Zimmerman happened to get into an altercation. I don't know know who provoked whom. I don't know if anyone got cornered, bullied, or dragged into the fray, or exactly when the gun came out or under what circumstances. We know what Zimmerman's recorded statements to the police were, but how much of his story to believe is based on our own biases and imaginations.

Gary Miller

You and I both don't know all the facts. No one ever will.
The jury heard all the facts that could be presented and found Zimmerman was innocent.
I agree with the verdict. Why don't you? Do you know something the Jury didn't?

Kevin Lang

I'm not disagreeing with the verdict. I'm disagreeing with what some are claiming as facts. Based on the evidence and the law, I'm not sure the jury could have reached a different verdict. That doesn't mean that Zimmerman was in the right, it just means that they couldn't find him guilty. It also doesn't mean that that Zimmerman told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God.

No jury in this country has to declare a defendant innocent. All they have to do is declare whether the prosecution proved guilt. In this case, the prosecution didn't prove guilt. The defense didn't prove innocence, but that was not their burden. All they had to do was leave enough unanswered questions in the minds of the jury, and for the six people that mattered, that's what they did.

I do believe that there are scenarios equally plausible to the one presented in Zimmerman's defense. However, while there may be evidence to support them, they are incapable of convincing others that Zimmerman's story is a lie.

Island Bred

Eventually we will get sick of the sensationalism of all this and move on to something else. We always do. Plenty of pain, blame, and what if's to last a lifetime I would say. Work within the system. I'm sick of the violence all the way from Chicago to Texas. Florida isn't my backyard so I have very little to do with Florida or thier laws. I do respect a jury choice. Find another charge that you can prove and go for it but quite making fools of yourselves by throwing temper tantrums on highways.

Tamala Robinson

Margurite if it was your child how would you feel? Temper Tantrum? Really. It shows the ignorance of people in the South. Truly pathetic.

Paul Hyatt

Zimmeran was not only a democrat he was not even white even though most think that he is.... Talk about being blinded by ignorance....

Tamala Robinson

HE was not our color, now was he?

Pat Johnson

Repealing the Civil Rights Act would be a starter..[beam]

Daniel Armond

Shame on you, GDN, for using that child pic of Trayvon Martin. I thought you were better than that. It continues to expound on the notion that Trayvon was a child. He was 17 and 6'2'', 175 lbs, according to all reports. I may just cancel my subscription for this.

Kevin Lang

Danny Boy, that is BS. Have you read the Medical Examiner's report? I suppose you also believe that he looked to be about 31 and had a bunch of gangsta tatoos all over his face and arms, too--tattoos that failed to show up on that 7-11 footage. Where were the defense assertions that he had more than a couple of insignificant tattoos and that he was 3 inches taller and nearly 20 pounds heaver than what the ME report had? I don't recall any testimony at all that tried to refute the ME report. I wonder why that was? Is this a case of a willingness to grasp onto anything that makes you comfortable in the belief that Trayvon Martin just plain deserved to die that night? How about just latching onto the testimony presented in the trial? Shouldn't that be enough to base an opinion on?


If anybody is a is Mr. IHOG! I love him though,...but he seems racist to me,...lololololol

Gary Miller

If calling me, a native American cherokee, a racist makes you feel superior feel free. I know I'm not and care not at all if you call me one. Calling me a racist can never make me one.

Dorothy Holt

Nice to hear from a fellow native, although different nation. Used to be folks would not mention their Indian heritage because of discrimination. My wife's grandfather changed his name so no one would know he was an Indian. How times have changed. But, then again, some natives act like pilots of an airplane. They can't wait to let everyone know they are pilots.


He was found "not guilty" by a jury of his peers, the American way. We cannot crucify someone because of the media attention some cases get and others do not. Zimmerman seems like a trigger-happy, over-zealous individual that probably is a "wanna-be cop" but we weren't there, we weren't on the jury to hear both sides of the story, and life goes on. Unfortunately, Martins family loss their son and that is unimaginable grief for their family, but people need to be supportive and open to everyone no matter their race, religion, or views.

Tamala Robinson

Excuse me! A jury of his peers. Wow, I can't believe you really believe that crap. An all white jury is what it was!! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to read through that. It doesn't matter whether it was all female or not, it was ALL WHITE, which meant the verdict was already given, NOT GUILTY, before the trial even started. Why does the United States of America hide behind what we all know is hidden racism. A fair jury would have been black, white, Asian, Hispanic, mixed. Why an all white jury? So transparent as always.

Gary Miller


You ignore the fact our laws don't use race, eftnicity or gender to describe "peers" Peer is your legal equal.
You seem to not understand the jury was mostly white because the prosecuter "struck" all the blacks in the jury pool. The jury was all female because the prosecuter and defence agreed they were the best choice.

Tamala Robinson

Galveston Daily Newspaper will NEVER change. They perpetuate blacks in our community in a negative way and always have!! He was a young teenager and none of you can't tell me that you were not foolish in ways when you were that young and some are still foolish in their 30s and 40s. For all of you NON BLACKS I keep hearing the same darn things. Non of you right wingers have said that if Zimmerman had followed orders in the first darn place, Trayvon would still be here. Are you all that ignorant or is is just bold to say what you feel which is stupid anyway? I wear hoodies in the winter time and I am a professional person who doesnt do drugs and like to take walks with my hoodie on my head. Will one you shoot me because you feel threatened? You are only threatened by your own ignorance of another race and thinking you are superior to everyone. Stop the slander of our youths please because I am personally tired of it. Zimmerman was over zealous and stupid who took a innocent young man's life because he refused to follow an order telling him not to pursue Trayvon. He was not in danger at all and you all know it. If the shoe was on the other foot, I guarantee the verdict would have been different. Let one of our men feel threatened by a white man walking in the neighborhood. We all know how this will be played out. It darn sure would not be the same results. Some things have not changed at all. I guess we better watch our backs black people because white people can get away with killing black people according to our judicial system and jury system. Wow!!!

Pat Johnson

Most law enforcement agencies use "black" body figure targets for reason, as do most gun ranges.....figure it out..[wink]

Paul Hyatt

Hatred knows no bounds from you does it....

Kevin Lang

TAMALA1023, you could probably use a touch of moderation, too. :-)

Tamala Robinson

NEVER!! You haven't lived in my shoes. When most white people stop thinking that they are superior, then I will think about moderation. I believe in equality for all and you all believe in its always right for your race no matter how wrong you are. You want to talk Moderation with me. I think not!!!

Kevin Lang

Ouch! Someone missed the smiley.

I fully understand the nature of some in our society. However, I'm of the opinion that sometimes the most likely way to achieve progress is in small, but persistent moves, rather than with radical sword swinging. People are resistant to change, and outright defensive towards radical change.

Do not give up on the quest for equality. However, it's sometimes OK to accept the small victories along the way.

Paul Hyatt

Why???? YOu think that you are superior to white people.... What is the difference????

Tamala Robinson

No I do not think I blacks are superior to any one or any race. No race is superior to any other race nor inferior. We all are equal as the human race!! We didn't walk around with white hoods or blacks hoods demanding that one race not sit in front of a bus or we did not say that a certain race could not drink out of a water faucet. Since you never went through any of this, you would not understand. Yes, I think blacks, whites , Asians, Hispanics.... are all superior as PEOPLE not race.

Walter Manuel

Tamala, there are just as many Caucasion, Mexican American, Asian American, Native American Indian people just as angry with the system right now as you are. Both the prosecutors and the defense attorneys chose these 6 jurors not anyone else based on who they thought could be unbiased with the facts presented.

There's really no need to paint all non-African American individuals so broadly with the same paint brush unless of course you want to come across as being a racist yourself. [wink]

Tamala Robinson

Not a racist at all. I love all people. I see what goes on first hand in the judicial system. It's not fair or pretty. I have been working in this system for almost 25 years and it is never fair. All I ask for is equality for everyone, but it never happens. I'm not a outsider looking in. I see it everyday, 5 days a week. I have also lived it. As I said, no not racist, how can I be when I have mixed family that I love dearly and have friends that are non black? I wish this world was color blind and it wouldn't be so much pain. Im not as angry today and have calmed down, but everytime I step into the court room it makes me sick with how unfair our court systems are. Galveston county politicians, GDN and most older people are not any better in today's society of where I reside. The younger generation are changing things up as I see with my children. Mixed friends and they all get along Mr. Missionary man.


We can't blame the Galveston Daily News for this. Naw! Naw! The GDN is just doing what newspapers and TV stations do. This is on US! I'll say it again,...this is on US! We choose to live like this, or we remained silent while others choose for us.
One poster said the jury has spoken,....yes it has, but the O.J. SIMPSON jury spoke too, and the case was not left alone. They dogged Simpson's every move until he, OUT OF STUPIDITY, fell right into their trap, and "BAM" "WHAMMO" ...they tried him a second time for what he got away with the first time! They did not have no evidence in that second case, it was all circumstantial. Was it right to turn Simpson loose the first time? Was it right to railroad him the second time? Was it right to let that woman go who murdered her child? Was it right to let those COPS walk who beat Rodney King, half to death? The Juries spoke in ALL THOSE CASES, but were they all right? (UmmmHuh) Listen,...."Can we all just get along?" Hardly!!! It is not looking good!
I could go on and on about juries, but would be the use,...JURIES are subgroups picked from a larger POISONED POOL of us called humanity! I mean us! What's the problem? We are all out for ourselves! We are fragmented and afraid of each other,..and selfish to the bone. We don't trust each other, we don't love each other, so we dam well cannot judge each other without biases, and prejudices wading in! So don't play yourself,...if a man has not become a disciple by growing in the Word Of God, his fallen SOUL of the world, sympathetic to the world's ways, fears, and customs, is still ruling him!
You cannot DO RIGHTEOUSNESS , if you cannot HEAR RIGHTEOUSNESS!! (John 8:43-47). Think I'm lying? Look around you, and listen. Listen to what is going on in the cities, the states, in this country!!!! I'll do you one better, listen to what is going on in this NEIGHBORHOOD! It is about fragmentation, division, deceit, and deception! Lets fool the other folks! The problem is those people over there!!!
One of the reason Jesus Christ left us instructions to not LOVE OTHERS AS WE LOVES OURSELVES, the Old Covenant Mosiac Law required, is because of what I have tried to explain here,.....MANY OF US HAVE NOT PUT IN THE WORK REQUIRED FOR US TO EVEN REMOTELY THINK ABOUT LOVING OURSELVES!
If a person loved himself, he would not HATE, he would not STEAL, and he would not commit Suicide! He would not lie, or bear false witness against another! An individual must know Christ and practice his ways in order to grow into a position of SELF-CONTROL,...OR spirit ruling over the soul/flesh! Now I want everybody to listen to me,..because Old JBG is going to tell you something that will SHAKE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THIS STATE!!!!!! You cannot do anything GOD wants you to do UNTIL YOU ARE IN POSITION TO GET ALL THREE PARTS OF A MAN TO AGREE TO DO IT,...Spirit,..Soul,..and the body! Many times the SPIRIT wants to do right, but the SOUL and BODY tells it,..."TO HELL WITH YOU!" "WE ARE NOT GOING DOWN LIKE THAT!" It was Jesus who said the "spirit is willing but the FLESH is weak,...MEANING THE SOUL/FLESH WAS NOT WILLING!! (Matt.26:41). So you are not in control,...if your SOUL IS NOT WILLING, are going alone for the ride of your life being ruled by a surrogate part of you who stands for the DEVIL and his ways.
So, in John 13:34, Jesus told his disciples to LOVE OTHERS AS I HAVE LOVED YOU, THAT YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Now, there are no flaws in how Jesus loves, and there is Grace to help us. That is the NEW LOVE COMMANDMENT!! Agape love,(God kind of love) is developed, by the walk of sanctification we are commanded to walk in. It is doable whereas the LOVE others as you love yourself Old Covenant command,..was not!
A man can only comply by submitting himself or making himself available for the Holy Spirit to began working in him constantly! ( Colossians 2:19 & Philippians 1:6). Simply put, growth in the things and love of GOD,...COMES from GOD, (Romans 5:5).. if we would conquer our own SOUL/FLESH and subdue it! (Romans 12: 1-2).
Lastly, I would like to say can't no man pull me down so LOW, as to make me hate him,..and by choice, I say, can't no man make me intentionally mistreat him! You say WHY? I'll end with this, because I got the LOVE of God in my heart, my DNA has changed,....and I have been BLESSED, to be a BLESSING, and those who bless me, GOD will bless, and those who CURSE ME,...GOD is going to catch my slack! We need to get back on God's program, and his Math. His math is Adding, and Multiplying us! The Devil's math is Subtracting and Dividing us! What math are you practicing?
Don't come trying to send me no offering for this either!! It's free!! I do need one Amen to nail it down though.

Norman Pappous



I am caucasion and I grew up with African American/black people. They are just people. Don't know why this is becoming a racial issue. I just found out that when referred to as a cracker that is a racial remark.

This man name George Zimmerman will live the rest of his life in fear. This man name George Zimmerman will have to live the rest of his life knowing that he took another life and he will breake down.

We need tougher gun laws. That's the course of action we all need to look at and that is changing the gun laws. Not a racial issue in my mind.[sad]

Kevin Lang

Underdog, I assume you're ready for the flame war now that you've gone and brought up gun laws. I'm sure you know those are fighting words :-)

Paul Hyatt

REally????? Tell us all how great and wonderful those stupid gun laws work in Washington D.C., Chicago, New York and other stupid left wing places.... I am waiting to hear facts ....

Lars Faltskog

Here's an answer of how great "those stupid gun laws work": 1) good policing on NYC part, and 2) couple that with the lessened guns in their streets.

"New York is showing the way for some good strategies in policing," said Harold Pollack, co-director of the University of Chicago Crime Lab.

Getting a thin layer of guns off the streets matters, said Franklin Zimring, author of "The City that Became Safe: New York's Lessons for Urban Crime and Its Control."

source: "Experts Back NYC'S Link of Gun Laws, Lower Crime" link -

Dorothy Holt

Yes sir.....ol' Harold Pollack (is he Polish by the way) and Franklin Zimring know all about it.

Lars Faltskog

Response to DottyOA posted at 9:54 on Thu, Jul 18, 2013:

Yes, I would imagine that Pollack and Zimring have a toehold on the issue of gun restriction and safety, since their profession involves comparisons of statistical data and the publishing thereof.

BTW, do you have something against an individual like Pollack who might happen to be of Polish ancestry? If so, that speaks volumes of your character and inability to accept differences in individual backgrounds.

Jeremy Winter

I believe we all can agree Trevon being shot was a trajedy. Now I hope we all can agree that Quanel X organizing a protest, on the freeway, that put both the protestors and folks trying to navigate the freeway in danger is ignorant. Interstate 288 was shut down with a mob of protestors banging on the sides of cars. Somebody needs to file a legal suit on Mr. X and please get his ignorant azz off the news. Just my opinion.

Walter Manuel

I'll give you another AMEN Mr. JBG!

I'm convinced that the way that the "second-degree murder" and "manslaughter" charges were written made it difficult for the jurors to charge George Zimmerman with anything because it was done with such a cookie cutter description that it left the decision based on all or none.

I heard on one of the talk shows that the way those charges are written by a large group of lawyers it is purposely written in such a way that it makes the jury's decision difficult to be challenged by an appeal process.

I'm just sayin'....

Kevin Lang

winmack, I agree that a lot of these protests do more harm to their positions than the verdict did.

If I had been one of those jurors, I'd probably be at least as scared as Zimmerman is.


I believe that Zimmerman and EVERYONE who carries a deadly weapon should be held accountable to a higher standard if they are CHL carriers.

There were crimes that were being comitted in the area, Zimmerman didn't just appear, he was thinking this was another person trying to commit another crime in his neighborhood.

I feel bad for Travon any his parents for going through all of this hell, and now it feels like we are all being targeted. Is that justice?[sad]

Lydia Parker

Is everyone in here aware that Mr. Zimmerman had an Afro American grandfather? Or how about the fact that his wife tutored minorities for free in their home? Or how about the fact that there had been several breakin's in this gated community and the cops did nothing about it? Did anyone here about the time that Zimmerman got in trouble for defending a homeless black man against a white cop leading to the white cops resignation?

How about the other fact that the two items that Martin was found with were ingredients to a cocktail called "Purple drank". Or that Martin had been suspended from school and was found with tools for a breakin in his backpack? Or that Martin was searching for an illegal firearm according to his text messages? Or that he had recently busted some dude up while at school?

Better yet, has anyone heard of Marley Lion, the 17 year old white male who was shot and killed by a black male while he was unarmed? I bet not, because that didn't make it past the local news! What is the difference?

Lydia Parker

I'm not saying Zimmerman was right for what he did. A young black man lost his life due to carelessness on both parts. It's tragic!


Thank you for that Amen Mr. Manuel! I'll say it again, you are not afraid to say AMEN! I like that! Ahhh yes you mentioned LAWYERS and LAWS. I'm not surprised,....want to know why? I show you:
Matthew 22:33-39

33) And when the multitude heard this, they were astonished at his(JESUS) doctrine.
34) But when the Pharisees had heard that he( JESUS) had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together.
35) Then one of them, which was a LAWYER, asked him a question, TEMPTING him, and saying,
36) Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
37) Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38) This is the first and great commandment.
39) And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

See, Mr. Manuel....even back thousands of years ago LAWYERS, were "festercating" with LAWS! I say no more sir. lololololol

Island Bred

Quanell X or whatever he chooses to call himself besides "divider" isn't fit to shine MLK's shoes on a Sunday.

It's easy to follow a fool but lots more difficult to change the system like MLK did. It's shameful that losers like X make thier money off MLK by acting like he gives a RA about anything other than his own bank balance. It certainly makes the protests and protestors less important in my eyes. If they aren't taken seriously by the lawmakers that can make the change - they are doing nothing but tieing up traffic and should be cited just like a mob would be cited.

Jeremy Winter

In fairness, Trevon was 17 and if he was experimenting with marijuana, who cares. I personally speculate that Zimmerman would of lived without using his weapon and sympathize with his supporters. I also continue to see idiots like Quanell X stir the pot. Quanell X hangs out at places like the San Louie Resort. Until the law holds these so called leaders accountable, events like Monday's will continue to take place. Unless action is taken to stop Quanell X and his likes, I predict that someone is going to get hurt badly as a direct result.

Dede Edwards

Now the Quanell X comment I agree with. Except you forgot to put in that he is the racist.

Lydia Parker

Jeremy Winter

Correction to prior post. Sympathize with Trevon supporters is what was meant.

Gary Miller

? Did absolutely nothing illegal ?

That ignores that felony asault is illegal
Trayvon became a criminal when he punched Zimmerman in the face. It was his mistake and he suffered the consuquences of attacking Zimmerman.
Self defence is a constitutional right. Florida's "stand your ground" law wasn't invoked or even mentioned in the trial.
If anyones civil rights were violated if was Zimmermans. The police investigated the case and found no reason to charge Zimmerman. The jury agreed with the police assesment.
The violation of Zimmermans civil rights started when political pressure forced him to be charged with a crime when he had commited no crime. Bypassing the Grand Jury process was another violation of his civil rights. The politicians knew the facts of the case and believed a Grand Jury would "no bill" the case. We all have that right but political pressure didn't let him have that civil right.

David Doe

Begin typing here…We also know that the local authorities wouldn't take the case because they knew it couldn't stand up in court.
Then we have the feds asking the state to prosecute.

Jeremy Winter


We will never know who hit who or threatened who first. What we can say for certainty is had Mr. Zimmerman stayed in his car and waited for a real police officer a 17 year old young man would be alive home with his folks. I believe Trevon deserves the benifit of doubt. If it was your son, I believe you would have a different perspective.

Dede Edwards


It is also opposite of what you said. If Trayvon had stayed home that night instead of walking around at crazy hours then a "17 year old young man would be alive home with his folks."

Jeremy Winter


He was walking to the store and back, not aimlessly around. Secondly, had he known he was going to be shot for doing so, I imagine he would of stayed home. Finally, it was Zimmerman that was trained to observe and stay in his truck. When he disobeyed his training and instruction to call a real cop, that shows mehe knew he was armed and felt eempowered to use his weapon. Had he remained in the truck or atleast left his gun then Trayvon is alive. If he was so scared then why was he pursing Trayvon?....Because he had a gun? So what if Trayvon became aware Zimmerman had a gun and fought for his life? Could of happened that way, but we will never know. Zimmerman walked as the law requires, but that does not mean he was not a wanna be cop who shot and killed a 17 yr old in cold blood.

David Doe

Begin typing here…He didn't disobey his training. Where did you get that.

Kevin Lang

I'm not sure that 7pm constitutes "crazy hours". I don't think there are many communities that would have a curfew anywhere near that time for 10-year-olds, much less 17-year-olds.

Jeremy Winter


Since when did neighborhood watch include chase down a 17 yr old kid? Since when did neighborhood watch become shoot a 17 yr old? He was trained to observe, watch and wait for a real cop to handle the situation. Is it fair to speculate a real cop would not have shot Trayvon? Zimmerman should of been home watching disney channel. Just my opinion.


Yall need to stop it. Yall are upsetting my buddy Mr. IHOG! We usually are on the same side tearing this place up. He's alright until you make him mad, see,...but yall got him mad,... So I'm sitting over here trying to figure out why he......ahhhh....lollolol


There will always be racist in this world, look at the cats and dogs they don't always get along. What I am trying to say, is that this is life and for some reason we always retain negative thinking, well most times.

It;s about time that everyone start respecting each other. The crimes are high with kick-ins and it's scary. Zimmerman will always be in fear for his safety and his family safety. Look at Casey Anthony...


So what's the point in all this drama. Can't change the outcome it will always be the same- he is dead. Let him rest in peace.

Rodney King said "Can't we all get along".


There was a teen that died today in a tragic accident and it puzzles me how this site has had over 55 comments and she has only had 1 comment. We need to have compassion on everything that effects all of us. Trayvon was an accident plain and simple.

In the bible it says God can take us anytime in a blink of an eye.

J. Shaffer

The most logical statement, the one I agree with is Kevin's.

Zimmerman was told BEFORE tracking Martin to stay in his truck, he wasn't told to RETURN to his vehicle.

We don't KNOW that Trayvon attacked George... that's just what George says. However, since there are no witnesses, we also can't dispute what he says in order to convict him, because there are no witnesses who corroborate what most think: that the teen was hunted down. We don't know that he circled back, we don't know that he attacked first. Again, that's what George says.

The ME weighs a body on a table, there would be no other place to get the weight nor any reason to change or be inaccurate in that weight. It's a body, the ME is a doctor. He takes measurements without bias.

I don't care who was white or Mexican or black or Democrat or Republican.

There will be two trials, just like with OJ Simpson, because the burden of proof in criminal court is 'beyond any reasonable doubt' and in civil court the burden is 'more likely than not', a much lower standard. That's why OJ was innocent in criminal court and guilty in civil court. This is not 'hounding' someone.

Just as in this case, there isn't enough evidence for a criminal conviction. In this country, our court system will sometimes allow the guilty to go free to protect the innocent from going to jail.

Lars Faltskog

Well, I mentioned it in another thread, and I think it bears repeating:

One of those "comments" sections on AOL showed someone paraphrasing some sports figure who said something to the effect of -

Wouldn't it have been nice if Zimmerman (in his position as watchperson) offered Trayvon a ride during that rainy night?

That would have been a gesture of goodwill toward fellow man, and at the same time, would have taken Trayvon "off the streets", which Zimmerman apparently was so adamant about in his rent-a-cop position.

I think we need to keep understanding that "kids" - and I would say that applies to 20 years of age and under - kids often react toward adults in a confrontative manner b/c it is nature to do so. Let's think of how many teachers, principals, police officers spoke to Trayvon and speak to youngsters in the same way Zimmerman did. It's best to approach a teen with some semblance of understanding. That's what real professionals do. Zimmerman was not a professional, but instead a blowhard who already had a criminal and violent history. He had no reason to be a watchperson. This tragedy ensued. Good luck with the civil suit. However, I doubt that it will bear fruit for the family.

It should be admired how Trayvon's parents are dealing on the situation with class. They could just as easily taken another route.


"A harsh word stirs up wrath. But, a soft answer turns away anger."

David Doe

Begin typing here…I think the same could be said of Treyvon. Instead he attacked Zimmerman.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Underdog posted at 4:07 pm on Wed, Jul 17, 2013:

You hit the nail on the head with what you said -

"I believe that Zimmerman and EVERYONE who carries a deadly weapon should be held accountable to a higher standard if they are CHL carriers."

And, that's a big part of the crux of the problem. There's too many gun-happy folks who think that their 'person' will get bigger if they go around and "play sheriff, play cop". Gun obsession is so high here in the States, as other advanced countries have surpassed the US in regard to a healthier gun mentality, et cetera. Zimmerman, as many pointed out, is a powder puff who obviously has an identity crisis - his gun possession and use is an extension of his insecurities - and this yielded to tragedy. He had no business being a neighborhood watchperson.

It simply makes me wonder about this country's neighborhood watch program in general. I foresee a movement for better "vetting" of potential watchpersons. They need to be folks of proven caliber. Substantial psychological evaluations, background checks, and thorough reference inquiries are necessary to "weed out" the dangerous zealots like Zimmerman.

David Doe

What if Zimmerman had been carrying a bat instead of a gun?
Don't we all have the right to defend ourselves?
If you start a fight, you better be ready for whatever happens.
Most of what you said is pure speculation and has nothing to do with self defense.

Kevin Lang

I'm curious as to whether anyone proved that Martin started the fight. I also wonder, does it matter who starts the fight? Does the law allow either party to end the fight however he chooses once the fight is underway? Is it legal for someone 5'5" and 120 lbs to start a fight with someone 6'8" and 290 lbs, and then once the big guy starts to pummel him, for the little guy to pull out his "equalizer"?

Ethically, it doesn't seem cool. However, ethically, the stronger person should stop once the weaker person either stops fighting, is subdued, or gives up. But, what if the stronger person doesn't quit at that point? Do you have the right to survive the fight even if you start it, but can't finish it the way you started it? That's a tough question.

We know that they weren't moral equals on the highest of moral grounds, because if they were, there wouldn't have been a fight started.

Lars Faltskog

Well, WFO:

I don't think most of us expect a community watchperson to go to the lengths that Zimmerman did. That would apply to a gun and/or a bat - makes no difference.

They are there to watch and report. A good question would be, if he were a sane person, why did he go to such extreme to try to catch this youngster? I would hope (and many would agree) that this wouldn't happen again, for the sake of the neighborhood watchpersons and also for the community at-large. There are watchpersons in our county, and GDN has reported on their compositions before. Interestingly, the National Neighborhood Link Network has guidelines, and one of them clearly says "this is not a vigilante committee". Here's a link:

You mention "speculation" and "self-defense"?? That's comparing apples to oranges, and I know my post addressed neither speculation nor self-defense.

Fact is, if you are the "eyes and ears" of the police, being eyes and ears have nothing to do with "self-defense". Your assignment is to merely watch and report. That does not involve self-defense, and your "speculation" about whether there's a thug running around would be covered/taken care by the professionals - the police.

Dorothy Holt

sverige1...the CHL carriers in TEXAS actually are expected by law to behave at a higher standard. We are in Texas and not Florida. The Martin tragedy was in Florida. Quit acting like you were on the scene and know what the hell happened and stop casting stones at Zimmerman. You weren't there so to even post a statement about or question Zimmerman's motives or what he actually did is very disingenuous on your part. Do you even know what disingenuous means? Just reading your grammar and spelling makes me wonder. People like you tell others "I am not a racist because I have black friends". Really? Why do people like you have to tell others you are not a racist? You are a typical liberal...

Allan Knape


Lars Faltskog

Response to kevjlang posted at 4:13 pm on Thu, Jul 18, 2013L

Well, that's part of what I've been illustrating the last few days. You are correct - it makes no difference who starts a fight. In this situation, Mr. Zimmerman (being older and a full-fledged adult and the position of a community watchman) had the responsibility to take the higher ground. Trayvon, being a 17-year old, demonstrated a very likely teenaged behavior: to lash back and to be confrontative. His being a minor presented him with having the "lower" moral ground. Granted, some youngsters have learned to be respectful and to converse logically, but some have not.

If Zimmerman were a watchperson that I would want to have in my community, I would have expected him to simply get in his car/truck and call the police when he sighted young Trayvon. I would think that the watchpersons highlighted in the GDN a few months ago would do the same.

Making the decision to approach the young man was risky in the 1st place. As soon as he was being yelled at and pursued by the youngster, Zimmerman's best choice would have been to retreat to his vehicle, drive away, and report. Simply reporting would have avoided a fight at the outset.

Gary Miller

An insignificant number of people are protesting an innocent man not being convicted.
Their numbers are insignificant and their motives are suspect.
A few black Americans have been joined and encouraged by Democrat “community organizers” to make noise for political purposes. Some of the so called rallies have had more Media than protestors and more liberal whites than anything else.
The only people who inserted RACE in this have been politically motivated racists.
There was nothing about race until the political racists decided stiring up racial strife could be politically useful.

Dorothy Holt

For all you white folks telling everyone you have black friends and you ain't a racist. Stop it. You are playing into the game of the race hustlers. Laugh at the fools who call you a racist and let them know that they are the ones who are racist. Consider how this Zimmerman/Martin thing is playing out. The media has to call him a "white" Hispanic (I hate that word Hispanic) in order to keep the race baiting continuing. What in the hell is a white Hispanic? There is a severe problem with the race card in this country and B. Hussein Obama has done his best to make it worse. Thanks to Texas for denying that fool our vote.

Lars Faltskog

Response to DottyOA posted at 12:14 am on Fri, Jul 19, 2013:

Call it "disingenuous" and whatever you like. Folks like me who believe in justice for all will continue to express opinions, and you can't stop it. The 1950s was a marvelous time, wasn't it, when y'all could quell people who were different from you.

In regard to "not being there, so why act as you were"...well, that applies to each individual who forms an opinion, with only 2 exceptions: Trayvon and Zimmerman. Now, is it really "casting stones" when one merely expresses concern regarding Zimmerman's mental capacity and his preparedness to be a neighborhood watchperson? I think not. However, I'm sure that for the rest of his life he will be worried about his PHYSICAL safety more than people's opinion about his mental state.

Now, DottyOA, you seem angry when you protest the use of "white Hispanic". You do realize that some Hispanics run the range of being quite indigenous (they have Indian-type features). Then, there's some individuals with an emphasis on white European background (Spain, for example). Not to mention the "blatinos" who have Carribbean or perhaps Northern Colombia stock. Your protest regarding the term "white Hispanic" shows your anger toward folks who are different than you. You might want to confer with your therapist about that.

Stephen Maradeo

When OJ was found not guilty there wasn't this much "justice for all" protesting. Zimmerman got away with murder. OJ got away with murder. Yin and Yang. Karma caught up to OJ and Karma will catch up to Zimmerman.

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