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Lars Faltskog

Man, just think if we all could have just had parents willing to camp out to enroll us in that school back in our day, we'd be so edumacated by now.

Carlos Ponce

It's never too late, sverige. Education knows no age limit. All it takes is time and ambition. Set a goal for yourself, aim for it and get educated!


Years ago Jesus told a story to a group of people about two builders..................
( Matthew 7:24-27 ). One builder acted like a FOOL, would not listen to good advice, built his house/home/life on a foundation of sand. The other builder who was a wise builder, allowed WISDOM to be his teacher instead of EXPERIENCE,....and built his house/home/life on rock.
Well sir, the FOOL'S house/home/life was later destroyed by storms of life, satanic influences/ attacks, and great was the fall of them!
Looking at this picture, of parents sitting out in the cold weather,...seeking an opportunity to give their children a great start,...chance or advantage in ascertaining a first class or second to none education, is very inspiring!!!! It is also easy to see by their DEEDS, and SACRIFICES and not just their WORDS,.....that they understand what real love is,....and are committed to do what is necessary to ensure their children receive every opportunity to partake in the American dream! I like that!!!
I'm studying this picture, with a magnifying glass trying to see if I know some of these parents. [wink]

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