In the days approaching the U.S. Congress’ return from recess and a vote on potential military strikes on the country of Syria, Texas’ lawmakers are expressing caution about the case being laid out by President Barack Obama.

“There are no simple answers,” U.S. Rep. Randy Weber said in a statement made to The Daily News. “The U.S. should view every country and every situation individually and not try to establish or espouse a one-size-fits-all strategy for every country or every situation. The use of chemical weapons, while a direct violation of international law, is not enough to justify our military involvement.”

Weber said he wanted to learn more about the intelligence coming out of the Middle East and wanted to hear from his constituents about whether they believe the U.S. should become more involved.

The debate about what action, if any, Congress might approve is in its infancy as lawmakers prepare for public hearings this week before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But the first contours began emerging within hours of Obama’s announcement Saturday.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said he doesn’t believe Syria should go unpunished for the Aug. 21 attack near Damascus.

“But we need to understand what the whole scope of consequences is,” he said by telephone. “What the president may perceive as limited ... won’t stop there.”

Obama spent Labor Day meeting with Republican leaders who had previously called for military action in Syria.

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, told reporters at the White House that Obama’s intervention now will be more difficult because Syrian President Bashar Assad “is moving his forces around.” Both McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, questioned the wisdom of the administration publicly signaling in advance its intention to strike.

McCain said he believes lawmakers awaiting a critical vote on Syria “must be assured that this is different from the past two years of neglect” on the part of the administration.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Robert Buckner

I've got a simple answer for Syria, NO. We cannot continue to be the world's "keeper" while our own country is going down the crapper.

Miss Priss

The republicans can't afford to go into a country (like they did in Iraq) without full evidence to back up that crimes against humanity are happening.

Chris Gimenez

And they certainly can't be confident they'll get the truth from obama and Kerry regarding who actually used the gas. Geez, the people of this country can't even get the truth from them on Benghazi and the NSA. And the IRS. And Fast and Furious. And obamacare.

Mike Trube

Bvresident, I could not agree with you more. [thumbup]

Paul Hyatt

Republicans???? Last I heard Obama was a Democrat and he is the one who is pushing to go to war.... If the Republicans have any sense they will vote against this.... After all when was the last time we heard TRUTH coming out of Obama's mouth????

GW Cornelius

This from a man that forgot to file a bill to correct the Biggers-Waters act, which causes unfair and unjust flood insurance cost. If he can't take care of the flood insurance problem in Texas, how is he able to deal with Syria?? Maybe he needs to go back to the real world.

Mike Leahy

No simple answers, the man says. Well then it is safe to conclude our government representatives will never be able to grasp a solution. Simple is both the hallmark and the endpoint of their intellectual prowess.

I suspect that some very handy quotes from politicians can be found from the late 1930's, explaining why they were just not sure The Third Reich was really rounding up and exterminating Jews, Communists and Gypsies. And, some years and 6 million human beings later of course, once that could be proved clearly enough for a weasel to grasp, the same politicians were quick to wring their hands over the horror they just had no way to slow down or stop. The sorry politicians, with their "finger-in-the-wind" morality, are still wringing their hands over the Holocaust while stymied by the lack of simple answers to Basher Assad.

Paul Hyatt

If the Republicans have any sense they will vote against this.... After all when was the last time we heard TRUTH coming out of Obama's mouth???? When and if they topple Assad the Muslim Brotherhood will take over and they are far worse then Assad ever thought about being....

Chris Gimenez

It's already being surmised that he's lying about the scope of what he's planning to do vs. what's he telling this country.

Endless threats, countless warnings, bloviating, pompous chest-puffing, and generally a lack of conviction have led most of the world to dismiss obama as a schoolyard bully who can be backed down without much effort at all.

Ann Derek

Syria (& Assad) is Iran's only ally in the region so bringing Assad down would benefit the entire middle east. Only problem is, this would require an effecitve, forceful strike that would ensure Assad's ouster, along with a plan that the new government would play nice with surrounding countries & the west. All this could be done without putting boots on the ground. But Obama doesn't have the intellectual capacity for any of this.

Debra Criss

Weber is going to vote the way he thinks his base wants him to, can't afford to have someone more far right as a primary opponent.

It is painful to see civilians die at the hands of a dictator. If the US were to become involved in every area of world where this is happening right now, the list would be endless. The Iraq war left the country in financial ruin, when the target should have been BinLaden.

Allan Knape

I wished the president put this much effort into Benghazi and Fast & Furious.

Chris Gimenez

He did. To cover them up.

Gary Miller

I think BHO wants to blame Congress if his actions cause a new war.
Then there is the question of who will run Syria if Assad is forced out?
Do we want the Muslim Brotherhood controling Syria's chem weapons?
For those reasons congress should vote HELL NO.

Gary Miller

The U.S. is in debt.
Who will loan us money to strike Syria?
WE already borrow for BHO to play golf.


To the post stating "Obama does not have the intellectual capacity to ensure that a strike by the United States would ensure the ouster of Assad, and to make his replacement "PLAY NICE" with all the surrounding countries in that region,....I say this.. "NEITHER DOES ANYONE ELSE!"
Obama has as much education and intellect as any other President in the history of this country, ( IMHO),..and he is calculating and as cunning as any I've studied about. His problem is the same problem most politicians have, and that is their character sucks,...and their propensity to LIE to their constituents, abiding in deceit,deception and duplicity, order to push through what they want to happen, or to JUSTIFY their agendas are ever present!
Look who Obama sprinted to in order to help push his agenda. John McCain and Graham,..two of the staunchest Hawks for War in the Senate! McCain is as bad as George Patton was about war,....Patton loved war more than JBG loves diet coke,...and so does McCain! Just find a war and get in it,...was Patton's motto,...same with McCain!
I agree with just about every poster prior to mine, in that it is going to be hard to get the truth of this,...and once the cat is out of the bag who can put the brakes on what all is going to happen? ( ever hear of escalation? ). It happened in Vietnam!
Remember the Kent State confrontation, when one of our Presidents order American troops sent to Vietnam to crossover into Cambodia,...thereby expanding and escalating the war? That was Nixon,..I know because I was there when he did it! Please don't leave Lyndon out, for going after Hanoi with BOMBS,...and before that the Gulf of Tonkin fiasco,... giving Lyndon Johnson the right to circumvent Congress,... then shipping American troops to Southeast Asia, by the bushel, shiploads and plane loads! ( That was good for Lady Birds Sock in Helicopters ).
Now McCain is concerned about credibility,...why was he not worried when Obama drew a red line in the sand,...or made a remark about his CALCULUS being changed if Assad did this or that?
If the World is so horrified about what is going on, why are their not BOOTS on the ground now in Syria,...Indian boots, Saudi Arabian boots,....French boots,...why must it ALWAYS COME TO AMERICAN BOOTS being on the ground, and the many young lives of AMERICAN kids, being lost for some bad *&^^ political causes or mistakes made?
Well I say this, unless somebody bothers America,...or those JEWS over there in the Middle East,...we should walk quietly and carry a big stick. Stop drawing RED LINES, and spurting off about CALCULUS! That's all I know!!!!

Steve Fouga

Jbgood's comment says it all. Let's close this thread right now!

Shelly Pearl

Stay home, stay out, let them work it out however repulsed we are, and keep our military at home. This is a NONYA (noneya business). I think all you reps should go back to an ancient (1950's or so) and find a Civics book and read, really read it. I know textbooks can be slanted, but the basics are there and our elected represents need a refresher course. You are not there for your party affiliation, you are there for the people you represent![angry]


Where were all of you when Bush lied us into war with Iraq?

Gary Miller

100,000 men, women and children have died in the Syrian civil war. Is killed by chem weapons worse than killed by bombs or bullets? Dead is dead.
As long as Assad is in control the Corporate headquarters of Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, doesn't control Saddam Hussiens chem weapons he moved to Syria.
Assad is a bad guy but is better than the Muslim Brotherhood.
Congress should not just vote no on getting involved but should defund any attempt at doing it.


The Bush mistake was believing Clinton, Kerry and Pelosi when they claimed Saddam had Chem and WMD weapons. Then forcing a stall until Saddam had time to move them to Syria.
Tiki I was paying attention while numerous intel agencies were identifyin where in Syria Saddams weapons were being stored. Where were you?


I can't speak for anyone else, but I was in the same place I'm in now. I did not think Mr. Bush was right in doing what he did with the Iraq invasion, and neither did SENATOR BARACK OBAMA! He said so out of his own mouth more than once. He boldly scolded Senator Clinton for her vote supporting Mr. Bush's Iraq invasion, during the Presidential Elections when he ran against her for the Democratic Nominations for Present in 2008,...yet he has the gall now to stand flatfooted, and send his lying lapdogs over to Congress to drum up support for war on Syria! They are using fear as a catalyst for their invasion of Syria, by saying a threat to American security and interests now exists in that region.
All this BS is about is that red line, Mr. Obama threw out there in front of the whole world and his cocky "Calculus Change"... scenario he spewed out too!
Just so you know,...I am an INDEPENDENT VOTER,...and have been for years! I voted for Old man BUSH, Clinton, "W" twice, and OBAMA the first time! So, I don't give a thirteen cent "RIP".....about COLOR,....RACE ....nor the party affiliation of a politician! I have and will, like Howard Cosell in my analysis of American politics and any other pertinent issues. "I JUST TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!"
Even now, on TV,...John Kerry and others are trying to SPIN this Syrian issue, in order to run a "SNOW JOB" on the American public!
Lastly,..I don't know if you were privileged to serve in the United States military, but I was. It is by the blessing and grace of GOD, that my name is not on that BLACK MARBLE MEMORIAL WALL, in Washington DC given as a memorial to over fifty-eight thousand men killed in the Vietnam War,...not counting the countless, tens of thousands of injured, maimed physically, and mentally by what they endured, and all for WHAT?
So we can now go buy a T-shirt or a baseball cap with "Made in Vietnam".. inside of it?"
No sir,...I was right here,...when the Iraq Invasion was engineered,...just like they are ENGINEERING AN INVASION OF SYRIA NOW! What bothers me is they are not telling all the parents of the many American kids who will be killed or hurt because of somebody's RED LINE OR CALCULUS CHANGE!
They are not telling about all the aluminum,...flag draped caskets, containing American bodies of young men,...being loaded on C130 planes, I those I watched in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, sending them back to their families to be buried with taps being played, or with bag pipe melodies humming. I think the American people deserve more,...and I don't care if it is BUSH, OBAMA, or Santa Claus,, screwing up!

Steve Fouga

This is the first time in a long while I can remember diehard conservatives and earth-muffin liberals lining up to say "No, no, NO -- DON'T DO IT!" About ANYTHING!!


Miss Priss

I think of them (Assad regime) killing 2 million people and all those childen - it makes me sick to my stomach. How can anyone not want to defend that? How many people were killed during the Holocaust - 7 million? Well - I compare this to that except we have more technology to put a stop to these people. Stop the aid to rebels and go in and take these ?!#holes out. The rebels can't do it - are not doing it - so we need to do it.

And guess what folks .... It's going to happen.

Chris Gimenez

You can't find anyone anywhere who says that 2 million people have been killed in the Syrian war. Number range from 80,000-125,000. Why doesn't your president just make the decision on his own to go do whatever it is that he wants to do over there? He's already said he doesn't need Congressional approval and he's the one who stated if Assad crossed "the red line" it would change obama's "calculus". Now he says he didn't draw a red line and that it's not his credibility on the line-it's America's and Congress's as if he isn't even part of this country.

What's happened is that his bloviating doesn't intimidate anyone in the world and his own credibility is shot. It's challenged at every turn by despots because as Assad said, "Obama is weak". Even Assad's 11 yr old son is denigrating your president.

The U.S. has no business taking any military action in Syria. If the U.N. doesn't want to take it on then screw it. obama made his bed and he can lie in it now. He's been on the sidelines for two years watching and warning and doing nothing. Now it's too late.

Miss Priss

It's all over the place that they have killed close to 2 million of their own people but even if it is your so called # - it's still okay? Jeez - you really miss the point.

George Croix

We have been out of Iraq officially for a couple of years after spending years there to give them a chance at a decent life and those folks are already killing each other again. We have already effectively given Afghanistan back to the Taliban by virtue of announcing when the field of conflict will be vacated, thus to end a decade of dying for -what? A bunch of savages jabbering and dancing around in the streets hating us all the more. Kind of like watching a bunch of 'Occupiers', without the beheadings.
The only way to STOP the slaughter in a country(s) with thousands of years of ethnic and tribal killing and strife, at least somewhat, is put troops on the ground, and leave them there, in overwhelming force. We are STILL in South Korea 60 years after the 'end' of that undeclared war and thousands of U.S. deaths.
Who ARE the Syrian rebels? A mixed bag? Some worse than Assad?
We should have learned from Egypt, if not years before, that a 'democratic election' does not, in the Mid East, result in a democracy. Just a change of despots. And more yammering idiots in the streets burning things and firing rifles up into the air, oblivious to gravity.

Gary Miller

IF or when Assad is gone who will control Saddams WMDs transfered to Syria in 2003.
Assad is moving them to Lebanon. Will Obama bomb Lebanon to destroy Saddams WMDs?
Will Hezballah return them to Assad after Obama's attack is over or keep them to use against Israel?
I'd prefere Assad used them on his citizens rather than Hezballah using them on Israel.


Absolutely! I agree with bvresident, an gecroix! Mr. Obama has MESSED in his NEST, and now he has water flowing through his knees!
Like gecroix said you are not going to change the politics of those people. We sent overwhelming numbers, and personnel to Vietnam, and hit them with everything we had! We almost blew them to hell,...and they still won! Vietnam is still a COMMUNIST COUNTRY today! What did we profit out of all the men who did not come back,..and the resources we sacrificed in that war? I know,..... we now can buy baseball caps and t-shirts with MADE IN VIETNAM in the labels. That is it! They sell us stuff!
Is that all we got out of the deal? It was pitiful, because right after I returned home after being discharged,... the Communist rolled all their elite units into the capital city Saigon firing off tank cannons with the local people running and screaming for mercy!
Right before they rolled into Saigon, the last American helicopters were trying to get out, and people were holding onto the spools of the helicopters SCREAMING for the pilots to not leave them behind! They got left behind anyway,..and many were assassinated or murdered for cooperating or working for the Americans!
They were so afraid, the term "BOAT PEOPLE" came in to being,..because families were getting into anything which would float and going out to see, trying to get away from Ho Chi Minh,and his armies!
Of those who did not escape,..and who were not murdered,...many were sent to REEDUCATION CAMPS to cleansed their minds of their American habits and ways! They were treated less than dirt,..that went for all the women who had kids by GI fathers too! So I ask anybody,...besides getting 58,000 men killed and countless thousands maimed and crippled,...WHAT GOOD DID WE DO IN GOING INTO VIETNAM?
Oh forgive me,...I forgot! Lyndon Johnson and Ladybird got richer, and other companies like Bell Helicopter,..and Haliburton did alright too!
If you will look there were companies like that in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN too,...making that money, while young GI were dying, getting crippled, and maimed!
John McCain wants to go to war so bad he has joined forces with his WORST ENEMY, Mr. Obama, in order to make it happen! His motto is identical to General GEORGE S. PATTON'S in my opinion!
"Find a War And Get In It!!" If you cannot find one,....then MAKE ONE!"
Somebody once quoted Patton as saying he loved war,..more than life itself! I'll give Patton one thing, least he went and participated in what he loved. How many others you see gung-ho enough to put some skin in the game? Ahhh huh!!!

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