LA MARQUE — The first of two recall petitions was turned in on time and signatures are being verified by the city.

A recall of Councilwoman Connie Trube is being led by La Marque resident Valerie Beverly. The first of two petitions checked out from the city was due Monday.

That petition form was turned in on time, said Robin Eldridge, the city clerk for the city of La Marque.

The second petition form, checked out by Lee Clark, is due back to the city by Thursday.

It would take the signatures of 98 registered voters to put the recall of Trube on the ballot.

Eldridge said she was in the process of verifying the signatures in the first petition form.

Beverly has said that between the two forms more than 150 people had signed the recall petition.

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Jake Feigle

If the headings or the two petitions do not have the same reasons for the recall, they should not be able to combine the two petitions to obtain the needed signatures. Each petition should have to stand alone.. The recall for Connie was a dumb idea. By the time it will come to a vote, there would be less than six months left on her present term. Why cost the city more money by saving less than six months? I guess the two petitioners have fallen in with the kangaroo court of Mayor Bobby Hocking.

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