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Mike Leahy

Lack of dock space in Galveston may indeed drive cruise ships (reluctantly) to Houston's until recently unused white elephant (cruise ship terminal).

However, what role does the large sums of money the Port of Houston is reported to have offered as incentive to the ship owners played in the decision to move a ship to Houston? Large cash incentives can change a reluctant ship owner into an enthusiastic one, when trying to lure sailings away from Galveston.

Cruise ship owners would prefer not to pay for the additional Pilot and tugboat costs of going to Houston, no to mention the additional risk for transiting that much of the Houston Ship Channel and it's continuous flow of large and dangerous tankers. The 1 hour sea buoy to dock transit at the Port of Galveston offers is a big drawing card.

Increasing dock space at the Port of Galveston can solve congestion issues but, it will not overcome Uncle Sugar (Port of Houston) offering boatloads of cash.

GW Cornelius

Bout time. In this case if you build it they will come.

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