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Mick Phalen

Rain barrels a good idea .... How about returning 10% of treated water to supply - it's a heck of a lot cleaner than the Brazos River water currently used by most of the County.

And, LC does NOT get its water from Trinity Bay - it is purchased from the City Of Houston (which gets it from the Trinity River, IIRC)

Susan Fennewald

In this area where the humidity is always high, everyone needs to "harvest" the condensation from their air conditioner and use it to water their yards. It's amazing how much water an air conditioner collects, and it's usually just piped down the drain.

A great advantage to hooking the rain barrel to the air conditioner drain, is that you don't need rain to keep it full. The air conditioner for a small house can fill a rain barrel in less than a week, even if the thermostat is kept high and we're in a rainless drought.

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