KEMAH — Kemah’s elected and appointed officials might soon need to reveal any real estate and business interest they have in the city.

At a meeting Wednesday, the Kemah city council will consider an ordinance requiring city officials to “to file a sworn disclosure of interest(s) in real property in the City or in a corporation or business entity under contract with the City.”

Mayor Bob Cummins said the ordinance was similar to what many other cities in the area have.

“We’ve never had anything before,” Cummins said. 

The city has been embroiled in some issues about property and business dealings in the past.

Last month, Cummins confirmed that the FBI and IRS were conducting an investigation involving property transactions that occurred during the tenure of former Mayor Matt Wiggins. The former mayor has denied any wrongdoing.

Cummins said he had no updates about the investigation and said the ordinance was not related to Wiggins. 

“It is just something that every city has in place,” Cummins said. “We are just a little behind the times.”

Where other cities have longer lists of declarations that have to be made to serve as a city official, Kemah is just making it’s first “baby steps” in that direction, Cummins said.

“We’ll just start with businesses and real estate,” he said “(We are) just trying to make it were it is transparent.” 

At a glance

WHAT: Kemah City Council meeting

WHEN: 7 p.m. Wednesday

WHERE: Council chambers at Kemah City Hall, 1401 State Highway 146, in Kemah

Contact reporter Christopher Smith Gonzalez 409-683-5314 or


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