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J. Shaffer

Pretty brazen act.

I see these 'scrap metal artists' going through my neighborhood with whole patio furniture sets and shiny bicycles, not an ounce of rust on them, and wonder where they got them.

Seems they will take anything that isn't nailed down.... and a few things that are!


"Oh what a wicked nuisance is the conscience,... that demonic instrument of torture forged out of the human soul"
Satan's time is growing short, so he is stepping up his game. People are running buck wild,..in this world doing "ANY" and "EVERYTHING!"
Now what simple,evil minded, degenerate,..would want to steel something like that? We are definitely living in the "ladder days"..described in the Word Of God,...verifying the truth that our redemption draws near!

Robert Buckner

Channel 13 reported an hour ago the statue has been located at a Clear Lake pawn shop

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