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Miss Priss

Yes and probably most of the town that some of them are from know too. The element of surprise has been lost as an advantage for sure. When citizens are discussing this openly about who it is.... Then I guess it would be time to get it wrapped up.

Steve Fouga

“They know we’re coming for them”

Maybe I'm a bit cruel when it comes to people like these, but I actually like this aspect of the case. I'd be tempted to let 'em dangle for awhile longer, to make the last days of their life outside of custody as miserable as possible...

Nah, may as well go ahead and bag 'em. They've been free long enough.

Kudos to the Sheriff's Office and the other agencies involved. Great job sticking with this one...

George Croix

"Suspects in the case know they are being investigated, Hansen said.
“They know we’re coming for them,” he said.'
What a great idea to put this in the newspaper, BEFORE the miscreants have been bagged!! Similar to the brilliance of the NYT publishing military plans before the actions took place.
I mean, what can possibly be a problem with letting your enemies or criminals know that you are about to bring a paddle and give a spanking?

Steve Fouga

gecroix, I don't think it matters anymore, or else the status of the case wouldn't have been released. I bet the noose is already drawn too tight. There have been less-certain, but similar, articles during the past year or so, and these folks are still hanging around. They are probably under near-constant surveillance.

As for the NYT publishing military plans, that's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard of (unless it was done to set the bait for future trickery...). aside from unscrupulous news sources, our military and federal government in general is too open in announcing military and economic strategy. IMO.

Miss Priss

"they know we're coming for them" ....It's great red letter verbiage to tell the paper ..... It's just that the exact same words were said in the paper about the same case about two years ago.

The problem is that the community this took place in knows who did it..... Gossip ya know which turns into common knowledge.

George Croix

Well, we certainly need more gossip presented as news in the newspapers...[wink]
I just can't quite get a handle on how it's a good thing to show your cards before all the bets have been placed.
Personally, I'd feel like heck if some bad boy got away because of a tip off that he was about to be arrested.
Maybe I'm just too sensitive....[beam][beam][beam][beam]

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