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I wonder what Obama would say. On the one there is a shooting range down the road from Fry. I am sure NRA is supportive.

Jim Casey

The Project Graduation group should appreciate the free publicity that they received from this front-page article.

Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident who passes a background check and is not disqualified for any of a dozen reasons such as being under indictment can legally purchase and possess a firearm. It's a lot more challenging than buying a car or a bottle of booze, which are involved in more deaths and injuries in the U.S. than firearms.

- Jim

George Croix

More accurately, If it's actually a .308 caliber, then it's an AR-15 'type' rifle.
And, the article doesn't say whether the 'laser rangefinder' is actually a very expensive weapon mountable sighting/ranging device, the common hand held type, or a weapon mounted laser targeting designator.
Anyway, I don't need another .308 on an AR platform, but it's a good cause, a great idea, and I hope I win...[beam][beam]


Well gecroix what about one of those "git-down"..."git-down" .."git-down" weapon?
That is what they sounded like over yonder! When you heard a sound like that! You had better DO WHAT IT SOUNDED LIKE, and that was to get on the ground and look!
( Communist AK-47 Assault Rifle ). [smile]

George Croix

Life happened, and it was never my fortune to serve in our military. In other life endeavors I had a lot of experinece with stuff blowing up and/or burning up around me, but it was nothing to compare to what our front line soldiers have to endure. I salute them all.
I was fortunate to have several good friends, some of them would be familiar by name to you, who did serve. Long. Hard. And well.
They had pretty much the same thing to say about that 7.62x39 as you just did...[smile].


The dumbest thing EVER[sad]

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