TEXAS CITY  — Members of the Galveston County Animal Services Advisory Committee are set to meet today and discuss the proposed budget for the Animal Resource Center.

Last month, several of the cities that fund the county’s animal shelter balked at the proposed 2015 fiscal year budget.

The proposed budget of about $1.4 million included funding to make full-time jobs out of two part-time positions — a combined volunteer coordinator and adoption counselor and a cremation specialist — and provided a pay increase for the 22 full-time animal services employees.

The changes would have led to an increase of about $185,000 in the county’s animal services operating budget. Part of that proposed increase, about $50,000, would have been covered by the nine cities that help fund the county animal service, according to data from the Galveston County Health District, which manages the county’s Animal Resource Center.

The county helps pay for the shelter cost and field services, as does Bayou Vista, Clear Lake Shores, Dickinson, Hitchcock, Kemah, La Marque, Santa Fe, Tiki Island and Texas City. All those cities pay into the animal services budget in proportion to their population, said Kathy Barroso, chief operating and financial officer with Galveston County Health District.

Each entity must agree to the budget for it to get approved.


WHAT: County Animal Services Committee

WHEN: 10:30 a.m. today

WHERE: 9850-A Emmett F. Lowry Express Building in Texas City.

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Gary Miller

Turn down any increase.
Euthanizing costs less than any other process at the shelter. Less than health care, feeding, housing, neutering or spaying.
Annimals that arrive at the shelter are unwanted by their former owners. Not likely to be adopted.
How much of the budget is for Vet services for animals they know are not adoptable?
They resist euthanizing because it would reduce the cost of the shelter.
Vet services, feeding and housing unwanted animals is job security.

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