LEAGUE CITY — Closing arguments are scheduled for today in the murder trial of Clyde Hedrick 60, who was arrested last April and charged with murder in the cold-case killing of Ellen Rae Beason.

Beason was 29 years old in 1984 when she was reported to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as a missing person. 

Before the trial, prosecutors suggested Hedrick could be tied to the “Killing Field” murders of Heidi Fye and Laura Miller. However, prosecutor Kevin Petroff did not bring up any possible connection during the trial.

The prosecution and defense are scheduled to have closing arguments this morning.

Hedrick’s attorney, Jeremy DuCote, put forensic expert Dr. Lee Ann Grossberg on the stand to counter testimony for the prosecutor’s experts that a recent medical examination of Beason’s exhumed body showed evidence she was murdered.

Then-Galveston County Medical Examiner Dr. W.E. Korndorffer reported that he could not determine the cause of death. 

Hedrick told law enforcement that Beason drowned in a sand pit as the two swam after a night out at a League City bar.

Last March, investigators reopened the case, exhumed Beason’s body and sent the remains to North Texas Health Science Center for an examination.

Dr. Harrell Gill-King examinxed the body and ruled Beason’s death a homicide. Gill-King testified Wednesday, the second day of testimony, that he found evidence of skull fractures and blunt-force trauma, a finding that Korndorffer, who testified Thursday, contested. 

“The skull was not broken, cracked or otherwise showed signs of blunt trauma,” Korndorffer said in an email to The Daily News.

After testimony Thursday, DuCote asked Cox for a directive verdict. That request was denied.

Hedrick’s best friend and sister also testified Thursday.

Closing arguments are scheduled for 9 a.m. today.

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