GALVESTON — A man accused of biting a jailer in October was acquitted Wednesday by a Galveston County jury after a three-day trail.

Pernell McCardell, 37, of Hitchcock was charged with assault of a public servant in connection with an Oct. 27 incident at the Galveston County Jail.

He had been arrested the day before and charged with resisting arrest and possession of a controlled substance, according to court records.

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Chris Gimenez

This is too funny! The District Attorney Jack Roady takes a case to trial that is so insignificant as to be ridiculous-and then he loses the case- and the GCDN gives it front page status but when Roady quietly dismisses a felony child abuse indictment against a TC Police Officer there isn't even a mention of it.

I'm wondering how this bunch of clowns determines what cases merit front page listing and what cases merit being shoved under the carpet. Oh wait, those are the ones that would be politically embarrassing to a District Attorney who believes law enforcement and elected officials should get preferential treatment from his office.

I'm not quite sure who the biggest loser is here-Jack Roady, Heber Taylor and the GCDN, or the citizens of Galveston County.

PD Hyatt

Sick, sick, sick....

Chris Gimenez

The facts disturb you don't they paul? It seems you like to only hear what the GCDN decides you selectively need to hear and not all the news.

The real sickness here is the perverted journalism by Heber Taylor and the GCDN in their effort to protect the District Attorney from negative public opinion. Of course, I know you feel otherwise because he's your friend. I call that a lack of integrity all the way around. BTW, where's your brother bigjim, he's usually chiming in about this time.

Evelyn Clark

To bvresident, you think that you are always right. [sad]

Jimmie Saldana

I agree with bvresident statement 100 %. The statement supports what most recently happened on yesterday in federal court with Mr. Washington. For four years constant negative publication about Mr. Washington was always on the front page . The allegations against him was dropped and he won his case on yesterday, yes, it's true not a word in the Galveston daily news about the results !! NOT FUNNY, SAD, VERY SAD!!

Chris Gimenez

Mytoby, you're welcome to challenge my facts if you have any facts of your own. Otherwise, you and Paul should do your whining elsewhere.

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