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Victor Krc

I heard that Brazoria County passed a similar resolution today.

You dance with the devil when you let Uncle Sugar return some of your tax money to you.

There are always strings attached, though those strings are really tentacles in disguise.

Local municipalities should be able to determine what they spend their local tax money on. Let the voters determine whether they agree or not at the next election.

As far as the Federal money is concerned, once you accept it, you accept everything that comes along with it, like it or not. It doesn't matter which party is running the government.

I do not know if LC will have to use legal counsel to defend against this action or not.

Jim Forsythe

That or repeal it. The cost could be a lot if they decide to fight it all the way to Supreme Court.

Carol Dean

Yes, Brazoria County Commissioners passed a resolution yesterday. Proud to say I was there. Our County Commissioners have already passed the same resolution, people!

Victor Krc

I said in another thread a couple of days ago that the LC resolution was unnecessary.

I figured the City Council could and would do whatever they wanted to or could do without a resolution

In my opinion now they have painted themselves in a corner.

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. You have to be careful in picking your battles.

I hope it doesn't get to be too expensive for my city.

It is admirable to stand up on principle, but make sure you have some of your own financial skin in the game and not other peoples' money.

November will be a very interesting month.

Robert Young

We are gonna get a Hurricane thru here again one day and the shoe will be on the other foot. We will be the refugees. Council and commissioners will meet and recite the lords prayer and pray the verse..

"and forgive us our trespasses AS WE forgive those who trespass against us"

we are then officially screwed..

Chris Gimenez

The city's resolution has no legal basis and neither does the insanity from the illegal and criminal alien support organizations. Our country is being destroyed from within by a president who hates the U.S. and everything it stands for. I hope LC tells these sleazy, entitlement-class losers to go pound sand.

Curtiss Brown

That is just crazy talk. Why would any President HATE America. That is just nuts.

Chris Gimenez

Nuts? Really? Here's what nuts. Your president told the nation that when he was elected he was "going to fundamentally change this nation". Just exactly what did he mean and what has he done to follow through on that? I've already listed how he's fundamentally changed us already and it's all bad. Let's here your story.

His wife also stated after he was elected that, "for the first time in my life I'm proud of this country". Really? Why don't you tell us how someone who loves this country can say that after fifty years of being a citizen of this country there has only been one event in her life that's made her proud of this country? Can you offer your version of what she meant by that?

Here's what we're going to hear from you. Nothing. You can't explain what they said and as a result all you can do is attack. That's why the Dems are the party of losers.

Lars Faltskog

Response to isleshire posted at 10:16 am on Wed, Jul 23, 2014,
Response to bvresident posted at 4:40 pm on Wed, Jul 23, 2014:

LOL, "crazy talk" bvresident. I don't really think 1st Ladies possess the finesse that are at times needed to say "everything" correctly, 100 percent of the time. I imagine when Mrs. Obama said "For the 1st time, I'm proud...", she was speaking as a wife of a person (her husband) who had been placed with the opportunity to lead the country. With Mr. Obama being the 1st mixed race person to be our leader, Mrs. Obama was expressing how proud she was because we as an electorate have never elected a person "of color" to the White House.

Has Mr. Obama fundamentally changed America? Maybe he has. For the 1st time, we support the shared responsibility of taking care of our citizens - enter the ACA health care mandate. I would call that a fundamental change in our country's mindset.

Carlos Ponce

sverige says "I don't really think 1st Ladies possess the finesse that are at times needed to say "everything" correctly, 100 percent of the time."
Does that apply when First Lady Michelle Obama refers to Hillary Clinton as "Hildebeast", or when former First Lady Hillary Clinton refers to the current president as "Mother F - - - - - "? We never heard Barbara nor Laura Bush speak that way!

Chris Gimenez

First of all Servitude the Riidiculous, my comment wasn't to you. It was a reply to a comment made to me by Isleshire so let him/her answer it if she can.

Second, your first lady has a B.A. from Princeton University and a J.D. (Juris Doctor) from Harvard Law School. And you feel the only thing you can to do explain what she said was that she shouldn't be expected to have the "finesse" to say everything correctly? You are supremely ridiculous. You never heard either of the Bush First Ladies act as "hoodish" as this woman. They were never caught either in private or public acting like some angry, entitled woman who hates this country.

Carol Dean

And, sverige, you probably voted for Obama twice! That's what ill informed people do.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 9:32 pm on Tue, Jul 22, 2014:

Wouldn't it be more healthful for you to realize that the majority of voters who voted for Obama twice also love this country? Has life for you since 2008 been "destroyed" by this President who, quite frankly, has had no direct effect on middle to upper class folks like you and me.

It is right in the spirit of democracy in this republic for groups to challenge something like LC's inopportune resolution. Having a conscience and pointing out potential humanitarian travesties is necessary for a healthy government. BTW - who are the entitlement losers? The innocent refugee children who haven't lived enough years to "sin", much less become the "losers" you talk about?

Chris Gimenez

Response to Servitude the Ridiculous.

You're correct Servitude. Life for me since 2008 has not been directly affected by the boy president's (mis)conduct.

The doubling of unemployment among blacks since he took office hasn't directly affected me and so it shouldn't concern me.

The massive increase in our debt to almost $18 TRILLION hasn't directly affected me and so I shouldn't be concerned about how it will directly affect my nieces and nephews and their children in the future.

The murders of four brave Americans in Benghazi while serving this country didn't directly affect me as they weren't my family members and I didn't know any of them. I shouldn't care one little bit that this administration knew about terrorists moving in next door to the diplomatic post a month before the planned attack and that they still lied to the public simply to cover up their own ineptitude in preventing these murders.

The use of the IRS to target political opponents of your president hasn't directly affected me and so I shouldn't be concerned that the most powerful and feared regulatory agency in this country is deliberately violating our laws in order to serve your president's own political goals.

The 20 MILLION additional people of this country added to the food stamp rolls since your president took office hasn't directly affected me and so I shouldn't be concerned about the massive entitlement increases over the last five years. After all, that certainly can't be an indicator that our economy in general is not doing well.

The fact that our military veterans have been horribly mistreated by a Veteran's Administration more focused on smoke-and-mirrors numbers in order to receive bonuses than they have on caring for our wounded heroes hasn't directly affected me so I shouldn't be concerned. But I am. Especially since your president made it a key point of his political discourse to talk about how he and his angry wife were going to make the treatment of our veterans at the VA one of their key focuses when he became president.

The fact that your president has unilaterally decided to change more than thirty times, the basic tenets of his strictly partisan healthcare law, hasn't directly affected me. Of course, I understand-which you obviously do not-that even though something that he's done doesn't directly impact me today doesn't mean it won't have serious consequences for me in the years ahead.

The fact that your president has decided to covertly offer amnesty to what will amount to millions of illegal aliens in this country hasn't directly affected me. I do my own yard work and refuse to contract with anyone who doesn't have employees that are legal residents of this country so I suppose as long as none of these millions cost us anything in entitlements and don't belong to criminal gangs, and don't become a burden on this country, I shouldn't be concerned. But I am because I know what's coming.

The fact that this country is more racially divided now than at almost any time since the 1960's, even though your president was going to "heal" our racial divide, hasn't directly affected me. It might explain some of that massive increase in black unemployment under your president if for no reason other than white people are sick and tired of being called racist for any disagreement they have with the boy president's policies.

The fact that our Treasury Dept. under your president is printing TENS OF BILLIONS of worthless notes every month to prop up an economy for nothing more than political gain hasn't directly affected me-yet. When the inevitable market crash comes, I and many others will be directly affected.

The fact that your president has interfered with the investigation into his Attorney General's involvement in the Fast-and-Furious scandal in which thousands of weapons were illegally purchased in the U.S. and then shipped to Mexico which resulted in the deaths of at least two Border Patrol officers and hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens hasn't directly affected me. Oh wait, I thought we were supposed to show "compassion" for those people in other countries. I guess that "compassion" is subject to circumstances.

I could go on but it's not necessary. You're a fool and will remain a fool, blindly supporting this idiot president and everything he does and for no reason other than the party you belong two. After all, he wouldn't have been elected either time had he not lied far too many times about what he was going to do for this country rather than what he was going to do TO this country.

Lisa Gray

I feel exactly as you do. Why does the media discount our feelings?Because they are inherently involved in the "transformation of America" I want my children and grandchildren to have the same opportunities that I had to live in the best country in the world. The left seems determined to bring us down to 3rd world status. Why? I have no idea. It is sheer insanity to me.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 7:34 am on Wed, Jul 23, 2014:

Well, as I've said many times before - your party(ies) need to coalesce and make a strong enough oppositional stance to convince the white "swing" voters such as yours truly. You do realize that despite the many lies you feel our President has made, his coalition cemented enough support to have many young, non-minority voters believe that fundamental changes are necessary for THEM to have a better life. Your party(ies) simply have not convinced people to take referendicative measures against more "left" ideals. It's easy for you and me (in our relative affluence) to think there's more and more folks out there looking for "something for nothing". Help turn it around.

PD Hyatt

I would be willing to bet that there are far more parents coming in than is being reported. I would also be willing to bet that most of the ones who want all of these children to stay will not bring them into THEIR homes nor will they want them in THEIR neighborhoods and that includes La Raza and all of the other groups who are fighting to keep these here, give them citizenship rights and voting rights to the parents who are here illegally....Just more of the leftists in this country that are doing their best to destroy it and sink it....

Carol Dean

The majority of these children are coming from orphanages. Don't fool yourself, people in these Latin American countries don't have the reported 5 to 7 thousand dollars to pay for passage. Thank the drug cartels, gangs, and terrorist groups for getting these folks on the train. Oh yeah, about that train, the one who is owned by an American based company!

Don Ciaccio

Seems those organizations should stop spending their resources on photo opts since this resolution is only cosmetic and couldn't be unforced. Instead, they should try to really help people.

Marc Edelman

I am not sure why so many people have supported this resolution. People are easily confused between the issue of securing our borders, which is a worthwhile endeavor, and stupid costly junk resolutions like this one, which are wrapped in fear that are disguised as patriotism. The only purpose of this resolutiom was to raise the noteriety of a single council person who is interested in running for higher office. In the meanwhile it is going to cost the citizens of League City thousands to undo the damage. Some self proclaimed fiscal consvatives don't understand the meanings of the words"fiscal conservatism" and think it is the same as being socially conservative.

Curtiss Brown

You are correct.

Tom Motl

Should this humanitarian crisis warrant a UN peace keeping force in the Countries that these refugees are fleeing? (just a thought, somebody educate me)

Victor Krc

LDOF54, you would think so, wouldn't you. However many of the "blue helmets" in other countries entrusted to the palsied hands of the UN have shown themselves to be no better than the indigenous oppressors.

One overlooked elephant in the room is drug trafficking. This is what is driving most of the social barbarism in these Central American countries.

If we could stop or drastically cut back on illegal drug importation to this country by being more effective in stopping illegal drug shipments and also reducing the appetite for illegal drugs then I believe this would go a long way to solving the current illegal immigration problem.

This would attack the problem at its source. Right now, we are constantly playing defense. You can only score points if you are on the offense.

Curtiss Brown

I don't see anybody in the drug war missing any opportunities to stop the flow of drugs into our country. I don't think there are new things to try that we are not trying. This is like thinking that reducing fraud and abuse we will find new money. Nothing we have done in 40 years has had any substantive effect.

Maybe we should try decriminalizing drugs. We haven't tried that yet. Piling guns on the border and pour ammunition over them isn't going to work.

Victor Krc

isleshire,I don't claim to have any special inside knowledge as to what is being done to stop the flow of drugs into our country. Nor do I know that there are no new things to try that we are not trying All I can say is that there is a market and it is very profitable, so there may be room for improvement as far as reducing it.

As far as saying that nothing we have done in 40 years has had any substantive effect, how do you know? There is always a counterfactual to consider. Where would we be now if we did nothing about enforcing our drug laws or had no drug laws to enforce?

Reducing fraud is proactive. You do not find new money but you do reduce or stop good money from being thrown after bad money.

We keep throwing money at our defenses, all I am saying is we need to start considering some practical offensive tactics as well. And I am not saying those tactics should be exclusively confined to our border areas.

Curtiss Brown

Invade sovereign nations because of our drug addiction?
You seem like a smart fellow. You need to sit down and think a bit about how successful our policy regarding Cuba has been in terms of counter factual elements. And whether counter factual elements are really not just a way of justifying a failed policy.

Carlos Ponce

The Left has described these countries as "Hell on Earth" so I recommended the same then got blasted for suggesting "American interference". Go figure. Do a web search on Central American newspapers and you'll find an interesting contrast to what we hear. Could be just propaganda but then I read in the Honduran "La Prensa" how Lansing, Michigan is welcoming all these children with open arms. If you cannot read Spanish there are on-line websites that will translate for you.

Carlos Ponce

Correction: The statement about Lansing, Michigan was from "La Prensa" in El Salvador:
"La Prensa" in Honduras has some interesting articles on how the coyotes are mistreating their children in Mexico, however.

J. Shaffer

At issue is the proper care of children before a deportation hearing. Not immigration as a whole.

Children who have traveled unaccompanied by a guardian or parent are now shoved together in unhealthy living conditions.

If we had too many dogs in the dog pound, we wouldn't talk about releasing them. We would look for a way to relieve overcrowding by moving them to other shelters.

Right now we protest in favor of keeping those children cooped up with little privacy, at high risk for disease and violence.

We wouldn't do that to a dog; why does League City think it's okay to treat humans that way?

Carlos Ponce

Solution: Quicker deportation hearings! Catholic Relief Services, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and others are sending aid and money to the border to take care of the children's immediate needs.

Mick Phalen

IIRC, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund was the LaRaza group that sued LC (and won $300k+ of LC residents' tax dollars) when the City stopped illegals from harassing residents at 518 and Texas.

He!d!'s and the other 5 councilmembers' desire to make LC an example is, IMHO, going to be costly.

Carol Dean

Mick, I don't think there are a whole lot of people who care hat you think. Why don't you adopt a couple of these illegals and raise them with the aide of The Federal Government? Put your money where your mouth is. I hope you have been inoculated for all of the normal diseases because you are going to be exposed to a lot of those and NEW ones in the future.

Are you willing to be taxed more to provide the growth and development of the infrastructure there in LC? I guarandogtee you that your schools and medical facilities will not be able to handle your grandieoce idea!

Maybe you could partner with David Smith. He walk around carrying a sign: Welcome Here. The only thing missing is his address!

Victor Krc

isleshire, who said anything about invading foreign countries? You ought to consider going into politics, you should go far.

As far as Cuba is concerned, I do not know where you want to go with that, so I do not know where to begin.

As far as using counterfactuals to justify failed policies, there is a logic to your objection to my statement. However, how can you justify believing that we would be no worse off with our drug problems if we did not enforce our drug laws? Or what would you change? Or do you believe that there should be no drug laws, in other words decriminalize illegal drugs?

If the latter, believe me, I have known some addicts up close and personal and they would still rob their own mothers to get drug money whether or not drugs were legal or illegal. They would not engage in productive labor, that is for sure.

Curtiss Brown

You did: "And I am not saying those tactics should be exclusively confined to our border areas."

The drug war has failed as the policy regarding Cuba has failed.

And we continue to cling to the same old failed policies citing the mythical counter factuals.

Victor Krc

The drug problem is nationwide here in the good old USA, haven't you noticed? Not just along the Rio Grande, for heaven's sake.

Glittering generalities are never good substitutes for sound argument.

What do you want us to cling to?

George Croix

What do you propose, then, Nurse Jane?
We're already spending 250 to 1000 bucks per child, per day, as claimed by the folks at DHS who are quite likely understating it. At least, that's what Jeh Johnson told Dianne Feinstein and others. Those names don't belong to evil conservatives.
That's 12,500,000 U.S. taxpayer bucks EACH day, minimum, so far, to just tread water, resolving nothing, to be as humane as possible to company we did not ask for, which forced itself upon us.
Perhaps a better analogy than your dog pound would be a truckload of relatives showing up at your house and demanding the same treatment - for months/years - all on your dime. Besides, at most dog pounds, once nobody claims the animal, or the crowding gets too severe, the overflow is euthanized. A bit extreme for people.
So, what would you do? How is that different from this, from the practical, not the emotional, side of it?
In the GDN today is an article saying that over 49,000 children in Galveston County are on the free or reduced cost lunch programs at school.
49,000, in one small county, needing help to eat.
With no relief in sight for any actual chance of a decent jobs picture, it's quite likely that the obligation in just this little county will grow to provide aid to people.
My two little checks sent so far to the Red Cross won't go far...


At least you sent some checks! Most folks just want to say what "WE" ought to do, and if "WE" don't do anything,... that is all she wrote! Then they make no sense in doing that! They infer that God is not in South America, because the children need to be suffered to be allowed to cross illegally over the Texas Borders in order that they might get to the LORD! "Don't forbid them to come, they say!" lolololololololololollol Ahhhhhhhhhhhh-hooooooooooooooo! They just make up stuff!
Well what about all the kids in the ten poorest countries in the world I'm providing the link to below? Funny thing, I don't see many South American countries in there!!
( http://www.aneki.com/poorest.html ).
Some of these places are where they are kidnapping young females making them sex slaves, and forcing young males into fighting in armies juxtaposed to kids being forced into gangs in South American. My question is SHOULD WE SUFFER THE KIDS FROM THESE 10 POOREST COUNTRIES TO COME HERE TOO? Somebody talk back to me!!!!!!! Maybe we ought to go pick them up! What about Border security? Should we just drop our walls down like the City of Jericho's walls came down, and just be fair and let everybody who wants in, to come in? UNCLE SUGGA might even make that happen before he is done!
Nobody answered my question, before. Is the only way a kid can be suffered to come to the LORD is in Texas? Ohhh I love this stuff!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!

George Croix

I think most people still mean well at heart, and most people still have good intentions, despite the daily parade of idiots, incompetents, and outright scoundrels across the news.
It's just so hard, though, for too many people to separate what can be done, from what they want to be done.
Somewhat understandable when the guy elected to lead the country exhibits that exact same mindset on the toob daily for all to see - he wants something, so, it must be the right thing to want, and, he must get it, and, if not, it's somebody else's fault...
It's how the cancer of 'progressivism' spreads and begins to eat up the common sense and sense of duty to the country and pride in personal achievement and responsibility that a citizen was once ashamed to not have and show....
You know, that 'fundamental change' stuff that was deemed necessary to do to 'the greatest country the world has ever known'...
Hard to fix something like that.

frank furleigh

House our county homeless veterans first and foremost, then I'll agree. Until then, nothing.

Curtiss Brown

Oh please. What has been done to house homeless vets is on all of us. Just as the safety of these children is on all of us. Homelessness is a municipal problem. How many people have gone to City Council to plead for the homeless?
This is just an excuse..

Let me guess, you will help after we land on Mars?

Rainy Brown

Too many bleeding hearts appear to be supporting the cartels and gangs continuing doing what they are doing to these children along the trail and into Texas. And they turn around and say it's about the children? How wrong is that?

Carlos Ponce

Interesting discussion this morning between Matt Patrick of KTRH who has been to the border and Dr. David Michael Smith who has not. Matt uses his own eyewitness accounts and those of Border Patrol agents. Dr. Smith dismisses these and relies on studies from other academicians. Dr. Smith- Oh the pain, the pain.

Andy Aycoth

Tidal wave comin across the Mexican boarder.

Toni Randall

Well who couldn't see this coming !!!!! The minute this no teeth Resolution passed it was game on.

George Croix

"Matt uses his own eyewitness accounts and those of Border Patrol agents. Dr. Smith dismisses these and relies on studies from other academicians."

Sounds like when the Adminsitration dismissed on scene reports from Benghazi and instead relied on their own local analysts to advise them.
Birds of a feather....

Victor Krc

Smith is not an academician, he is a propagandist and rabble - rouser.

I gotta admit though, many times there isn't a dimes worth of difference between the two, but there are many exceptions out there that don't get much press. For obvius reasons.[ohmy]

Victor Krc

typo: obvious[sleeping]

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 7:13 pm on Wed, Jul 23, 2014:

Well, bevoresident -
Just because an individual has a BA and a law degree doesn't automatically make them exempt from occasionally saying things that aren't the best choices of words. As the quote goes - "It happens to the best of us." Everyone has inserted a lesser desirable and/or poor choice of words. You do it, I do it. At least we still let you express your views here on this forum [beam]

As for the Bushes first ladies. I concur with you regarding Laura. She's a classy woman, still attractive, and certainly "married down" with what she ended up with. Barbara, on the other hand, has been known to use the "b" word, can say honest and strident things from time to time. That is part of her personality and "charm". She's not perfect either, but I'd say borders on genuine. Come to think of it, Daddy Bush wasn't too bad after all either. Curious to know: What do you feel Mrs. Obama is looking for in her quest for "entitlement"? She seems to have it pretty good...being a millionaire and all.

Carlos Ponce

"Barbara, on the other hand, has been known to use the 'b' word...." Yes she does say "Barbara and "Bush" and "Beauty". As for that word that means a "female dog", Barbara Bush never actually said it. She did say "I can't say it, but it rhymes with rich," to describe Geraldine Ferraro.

Victor Krc

I don't know if any of you remember the "Wizard of Id" comic strip. The main character is the dwarf king that is always tyrannizing his subjects.

I saw one Wizard of Id comic strip on the Internet where Obama is a stand-in for the king:

Courtier: What are you offering the peasants in your election speech today?

Obama: Nothing they can afford to refuse.

Obama (from a balcony to assembled peasants): Elect me and I promise you free health care.


Obama: Free housing! Free Clothing! Food Stamps!

Peasants: YEAH, YIPPEE!

Obama: And JOBS for everybody!

Peasants: YEA!

Obama: Any questions?

Peasant: What do we need jobs for?

Carlos Ponce

Great cartoon, vic! Here it is for those who want a visual:

Victor Krc

Thanks, Carlos.

I'm embarrassed. Why didn't I think to do that?[huh]

Lars Faltskog

I noticed that bvresident has not answered as to what he feels Michelle Obama has to feel "entitled" for? I ask that knowing that she's doing pretty good being a multi-millionaire, attractive, and in good health - and being 1st lady. Got an answer?


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