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Miss Priss

Is someone going to question the eligibility of Mafrige to run without his toupe?

Robert Young

At the time of filing to run for office did a May 10th 2013 homestead exemption for Mr. YARBOROUGH exist? ...no.

Jarvis Buckley

Ms. Ms. Beeton should steer clear of this , let the other two fight it out. She should stick to how she is going to make the island a better place for everyone. This has been going on ,on this island since
The early 1900's . We need a fresh approach. I hope EB doesn't disappoint her supporters.

Ana Draa

Doesn't surprise me one bit that Ms. Beeton is involved with this.

Jarvis Buckley

Ms. Beeton is a very moral person with extreme integrity. It is doubtful she is "involved" with
This. She's not a mud wrestler.

Bill Quiroga

Is Yarbrough good for Galveston?

Mr. Dolph Tillotson wrote an article entitle “Their job is to control spending” August 29, 2004, this is a must read.

Quoting Mr. Tillotson’s, “Increasing spending by 80 percent over just six years is plainly unacceptable. It’s sloppy and a sign of bad management.”

Does Galveston need this?

Raymond Lewis

Jarvo, Ms Beeton may not be a mud wrestler but she sure is one who creates mud such that mud wrestling can take place while demurely standing by and saying "it wasn't fair for him to go it alone". Then joined the fray with a former law colleague no doubt.

Lisa Blair

yes, some of you don't know EB very well

GW Cornelius

Jimbo is not only eligible per State Law , but the best person for the job. EB has done enough to tear Galveston apart and ruin the city. Time for a builder to head the council.

Jarvis Buckley

I certainly have no problem with JY . Like I said seems like a good man, and could handle the job.
I just think EB has handled herself so well ,while being attacked from all sides. I think she's the best person for the job. Time will tell. Not just anyone can be Mayor of Galveston. Generally have to have a street named after your family, or be friends with someone that does. I expect it to get really ugly,
Because no doubt she is the front runner. What ever it takes to tear her apart will be tried. Like
I have said before she is not a politician and she is a person of the highest integrity.

Richard Moore

I could see a Yarbrough campaign series about his opponents based upon "Ned in the first reader"!

Ron Shelby

His opponents had their lawyer ask the city, and now they got their answer. He's eligible.

This tact that beeton and Mafridge's have taken seems to indicate how they feel they measure up to Yarbrough in both skills and experience. No one can deny that the family has been a fixture in this community forever, and has given a lot to the community through public service. To try and disqualify him as if he were some sort of carpet bagger is a low blow and disrespectful to a family that's done a lot for the island.

Chris DeVries

Jarvo, you seriously think Elizabeth is the front runner? Uh, ok.

Hey, all she's good at is beng against things. Never offers original, constructive, positive ideas for Galveston. She's great at tearing things apart while appearing to be neutral. Good old liberal, hippie, sixties-radical way of tearing down the system.

I think Jim and Don could have a great time offering competing visions of how Galveston can prosper. Both have met a payroll, understand profit and the virtues of building and running businesses - and employing people and paying taxes. Give me one of them any day, vs. a person who has no understanding or appreciation of what it takes to start and/or run a successful business.

Jarvis Buckley

I base my thoughts on watching her for six years on the televised city council meetings witch only exist
Because of her relentless efforts for the public rights to know. I really know nothing about her personal life ,except I believe her husband and JJ were partners at one time in a law firm. Not sure of that. JJ
Told me both their kids went to same college. She is always so well informed.Willing to do the right
Thing no matter what. She is definitely not a politician. Big money is against her. And by the way
I don't believe she is a hippie but if she is, so be it. I believe for the first time in a long time we have
Three quality candidates. Have hope for the future. A little concerned about JY 's back slapping,
Back room ways. But he is very qualified . That can't be denied.

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