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Matthew Huskey

This man makes me sick. He’ll step on anyone to get what’s best for him. Well, I guess it’s time to prepare for more time off at NASA.

Evelyn Clark

I want to see Cruz bityh record.[beam][smile][wink]

Lars Faltskog

Well, mytoby -
It all shows the hypocrisy of "the right". They objected to and questioned a man of color who was clearly birthed in Hawaii (a US state). Our President always had qualified to run for the office.

SeñorCruz, however, was born in Canada (a foreign/non-US country). He fundamentally does not qualify to run for the US President. I say, however, let him run. The Carnival Cruz show would be a scream. Hillary could beat his weak candidacy in a heartbeat.

Raif Smith

"Carnival Cruz"

Claire Reiswerg

What a great example of the disconnect between our local and national leaders.

Claire Reiswerg

What a great example of the disconnect between our local and national leaders.

Miceal O'Laochdha

What could possibly be more instructive of this PT Barnum character and those local politicians involved, than to learn they met in the back room of a Friendswood bank. I think that choice of locations for their "back room discussion" speaks volumes.

"Carnival Cruz". I really like that. Mind if I borrow it?

Lars Faltskog

If Webster is to make a new dictionary and needs a pictorial example of "hypocritical, pasty-faced elitist" then Senor Cruz's photo can easily be inserted.

He's not a real Texan (Canadian), claims he's "Hispanic" but cannot speak Spanish. I forsee if not a Democrat to defeat him next election time, it will be a more formidable Republican to win over in the re-election primaries.

This "junior" senator sealed his soon-to-be "elder statesman" fate when he catapulted the partial governmental shutdown. We Texans are not that forgiving.

- - Wendy Davis for Governor - -

Brian Cann

Really?..... That's your argument against him, name calling? Speaking Spanish (racist much)???!!

I expected more out of you.

Wendy Davis?? What are her qualifications other than being for killing babies??

What are the falsehoods that Cruz put forth during his filibuster over obamacare?

Lars Faltskog

Cruz and his ilk are the "racists" because they turned their back on their people. And, to do so in accordance with losing native language does not bode well with one's image.

As we can see from many of these posters, they and I are in agreement. It is not "racist" to encourage one to keep one's nationality, language, and culture. That is what I promote. Cruz is a back-turning elitist.

Brian Cann

Sverige, so everyone with Italian heritage should speak Italian or they are racist too, or do your stereotypes only relate to Hispanics??!! You like to keep your Hispanics on the plantation don't you, wouldn't want them getting all upity now would you??!!!

You are pathetic.

The question remains -- what did Cruz say that was false about obamacare???

Leon Lion

Did not realize how much of a racist you were sverige1. Do you have a Hispanic boss, maybe had a Hispanic promoted over you at some time, stopped by a Hispanic police officer, what's the deal?


MattHuskey why is it he gets blamed for "stepping over people to get what's best for him" just because he's doing exactly what the people that voted for him elected him to do? So you didn't vote for him - he won and as Dems are quick to point out "elections matter". I for one hope he keeps doing what I sent him there to do - despite being labeled a "whacky bird"!

Ana Draa

I hope someone asked him to write a check for the billions of dollars his "brilliant" shut down cost all if us.

Brian Cann

Who is going to write the check for the TRILLIONS that obamacare is going to cost???

GW Cornelius

Cruz is typical GOP total idiot. Love for him to go back to Canada.

J. Shaffer

One of the biggest differences you see between the two is that Wendy Davis is willing to meet with the public and the press, even if they have a different viewpoint than she does.

Cruz's MO is to come to the state and ONLY meet with 'business leaders and politicians' in closed door meetings, never with the general public. Makes me wonder exactly who he represents. Keeping out the press is another example of his 'Cruz Control' of the situation.

While the pending shutdown was mentioned, there is nothing about what his response is to the concern that Texans will again be affected by his antics in Washington.

He blows off the public, he blows off his past transgressions, he blows off local concerns and questions about future shutdown.

Yea, Cruz blows.


Must be nice to have a job where you didn't have to show up regularly. The days the Senate "worked" in 2013 (days worked in red).

Mick Phalen

Seems like the Cruz haters are a bunch of birthers - - ("go back to Canada", "He's not a real Texan (Canadian)"), or haters hiding behind an internet alias - - ("this man makes me sick", "Cruz is typical GOP total idiot", "Carnival Cruz").

I, for one, am glad to see my elected representative(s) standing for principles of government that I agree with. I would suspect that none of you voted for the man, or his principles.

Take off your masks and let's have an honest debate about the role of government (at all levels) in our lives.

Raif Smith

"Carnival Cruz" was posted under my real name

Raif Smith

I would think that someone claiming a Celtic heritage would reconcize my posting as a real name.

I do not like Cruz. He is bought and paid for my the Heritage Foundation et al

Mick Phalen

TXDoula, "I hope someone asked him to write a check for the billions of dollars his "brilliant" shut down cost all if us."

How did it cost us? all entitlement payments were made; all employees salaries were made whole; funding EPA mandates continued; campaign contributions continued; McConnell's Ohio River bridge got funded. Did the bureaucracy's performance get any worse?

All that was cut was access to national monuments and parks ... and just possibly, a few billion on stupid "research" grants.

Kevin Lang

Exactly what did we get in service from those employees that were paid to stay home and do nothing? Perhaps there's an argument that if they were working, some of them might have cost us more than having an extra 3 weeks of Paid Time Off, but there are a number that actually do provide public services, but that work was significantly backlogged due to the shutdown.

Yes, everyone got paid, but no work was done. That sounds like a cost to me. Since the Tea Party didn't get what they wanted out of the shutdown, it's hard to assign costs for not doing it. So, we're not out dollars, but we are out performance, and there doesn't seem to be any offsetting benefits.

George Croix

Staying home and doing nothing then getting paid for it costs taxpayers NO more than going to work and doing nothing and still getting paid for it.
Six of one...
There is much evidence to show, too, that 'shutdown' suffering by the public was made as bad as possible on purpose by the very folks who get to decide where the monies are allocated.
Is it REALLY more important to keep the Presidential favorite golf course at Andrews AFB open rather than the WWII Veterans Memorial?
I guess it depends on the magnitude of pettiness and narcissism and vindictiveness of the Deciders. I'd mention lack of honesty, but no sense dwelling on the obvious.
I'm confused about the change to lack of positive performance in the discussion.
Are we still discussing the so-called 'shutdown', the last 5 years of the Administration, or the U.S. Congress.
Or all of the above.

Kevin Lang

Now, I thought I was clear that some of them may have actually saved us money by not being at work. [beam][beam] I was only addressing the ones that actually would have been a benefit had they been at work. I'm sure there are a few of them--perhaps some of them are people that could progress paper or inspections on defense contractor's work--that do provide value when on the job. Perhaps some of those laid off were the ones that would have made better close vs. keep open decisions?

Now, some would say the president does a much better job when golfing at Andrews than hanging out at the WWII Memorial... [beam][beam][beam]

I sure hope my response to you doesn't appear bitter, as some have observed in other responses [smile]

Evelyn Clark

gecroix , you know Bush used those golf courses when he was President. You did not tell that. Gruz got his pay when they shut down the country and did not complete a thing. So ask cruz to give his pay back.[[beam][beam]

Kevin Lang

For what it's worth, GWB wasn't faced with any decisions on what to close and what to keep open during a shutdown. We have no basis for supposition of whether he would have closed down the WWII Memorial in favor of keeping the Andrews GC open.

Mick Phalen


I sorta like the idea of them not spending much time "governing". I'm on the side of paying them more to stay away .....

Miceal O'Laochdha

Mick me lad,

"Haters' and "Racist" seem to be default pejoratives for those wishing a short-cut to eloquence. "Carnival Cruz" is an excellent pun and quite applicable for a man that goes to the Senate of the United States and reads Dr. Seuss aloud in an attempt to draw attention to himself. It worked!

As to hiding behind "internet alias" I trust you do not include me in that( otherwise valid) charge. If there is anyone on this forum who should recognize my name is no alias, it would be someone named Mick Phalen...

I do not like to Anglicize my name, as your last name has been. Perhaps Senator Cruz should change his last name to Cross so everyone will know for certain who he is in English? That ship already sailed, I guess.

Mick Phalen

Irish cousin miceal,

I have never claimed to be eloquent and I'm not sure I know what a "default perjorative" is...

I have no beef with you, or anyone who wishes to express their opinion in an open forum. I do, however, have a problem with the cowards who hide in the shadows and hurl insults at those they disagree (in politics, or out).

'Nollaig shona duit!'

Mick Phalen

'Nollaig shona duit!' - - - that would be "Happy Christmas" for those who prefer the native tongue.

George Croix

Love him or hate him, there's no denying now that Cruz and his anti-Obamacare cohorts were right about the ACA being so wrong. That it was based on lies, sold on lies, and even facilitated a national election underpinned by lies.
His methods were less than ideal, but HE WAS RIGHT.
I'm guessing that the MILLIONS now without their medical insurance of choice, and facing greatly increased costs for replacement, if they can get it, as a result of being lied to and/or suckered in by a rogue Administration would cheerfully side with Cruz to defund it, or delay it until fixed, as he and others tried to do, given another shot at doing so.
A three week shutdown of 1/6 of the government is hardly comparable to a years-to-come total disruption and turning upside down of 1/6 of the TOTAL NATIONAL ECONOMY. And the human costs of essentially getting a 3 week paid vacation don't exactly compare to finding your health insurance costs upfront way higher and your deductibles often doubled or worse, and those promised 'subsidies' actually turning out to be yet another lie as they are being issued for about 1 of 4 enrollees, versus the 7 to 1 we were told.
Cruz isn't very polished in his approach.
Maybe he should take a lesson in how to be politically well polished from our President.
Then, by all means, for the sake of what's not yet been 'fundamentally changed', do the exact opposite.
We've already seen enough of what happens when popularity and happy talk are the reasons for punching a vote key.

Evelyn Clark

You are speaking a pack of untruths. Is it wrong for the little people to want insurance. Cruz and his buddies cause more hurt than he or you are willing to say. Everything the President says or does ,they say it is wrong. When Bush started the War with WOMD where were you. JUST SAYING, this is racism at its worst.[sad][sad]

George Croix

YOU are race baiting, because you have no facts on your side.
Stop that.
Quit listening to the biggest liar to come along since Nixon, or, for that matter, before him, and pay attention to what's REALLY going on.
No, it's NOT wrong for people to want insurance.
It IS wrong to take it away from nearly 6 million, so far, to give to 100,000, so far. It's wrong to charge higher rates and deductibles to people paying their own way in life, to make up for those who don't. It's wrong to FORCE people to buy products they don't want to buy or that have features they don't need (example: as a 62 year old male, breast exams, and maternity care are not on my list of must haves...). It's wrong to expand the Medicaid roles yet do nothing to expand the doctors willing to take Medicaid patients, for pennies in payment.
It's just false promises, otherwise known as lies, done so that people who won't bother to face facts or even seak them, but happily just regurgitate talking points from a serial liar, will place blame, falsely, on Everybody Else.
It certainly has worked in at least one case.
Now, go race bait somewhere else.
That silly crap doesn't work with me.

Raif Smith

Please name your source for the six million figure. Please name an objective source. If you can not come up with an objective source then you are spreading an untruth. Then that makes you a lair

Lars Faltskog

You tell 'em, mytooby 3133 and raifm. The People will RISE!!
The Fat Cats and their wannabe elitist parroters are on their way out. The common folk and middle class will take back Texas.

- - WENDY DAVIS for GOVERNOR 2014 - -

Lars Faltskog

Response to rukidden posted at 9:03 am on Thu, Dec 5, 2013:

I'm befuddled as to how one would glean from my comments that I have either been stopped by a Hispanic police officer or didn't get promoted b/c of being passed over by a Hispanic. What's the other one? I have a Hispanic boss??

Answer is "no" to all of them, with the exception of having in the past a Hispanic boss. He was a true and caring individual. Did not espouse cutting assistance to his people. My former boss kept his native Spanish language and, like me, sympathized with those who did not. He tried to encourage all people to be proud of their heritage. I have wonderful associates who are Hispanic and I can even speak the language because, knowing I live in Texas, it is advantageous to learn Spanish. Cruz is none of those things regarding my ex-boss and my friends/associates. Are you getting a clearer picture?

George Croix

When did G.W. Bush go play golf at Andrews AFB during a partial government shutdown, and while WWII vets were being fenced away from THEIR memorial?
You get points for loyalty. but not for substance or context.
Keep at it.
POTUS depends on you to keep his approval numbers out of single digits...[lol]

George Croix

The 'basis for supposition' would be the demonstrated difference between the two men themselves.
There is a BIG difference between making mistakes and having a 'Texas vocabulary' and with being a mean, vindictive ideologue with a king complex.
"I don't want some mom whose son may have recently died to see the commander-in-chief playing golf," he said. "I feel I owe it to the families to be in solidarity as best as I can with them."
Who said that?

Evelyn Clark

The Rep. shut down the government, and tried to say it was President Obama was the one. Theym went and took pictures with the VETS at the parks and said it was not their fault.

Bush was the one who got dress up in a flight suit and said MISSION accomplish (RIGHT) and he said WOM ( RIGHT) he played golf at other courses and took more VACATION then President Obama.

This is nothing more than you all being a racisit REP You know it and so does the rest of the party.. Listen the president has 2-3 more years. Get over it.

George Croix

Is NBC News an objective source to you?


In all fairness, I believe the 'official' cancellations last reported as of mid-November numbered 4.8 to 5 million, with not all reporting in yet. The 6 million came from this report as the low end projection. As it states about 5 or 6 or so paragraphs down, the AHIP in the NBC investigative report above told the Administration that 40 to 67% of individual policy holders would see their policies cancelled as a result of the ACA. That would be 40 to 67% of some 15,000,000 individual policy holders, which would work out to 6 million to up to 10 million.

If these people who manage the plans are ultimately wrong in the final number despite not being wrong so far then yes, I would be a 'liar'.
I'd be a million away from the facts, while the Administration is already 5 million away from their 'you can keep keep your policy' statements.
I get the impression that if it ends up being 5,999,999 it won't be close enough to avoid that tag anyway...[beam][beam]

George Croix

I should have added that these numbers so far are ONLY for cancelled individual policies.
I suppose it's possible once the employer mandate kicks in next year after being unilaterally delayed until, coincidentally, after the 2014 elections, that zero employees will lose their company provided health insutrance and be forced into the exchanges, and thus not increase the final loss of your policy tally.
Yes, that's possible... [whistling]

George Croix

If I missed most any other rejoinders, I plead the mess that this new forum format is compared to the old.
Just looking at the most recent comment was much easier to me than often having to dig through the whole thing just to see what's been added where.
No lie...[beam]

Miss Priss

Clearly Gecroix has never been involved in a case management system rollout in business at all.

Software and programming require major testing before being fully implemented. The Obama administration had actually wanted to and should have implemented ACA on a regional basis in the country. There was too much heat placed by Cruz and company to really support that effort. The only mistake the Obama administration made was to let those guys get into their head after this law was legitimately passed. For that we can fault the Obama administration.

Case management systems are a very difficult process to implement on any level - corporate, state - nationally is a whole different level. If other counties can do it on a much higher level than we plan to even do this, so can we.

It took Greg Abbott 5 years to successfully roll out the current case management system for child support. The first two years were a complete disaster and utter failure if you get down to it. Money that was garnished from wages was held for that length of period without being distributed to the guardian/custodian of the children who went without for long periods of time.

George Croix

Not so clear, because you are wrong about that.
But, neither my nor your background has squat to do with the ACA. In NONE of the cases you sited did all citizens of the country suffer a command to purchase a product or be penalized, or suffer a tax/penalty if they did not.
That, as VP Biden has said, is a Big F'g Deal
The disconnect, imho, is so many are focusing strictly on the mechanics, when the design and function and intent are the problems.
The screwed up and only partially completed ACA website system is just a pimple on the big backside of a great big mess. Merely symptomatic of the helter-skelter way this law was written, enacted, and now being implemented. And, as we now know, the folks lying to us about it knew 3 years ago that what they promised, period, would never happen was actually INTENDED to happen as part of the law, to force people into the exchanges. How paternalistic is that, to decide that a few dozen people know what's best for 300 million, but have to lie to get their way.
By your own statement, and in my own experince, major testing needs to be done on such complicated systems. 100% agreed.
By your own statement, it was not. 100% obvious.
Why? Unless the law was designed to create chaos and force a single payer system, why would a man who's legacy is riding on his signature law, show so little interest in getting it rolled out with best foot forward? He had or could have had at his disposal the top people in the nation. WHY put a 'non-tech' person in charge of it all? Perhaps your question as to background would have been better directed at Sec. Sebelius and Pres. Obama?
By the terms of the law itself, states did not have to set up exchanges, so those who chose not to, WERE following the law, unlike the owner of it, who has broken his own law with thousands of 'waivers', unilateral delays and changes that are not allowed by the separation of powers in the Constitution.
Yet, you blame Cruz and company!?
I can see why President Obama feels no need to ever take real responsibility for anything, when people loyal to him so willingly deflect blame to Anybody Else.
You will note that less that a day after POTUS 'apology' which wasn't one at all ("...I regret that people are finding themselves in this position..." - uh, hello, HE put them in that position of losing their personal policy), he started blaming his political opponents for the failures.
All of the comparisons being made to previous programs that were problematic at first IGNORE the critical differences - NONE of them required everyone in the nation to participate, NONE of them taxed anyone not doing so, NONE of them were enacted with ZERO across the aisle support while 'deemed' to have passed in Congress, and NONE of them were designed to disrupt and alter 1/6 of the entire national economy.
Some sense of scale, please.
And, the apples are red or green, and the oranges are, well, orange...
Thanks for your reply.
Merry Christmas.

Miss Priss


Are you someone dropped from an individual healthcare plan?

George Croix

Is that a requirement before giving a dam_ about the millions who HAVE been, when they were promised they would not be?
It's not.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Rockstrongo posted at 4:21 pm on Thu, Dec 5, 2013:

It is natural for many of second/third generations and naturalized individuals to lose grasp of their native language when they spend years on our US soil. No, I do not expect all Italian immigrants to keep their Italian, especially since Italy doesn't border Texas. Now, Mexico does. So, it's more logical (and more useful) to keep one's language. That's why, it's really no comparison to expect one who claims "Italian descent" to speak Italian, especially if he/she has never set foot in Italy. Our neighbors in Mexico and Central America - that's a different matter. Many still have families down there.

Aside from either of the above scenarios, it's a "given" regarding Cruz' falsities regarding Obamacare. Worse yet, he was a key player in the partial paralyzation of our governmental system. No matter what party one is from, to do so for political and media recognition is self-serving, and is unpatriotic. To answer your question at hand, here are the falsities of Cruz' Obamacare statements:
1. He said "premiums have gone up for 'virtually every person'". Falsity, since most folks get their insurance through their work. In essence, this new law will not affect people like us. I know that my group insurance might go DOWN.
2. He said young folks will have dramatic rises in their rates, and/or, if they haven't signed on yet b/c they're "healthy", that they'll have very high premiums. Not true. There is no evidence as of date b/c we haven't approached a time frame yet where we can compare "before Obamacare and after Obamacare". In essence, good data is lacking. Simple reason: we don't know what folks will choose yet in the "marketplaces".

I could go on, but I won't simply because what I indicated in 1. and 2. basically means that Senor Cruz and his ilk are no more than grandstanding "soothsayers" who want to oppose of what now is the law of the land. In 2020, after Hillary completes her successful tenure as President, the republicans (if their party is still viable) can challenge the Obamacare then. That's the American way! [beam]

Tamala Robinson

I'm so sick of politics all together. What happened to for the people and by the people..... Mark Henry and the rest of the politics who met behind closed doors are all cowards who snuff the life and jobs out of everyday citizens!!!! If all of them are so correct, by the book and for the people why was the media not able to sit in on the conversations? Mark Henry, Cruz and the rest of their constituients are so wrong for the people in Texas and Galveston County. Stand up and be heard in front of everyone like real men, not cowards behind close doors and robes. What do you all have to hide, except your own political agenda!!

Evelyn Clark

Thank you TAMALA, true words were spoken very well.[smile]

Kevin Lang

I think it's pretty accurate that insurance premiums for virtually everyone have gone up. However, those with any sense of the past know that insurance premiums went up for virtually everyone 5 years ago. And 5 years before that, just like for just about every year during the last two decades or so. The challenge for everyone is to try to figure out how much of this year's increases were due to Obamacare, and how much of it is due to Health Care Cost inflation. I'm sure that Senator Cruz would like us to all believe that every red cent of the increases are due to Obamacare. However, I would think that most anyone with neurons connecting their brain cells realize that you can't credit Obamacare for everything. Of course, politics isn't subject to brain cell and neuron activity, which explains why Cruz is able to get people thinking that everything that's wrong today about health insurance is solely due to Obamacare.

Heck, if you let the rhetoric suck you in, you'll be convinced that everything that's wrong anywhere is due to Obamacare. Is your knee stiff? Obamacare did it. Murder in Chicago? Obamacare. Car won't start? Obamacare. Afghans and Iraqis fighting us? Obamacare. Teacher gunned down in Benghazi? Obamacare. Freeze gripping much of the US? Obamacare. Heck, let's turn the clock back 12 years. Why did those Muslims attack us on 9/11? Obamacare. The Tate-LaBianca murders? Obamacare.

George Croix

OF COURSE health insurance prices go up nearly yearly ( I only have records of 3 years total that I didn't pay more year to year).
But, not as much as 30% to 150%.
And deductibles don't double to quadruple yearly.
And your entire policy isn't cancelled yearly so you have to shop for another.
And your shopping wasn't limited to a certain group of products yearly.
And etc.
Would you really care to try and keep a straight face and argue that the ACA is NOT what's driving these changes? Would that be 'period'?[wink]

To the lady below:
Of, for, and by the people has been sliding further off the road for a long time, with both major Parties.
One thing proven for sure now is that the way to return to it is NOT via 'fundamental change'.
Actually, I don't see any way for the situation to improve in the near future, as it's totally contrary to the current leadership's faith in government over people, and the politics of self-service in general.
Nor is anybody coming along on the horizon at this time that would make much difference because a majority of we the people are going to keep voting for stuff handed to us rather than substantial changes back to a proven model for a chance to advance that allow us a better chance to get our own stuff.
Unfortunately, I think things are going to get a heckuva lot worse before better, that neither established Party gives a darn bneyond their own self-interests, and that hope for of, by, for the people lies in some as yet unrecognized leader and unifier, a REAL one, emerging from the mists and actually doing something positive for ALL, rather than just talk endlessly.
To elect such a person would require that so many people have suffered so much as a result of political status quo that they band together and elect someone who is neither a D or an R, but a leader, an honest one.
And that's why I just don't see much hope for a reversal of current national course for a while...a long while...

Kevin Lang

Last I checked, there is a difference between generalizations, and specific cases. Last I checked, it's not good debate to use Apples and Oranges comparisons as the basis for generalizations.

Personally, I wouldn't have tried to pull people off of major medical policies just so we could get everyone on comprehensive policies. There are a lot of people that only go to the doctor if they feel they're about to die. Forcing them onto policies that provide preventive care exams isn't going to change their lot at all from a health standpoint. However, it will change their budget situations. Counseling people on the benefits of preventive care and comprehensive policies is reasonable, but the dragging them kicking and screaming approach is usually not the best approach for a first step.

For the rest of the people reporting significant changes in their costs, I'd want to find out what other things changed. Many times, we only hear part of the story. You don't imagine that could be the case here, do you, especially since there's so much potential political gain to be had? Nah, never happen[wink]

George Croix

The reports I've been hearing are the ones reported by people dropped, 'period', from their health insurance plan of choice that did not have all the ACA mandated bells and whistles who, when they attempted to get insurance that did, found themselves faced with the higher rates and/or deductibles.
Maybe they are all Fox News stooges...

Kevin Lang

Paragraph 2 above addressed that very point.

In that group, you had people that had those policies because it was all they wanted/needed, and then you had those that had the policies because they were all the could get/afford.

I think it should be up to the insurance companies to try to convince people to upgrade, rather than a government edict forcing the change. Perhaps at the point where almost everyone is on the comprehensive policies, then they could sunset the limited ones.

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