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Walter Manuel

I suppose ex-Police Chief Timothy Field probably feels the same way as Russel does right about now, seeing how Russel's friends on the school board decided to completely do away with the police department only after they realized that they couldn't illegally suspend and eventually fire Chief Fields in order to give Russel his job back?

I'm sure Chief Fields also loved his job just as much and feels that he didn't do anything wrong in his duties as the LMISD chief of police to warrant the school board members doing away with his job?

Thank goodness this trial has finally begun and can hopefully be ended before the districts next lawsuit begins.

To say anyone is a product of LMISD these days is certainly NOTHING to brag about! Give the man his $4,500 and a part of his attorney fees and quit wasting taxpayer dollars on this foolishness.

Schools are protected under Soveriegn Immunity and Texas is an At-Will state, period! [yawn] [whistling]

Dwight Burns

$4,500? You're got to be kidding. Your kind of thinking is exactly why a jury has to decide this case.

Walter Manuel

Drumb47, and your way of thinking is exactly why there SHOULD be laws against frivolous lawsuits!

Give me a break...

Mike Meador

If I were at this courtroom, they'd have to tell me to "take a hike" listening to this former police officer......I wouldn't be able to stiffen the laughter.

PD Hyatt

This story is so funny.... Washington is lying through his teeth and I pray that this jury is NOT stupid enough to believe anything that this man says....

Walter Manuel

I totally agree Cougargator, this whole lawsuit thibg has been a joke and a farce from the very beginning!

Walter Manuel

I'm sure Russel's character witnesses will show the jurors exactly who they are dealing with?

With all this strain that this whole mess and his friends on the board have cost the district, give him exactly what he's got owed to him and not a penny more and send him on his way.

The LMISD taxpayers have wasted enough of OUR tax dollars with this little game of constant court jumping.

Somehow i don't think it will be over though any time soon....

George Croix

Washington didn't say he couldn't find work, he said he couldn't find work in law enforcement. No mention was made as to whether he attempted to find other work. Gotta live on something....
I'm curious about the 10 million dollar asking price of the lawsuit.
That's a 100,000 bucks per year, for 100 years...200,000 dollars for 50 years....400,000 Washington's for Washington for each year of a likely normal remaining 25 year working career....or, after the lawyer gets a customary 40% cut, 240 grand a year for 25 years..
One wonders what kind of unable to find law enforcement job would pay at that rate?!
Of course, the likely reason for the absurdly high amount being sued for is to settle for less....

Walter Manuel

Very good point and analogy Gecroix....

Gary ONeil

I guess 10 million will help him keep down his food!!....At least better food will be coming up now.....What a joke. Find another job... Jury please don't fall for this BS.

Walter Manuel

Today the TRUTH will finally set everyone free and all of LM's LIARS will be exposed for who they really are.

I'm sure no matter what they decide to finally give Russel Washington, it's probably still not going to be over today after the ruling is read...[sad]

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