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Miss Priss

I'm glad David Garner is sitting in on this cases. I have no idea who judge Lisa burkhart is but why is Lonnie Cox quoted in the paper of telling this info? Isn't Ellisor the administrative judge?

Christine Mangle

No, Judge Cox is the Administrative Judge.

Pam Matranga


Miss Priss

Another question... If this is true, how in the heck did Dupuy get out of law school? What a complete idiot for even dreaming or repeating this scenario mentioned in the article. Can you imagine what his kids are thinking about all of this?


I hope these children and the family get some kind of therapeutic help. Abuse is nothing to play with.

Mojo Boogie

How did he win custody of his kids?


See there, some time ago, when this guy first started acting like a fool, the first thing I said was that his EX-WIFE should buy a weapon and get a CHL. I'm told she already had a restraining order and I'm not sure it was working.
I've seen to many people who could not digest rejection, and this guy seems to have a problem with it.

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