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Kim Etheridge

"He (Alsahli) said he originally intended to run for Position 6, but after coordinating with Dawson, filed for the Position 7 race.

Interesting that Joanna Dawson encouraged Mr. Alsahli to run against Nick Long instead of Tommy Cones. Hmmmm.

Jackson Hancock

I have a few questions for Mr. Alsahli.

What platform are you running on? Just the language in the Resolution that you spoke against? If so, don't you think you are making a mockery of our city elections?

Who are you going to represent? Your Islamic community or all residents of League City?

Why have you never been involved with League City and our community up until this one issue?

Ms. Dawson,
Are you so afraid of discussing the issues with an intelligent business man that you made a deal to switch seats? The contract you signed with League City residents when you originally ran, you have violated and not upheld your promises. In fact, you voted with Dennis O'Keefe against all the core issues that residents overwhelmingly supported.

It is a shame to see a good council that has been working together dogged by the old League City game playing politicians. I, for one, am glad Mr. O'Keefe withdrew. Now, after seeing Ms. Dawson behave the way she did, I hope she withdraws as well. I'll be voting for Keith Gross.

Kevin Lang

Since the "City of League City" has spoken, I guess the election is unnecessary [beam]

Can I claim "State of Texas" [beam]

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