LEAGUE CITY — There has been yet another shake-up in the League City City Council elections.

Position 6 Councilman Andy Mann, who submitted his withdraw paperwork late Wednesday, became the second incumbent this week to abandon a re-election bid. On Tuesday, Councilman Dennis OKeeffe abandoned his re-election bid.

Mann’s surprising withdrawal wasn’t the only change in what is shaping up to be an interesting November City Council election.

Late in the day, attorney Keith Gross also filed for Position 6.

On Thursday, Position 7 Councilwoman Joanna Dawson dropped out of a re-election bid for her seat and switched to run for Position 6.

Dawson had been challenged by tea party favorite Nick Long. But Long won’t go into November unopposed.

Business owner Abdul Alsahli filed to run against Long. Alsahli is one of several members of League City’s Muslim community who spoke out against the use of the term “Islamist terrorists” in the city’s recently adopted immigration resolution passed by the council last month.

Alsahli, a remodeling contractor who has lived in the city for 20 years, was among five people who spoke at Tuesday’s council meeting pledging to return to each council meeting until the council revised the resolution. He said he originally intended to run for Position 6, but after coordinating with Dawson, filed for the Position 7 race.  

Just two months ago, Mann spoke about projects he wanted to see through as a member of the council and said that despite expected opposition, he was determined to seek a second term. Mann was the only person who had filed for the position.

“To be honest, on Tuesday night, there was a point that I realized that with work and with the kids, I was stretched too thin,” said Mann, a single father of three. “In order to run for re-election, you have to be all-in, and I realized that I wasn’t all-in.

“There is no use in running if you aren’t ready to swing.”

His withdrawal came a day after the council censured OKeeffe over what many said was a threatening email the often-combative councilman sent to City Manager Mark Rohr. Mann gave no indication Tuesday night that he planned on abandoning his re-election campaign.

However, Mann, who voted with the majority on the censure, was visibly upset after an executive session that included a discussion with Rohr about the OKeeffe issue.

OKeeffe said he pulled out of the race because the censure issue had damaged his reputation “beyond reasonable repair.” His exit — for now — leaves only former Councilman Tommy Cones running for that position.

As of Thursday, Position 1 Councilman Dan Becker faces business owner Jay Ewend in the election, and Mayor Tim Paulissen is so far unopposed.

The deadline to file to run for the election is 5 p.m. Monday.

City Council Candidates

Candidates running for election as of Thursday:


Tim Paulissen (i), magazine publisher

Position 1

Dan Becker (i), engineer

Jay Ewend, restaurant owner

Position 2

Tommy Cones, firefighter

Position 6

Joanna Dawson, retired

Keith Gross, attorney

Position 7

Nick Long, financial consultant

Abdul Alsahli, construction contractor

The deadline to file to run for the election is 5 p.m. Monday.

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(3) comments

Kim Etheridge

"He (Alsahli) said he originally intended to run for Position 6, but after coordinating with Dawson, filed for the Position 7 race.

Interesting that Joanna Dawson encouraged Mr. Alsahli to run against Nick Long instead of Tommy Cones. Hmmmm.

Jackson Hancock

I have a few questions for Mr. Alsahli.

What platform are you running on? Just the language in the Resolution that you spoke against? If so, don't you think you are making a mockery of our city elections?

Who are you going to represent? Your Islamic community or all residents of League City?

Why have you never been involved with League City and our community up until this one issue?

Ms. Dawson,
Are you so afraid of discussing the issues with an intelligent business man that you made a deal to switch seats? The contract you signed with League City residents when you originally ran, you have violated and not upheld your promises. In fact, you voted with Dennis O'Keefe against all the core issues that residents overwhelmingly supported.

It is a shame to see a good council that has been working together dogged by the old League City game playing politicians. I, for one, am glad Mr. O'Keefe withdrew. Now, after seeing Ms. Dawson behave the way she did, I hope she withdraws as well. I'll be voting for Keith Gross.

Kevin Lang

Since the "City of League City" has spoken, I guess the election is unnecessary [beam]

Can I claim "State of Texas" [beam]

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