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Dorothy Holt

Hey, this kind of crap doesn't happen in America. There is a reason why those in public office become millionaires. Just check out those in Federal office who win as semi wealthy and come out as multimillionaires. Harry Reid, Harry Reid's children and Tom Delay and his wife just to name a few. Both sides of the political spectrum as we, the people, put up with that crap. Lemmings. Look it up.

Miss Priss

I have a very strong suspicion that Wiggins is not the only elected official the IRS is investigating. I'd be willing to bet there are at least two current elected officials being investigated at this time and neither have a clue what is being conducted under their noses.

Chris Gimenez

It seems disasters bring out the true nature of some people. I know it did in Bayou Vista with our former Police Chief Ed Lucas and former Mayor Ed Flanagan and former Mayor Pro-tem Larry Jones and current City Secretary Paula Eshelman.

I'm glad our records were seized two years ago, otherwise they'd have been destroyed by now. I also thank God the Attorney General's Office saw the validity of the complaints even though our District Attorney couldn't-or wouldn't.

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