LA MARQUE — The La Marque school board Thursday brought up the possibility of Superintendent Ecomet Burley’s termination.

Trustee Edna Courville asked the topic of his contract be added as an agenda item to a future board meeting.

Trustees already scheduled special meetings next Tuesday and Thursday to review their options for a financial solvency plan that would resolve a 2012-13 budget deficit of $2.9 million.

Thursday is the deadline for the district to submit a plan to the Texas Education Agency, but trustees deferred a discussion on the budget.

Burley said he had not heard back from the agency about whether his Jan. 9 request for a second deadline extension had been granted.

Trustees did approve an adjustment for the 2012-13 budget that will refund the agency $691,000 it no longer qualifies for because of decreased enrollment.

The budget for this school year was passed assuming the district would enroll more students than it actually did and that La Marque voters would approve an increase in the property tax rate.

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Walter Manuel

" The La Marque school board Thursday brought up the possibility of Superintendent Ecomet Burley’s termination.

Trustee Edna Courville asked the topic of his contract be added as an agenda item to a future board meeting.

Trustees already scheduled special meetings next Tuesday and Thursday to review their options for a financial solvency plan that would resolve a 2012-13 budget deficit of $2.9 million".

This village idiot needs to be sent packing along with the rest of them if she thinks anything has changed since the last time that they discussed Mr. Burley's contract! I got news for the sista', it hadn't!


This would be the same mentality that because my pipes under the sink are leaking, I'm going to go out and buy new carpet and the problem will be fixed.

What a bunch of idiots???

Gary Miller


Calling her a village Idiot is unfair. She is obviously smarter than voters in her district. Calling her a "district genius" might be more correct.

Anne Thomas

Obviously nothing new happened to help our district last nite. It was a nice dream
that something might be done instead of dragging over and done with issue of Mr. Burley's contract. Too bad that the board cant fixate on a plan!

Gary Miller


Perhaps she thinks they'll use a $3 million loan to buy out his contract.
Has she identified the Investor stupid enough to buy LM ISD's debt. Her favorite "booky" is smarter than that?


Everybody knows I'm no big Ecomet Burley fan, and that is apparent, but did I, or did I not just read somewhere, that this board was all in one Accord and traveling down the highway of unity in order to resolve the mess they are perpetuating for themselves?

So What is the problem? Might I suggest if the ACCORD is not good enough for them, they might try a Cadillac Escalade, or a Mini Van!

P.S. This is not the time to be messing with a contract, while the future of the district is at stake. Their actions just goes to show there is no priority or planning skills being implemented in the operation of this district. They will jump from A to F, the F to Z and back to B! Nothing gets done that way.

Nancy Leader

Eventually this sad excuse of a school board, will run out of tricks up their sleeves and will have to answer for their transgressions against the school district. All I know, what goes around comes around.

Keep up the good work Walter, were following you.... You have been a tremendous source of creditable information. Thankyou

Robert Buckner

While I'm not a Burley either, it is clear he is being set up as the "whipping boy" for this board's failure. Maybe his alternatives didn't insure the shrine would stay open. This is beating a dead horse over and over every month and time wasting in executive sessions addressing this contract that they cannot afford to buy out. Just another "stall tactic".


Yes sir Mr. amspoylt, Mr. Manuel has been a lighting rod for change, has he not?. He deserves a lot of credit! I mean credit! They got some kind of thing going in the Galveston daily news concerning community people who are really a help and doing great things for the community they live in. I think Mr. Manuel's name should be submitted with a write up of what he has done for this community! He was the face of the recent tax revolt, and he was out front, leading and going to to great extremes in getting the right information out, keeping the community informed and engaged, facilitating the defeat of the efforts of those who wanted to throw good hard earned taxes into a continued dark hole of incineration! I think the man deserves that kind of recognition because this was no small thing he got involved in! Yall know me, I call it like I see it, and I am not bashful about it! And of coarse, as always, I don't give a "RIP" who your are! It does not cost anything to be fair.

Walter Manuel

IHOG, they are having to do the loan because they have to close the $2.9 million budget deficit for the 2012-2013 school year. Edna might be thinking with a $ 3 million dollar loan that they might have enough left over to buy out Mr. Burley's contract.

Edna also was never voted into her seat by that districts constituents, she was appointed by the majority of the board after Mr. Travis Smith resigned. In other words, another vote the board could get to fire Mr. Burley. The real test of how well people think of her will be in May's election along with Shirley Faniuel's seat.

I seriously doubt if I were in Mr. Burley's shoes that I'd be much in the mood to negotiate losing so much money that he's entitled to according to his contract just because some thug wanna-be board members want him gone?

Amspoylt, it's my priviledge to bring transparency back to this school district. It's an even bigger honor to give this school board just as much hell as they gave Dr. Spillar, Mr. Joe Cantu, Mrs. Cynthia Bell-Malveaux and Mr. David Rac.

Seems some things in life do come round full circle....


Amen! I know I'm right so I said Amen!

Kevin Walker

Surely this collection of elected people have faced the mirror and seen their ways are inadequate and are now taking the corrective steps to put the Tax payer at ease and get the School District on the right track. and know we are all in this together. Surely Mr. Crawford's message to have Mr. Burley report all communications to the TEA back to him was his comedic attempt to relieve the angst the public views at this Board. He knew that this would cause laughter and knows all well that "it is good medicine." Ms. Courville is surely attempting to keep the comedy going. Haha.

I would't be all surprised that this Board has spent countless hours together of late putting together a solvency plan together and needed the extra time to make sure every I was dotted and T crossed in their updated plan. They have probably met at each others homes over a few drinks to discuss these issues countless times because they value our sentiments and had "think tank" discussions to make it all come out right. Don't be surprised if the TEA accepts their plan and uses it as a model for other district's from now on.

They have realized they are here to serve the will of the voter and will do so accordingly and have, I'm sure, solutions to again attract those parents and kids who have left by enforcing the policies that are already on the books to again make LMISD the place for kids to attend in Galveston County. Why the Board's President, as leader has probably said " we no longer shall be the brunt of jokes among school districts, not on my watch."

Just wait and see.

Island Bred

This board has this poor guy jumpin thru hoops or he has them jumpin thru hoops but I'm tellin ya there is a lot of hoops being jumped during these meetings.

Last night it was painfully clear after we had our reading moment with the board that this board wasn't making ANY decisions on anything regarding a budget until the TEA was brought in for an audience with this board.

Don't believe me??? Ask Crawford when he will put his Hancock to the paper......

I was just amazed at this boards ability to appoint themselves so damned important...... LOL

I don't know what they will do if the extension isn't given and they are told if they want to meet with TEA it will be on TEA terms.... now THAT would be a meeting to watch!

Nancy Leader

Hey Mr Jbgood, I am a Mrs:) My real name got dropped when GDN upgraded their website. I am Nancy Leader:) I have read pretty much all your posts about the LMISD, and you definitely keep it interesting!!

Marqurite, I am so glad you went to the school board meeting this week. I too, have gone to one of their meetings, and they do not make outsiders feel welcome. They feel its their board room only, and they have pretty much homesteaded the place. I was at the meeting where Mr Manuel was escorted out by police, because he was politely trying to converse with the established faithful crowd in the board room, while the board was having one of those popular executive meetings. The mentality of our school officials and their faithful followers are, that they don't want or need the communities input, all they want is for us to give them money and to shut up!

Nancy Leader

sorry my punctuation marks were transposed into smily faces....

George Croix

The LMISD Board is simply emulating elected 'leaders' in DC.
Divert. Distract. Delay. Deceive. Do nothing.
And the local 'lobbyists' are just taking a lesson from their counterparts on The Hill. Nothing is more important than their own issue, and nothing costs too much for somebody else to pay for.
It should be no surprise that similar actions bring similar results.

Walter Manuel

"The mentality of our school officials and their faithful followers are, that they don't want or need the communities input, all they want is for us to give them money and to shut up"!

Amspoylt, that's exactly what they want from us, but guess what???? It ain't happening no time soon! LOL

Gecroix, your post speaks volumes for why not only this school district is in trouble, but our country as well. Nobody has a problem spending other people's money even when they don't have it in the checkbook to spend!

Thank you Mr. JBG for your kind words, I appreciate that!

Oh and for Mr. Walker, as Mr. JBG would say, "Oh lawd" I pray that he breaks that fever soon that has him hallucinating about good things being done at LMISD by any of those on this board. That flu going around has people really sick and not thinking clearly. [tongue] Just kidding, (sarcasm off now)

Walter Manuel

I wanted everyone to know first hand what happened with the ethics violations that I filed with the Texas Ethics Commission against LMISD so that ya'll will know what happened and will happen from this point forward.

I received notice yesterday and I'm sure Mr. Burley will/did as well that my complaint was unable to be processed because the notary who completed the form when she notorized it put her name in a place that required my name to be instead and therefore it wasn't filed correctly according to their requiremnts for reporting and was rejected.

I did receive notice that on several allegations that I made against LMISD, it did not fall under their jurisdiction according to their law code and therefore would be dismissed if I chose to refile the complaint. In all fairness to the district I wanted you to know that there was no way to prove that the district authorized use of those borrowed election signs from Houston, Mr. Burley did not abuse his power by placing the robocalls which could alter or influence the outcome of the election because telephone calls do not fall under their jurisdiction. There was also one more thing that would not be able to be substantiated regarding use of school property or resources, however not having the letter in front of me I can't remember exactly off the top of my head.

There were several other complaints that I filed against the district that were not addressed in the letter and I was given the opportunity to refile the claim within 21 days correctly this time and the other allegations would be investigated at that time. However I'm not going to do that and I'll tell you why?

Seeing how Mr. Burley's contract just so happen to pop up in last nights meeting, I will not persue an ethics violation that could possibly give good cause for this board to fire him in the event I am able to prove a violation in fact occurred and replace him with Assistant Superintendent Joannie Hudson. They will have to do something on their own whether it's legal or illegal, but it won't be from anything that I did.

Mr. Burley right now is this districts only saving grace when he has to tell these board members the simplest of rules, policies and the proper governance of school policies down to Robert's Rule of Order.

It is my hope at the end of the day and for the future of LMISD that the school district and district officials now know that we demand transparency and sound leadership for those who are in their position to run this district today and if there is a slight chance for years to come that it be done as it is legally supposed to be done.

Knowing what I know today, I'm ok with how all of this has worked out, trust me.....

Walter Manuel

That should read, "In all fairness to the district I wanted you to know that "According to the Texas Ethics Commission",,,,, there was no way to prove that the district authorized use of those borrowed election signs from Houston, Mr. Burley did not abuse his power by placing the robocalls which could alter or influence the outcome of the election because telephone calls do not fall under their jurisdiction".

James Dotson

I agree with you about the village idiots all of them were voted off the school board months ago, and we have one more idiot that stays drunk. It is true that miracles do happen, we have the best board that we've had in years. Walter Manuel everyone knows your sources of information, hopefully that will be gone from LMISD real soon. The problems this district faces has been an existence for the last 6 years. Which means your best friends were on the school board, Rac, Spiller, Malveaux and Catu. Now, lets not forget those village idiots who misappropriated over a million dollars of the city of La Marque money. Those village idiots still exist and that's your family and friends. You need to get a life!!

Mike Meador

JED - "We have the best board that we've had in years". What? The current board has done NOTHING to relieve ANY of the problems of the district......PERIOD.

Island Bred

JED - I think support for your argument is shaky at best. You did follow the election didn't you???

2 to 1 babe. Not giving them money pretty much equates to a NO CONFIDENCE vote for this board.

I don't know who you are talking to to but I would suggest that you talk to someone other than the "team of 8".

BTW - just who the hell IS the team of 8. I only see 7 board members listed and usually only see 6 to 5 at the meetings. Who is 8??? Burley??? The fella they want to take to the woodshed everytime there is a meeting?

Who cares where Walter gets his info? We are glad he does and if it weren't for him we would be funding a group of morons that snookered in more money to be given to a group who can't think thier way out of a wet paper bag.

I for one appreciate Walter's passion regarding LMISD.

Based on the recent election - not many folks agree with you JED. Just sayin.........


If this is the best board we have had in years, we should just stop right here, and close this sucker down now! There is no hope, if this is the best we've had in years, because this board stinks, this board is awful, and grossly incompetent! I don't think LMISD represents Dr. MLK's dream, and what he stood for when he fought for inclusion! Jackie Roberson exemplified Dr. King's dream, Joe Louis exemplified Dr. king's dream, the great opera singer Leontyne Price, exemplified Dr. Kings dream, Dr. G.K. Drake exemplified Dr. King's dream, Dr. Robert Armstrong, exemplified Dr.King's dream! All these people were huge successes at doing jobs open to all people, and they performed those jobs as well or better than anybody could have done them, White, Hispanic, Black or anyone else!

However, THIS LMISD Board,...not so much. What these people have done in my opinion is equivalent to throwing a bucket of hot [censored] in the faces of those who are no longer with us, Black and White alike, who, marched in the South, got spat on,cursed out, assaulted by attack dogs, beat with clubs, and yes, some even lost their lives pursuing equality, and equal opportunity for all citizens! It is disgraceful what has happened concerning this school district!

I know what I'm talking about because I personally was involved with integrating buildings which were segregated in the South doing the sixties! It was not a walk in the park, I'll tell you that! That seem like a thousand years ago, but as an individual who personally have seen those hard times, witnessed, and lived in those times, I find situations like LMISD, offensive, and despicable! I also find it to be disgraceful to the memory of the great and brave pioneers of equal opportunity who put their lives on the line to make it better for future generations! Now I know all that was not done in vain, but looking at the failures which happened at LMISD, I feel like asking "WHAT was all those sacrifices for? These people don't even appreciate opportunities which was handed to them on a silver platter!

So we created single member districts facilitating what is going on at LMISD now? Lord help us all if this is the best this community can drum up to lead LMISD!!

I say again, if this is the best we can put over there, we need to close that "dung heap" down! hat going on over there is not only disgraceful to those who have gone on, but embarrassing to some of us who stuck our necks out who are still living!

Jim Malm

Yes, the LMISD is in trouble. Blaming Mr. Burley for everything, though he has a lot of responsibility, is not proper. There's enough blame for everybody, the board, the State, Rick "Goodhair" Perry, our radical right tax-cutters in Austin, even the taxpayers themselves.
Money, or the lack of it, is one of the biggest causes of LMISD's problems. We are one of the lowest taxing districts in the county, the state took away millions and imposed new mandates, and the TRE failed miserably.
The board has made some bad decisions and some late decisions. Any of them who are up for re-election should take a hard look at their record before deciding to run again or not.
Red and yellow, black and white, we're all in this together. The main idea is to give our children a quality education so they will be able to support hemselves and THEIR children and make a contribution to society. LMISD has a great history, from the Eagles' Nest and the Tigers' Den to the Cougars Lair of today. Get out and attend the School Board meetings, participate in the discussion , and VOTE in the next election.


Sir, I agree with you on several of your assumptions, but the truth of the matter is though lack of money can cause problems, yet it was not the ROOT of the problem which caused LMISD to fall to the lows it presently finds itself in today. Lack of money was a fruit of the root problem which cause our demise. What was that root? Never mind, I'll tell you, incompetency, and selfishness! Yes, it was incompetency on the part of those we trusted to do what was in the best interest of this community, and our children.

Let me address what you label as causes of the demise of LMISD.
1) Lack of Money.

Sir, when White students bails out of LMISD by the thousands, and Hispanic along with African Americans follow after them, of coarse the state will DECREASE the amount of funding a district receives. Why would they keep sending in millions of dollars to a district which is dwindling in size, or more appropriately, being deserted by the CUSTOMERS of that district, the students?

2.) TRE failed miserably.

Yes TRE failed, but why did it fail? Yes sir, answering that question will go a long way in getting to the real ROOT of the problems we have here, which other districts are not saddled with BTW! I would not be so quick to blame "Rick Good hair Perry" for the problems we have here. No, this is more a local problem gone astray. The problem is the tax-payers have not held the proper people ACCOUNTABLE until now, and I think the fact that we are doing so now, is fantastic! As I said, students are continuing to jump ship, and leave this sinking ship, and if I was a teacher here my resume would be in a thousand other places, looking for a job. If I was a student, here, I'd be begging my parents to enroll me elsewhere!

3.) Tax-payers to be blamed?

Yes, I suppose so, for not challenging the misfits, in charge of LMISD sooner.However, that does not go to say we should continue to sit idly by, and condone what we know is wrong at LMISD, which is what the EAGLES NEST is asking for! See, followers of the NEST want to dwell in the past, and protect SHRINES at other people's expense! Many of us think if an organization wants a SHRINE, they should buy it, and maintain it themselves! What important to the NEST, is not necessarily important to me! How am I doing here so far, am I making sense?

4.) Board made bad & late decisions.

This board has made BAD, LATE, IRRESPONSIBLE, SELFISH,and UNCONSCIONABLE decisions! They have made decisions which have been disastrous, and catastrophic for the schools and students of this community.
What is so unexplainable about the whole thing is why would anyone with such a bad track record want to remain in a position where clearly they are not wanted. ( no self pride).

5.) Participate in the discussion.

Sir, a great man in this community said this about two years ago, and I intend on copyrighting it:

"You, can't TELL some people nothing!" "You can't even TEACH'EM nothing, and you "SHO" can't LEARN'EM a [censored] "ThanG!" (JBG, 2010)

These are some of the same people you want us to discuss things with sir!
All they will adhere to, or seem understand is ACTION! So that is what the citizens of LM are giving them, until we get rid of all of them, ONE by ONE, or all TOGETHER! Both are good and acceptable, as long as the end results are, they are all gone!


Somebody need to say Amen here, You don't have to shout me down, but don't miss the chance to say Amen because I know I'm right. [wink]

Robert Buckner

Jimm, the lack of money has nothing to do with LMISD's problem. The management of money is one of the major problems. If you honestly feel the lack of money is the ISD's major problem then do not count on my support if you decide to run for office in the ISD election. It is quite clear you haven't a clue to what is going on.

Robert Buckner

Amen JBG, Amen.

George Croix

If I have for many years provided houses, and upkeep for them, for all my family members, and most of those family members have now moved away, yet I still keep paying the rent and upkeep on those now empty houses, and I myself am now starving and having heck paying the bills at my own place, then my problem is not lack of money.
No, not lack of cents. Just lack of sense.

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