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Centerpointe Moderator

About a mile away from the Annex on West Walker, someone also tagged a large For Sale sign on an undeveloped plot of land at about the same time. I didn't see it on Friday but I did see it on Sunday. Not sure if it's related (same person?) and I didn't read what the tag said because someone immediately tried to cover it with white paint. I'll post a pic of it in an hour or so when the sun comes up.

This is the first time we've seen this kind of mischief in the four years I've lived here. We've had other mischief, including the stealing of valves from sprinkler systems in public areas (drug users sell the metal for cash) and someone shot the Victory Lakes Park and Ride sign full of holes, but no tagging. I'll be on the look-out for more.


Cpointe Mod....

We have had a few instances of "tagging" in the VL area. It has been on the brick walls, electrical transformers, and the developers signs. The HoA usually removes it very quickly once its been reported.

With regard to the "artist" comment, I agree, I think they should've been referred to as vandals not artists.

Antony Freeman

Really? You're calling this vandal a"Graffiti Artist"?

Lars Faltskog

The 'happy face' can be considered art, accomplished (a word used loosely) by a graffiti artist. Definitely not desirable in its location, however.

The happy face, however, appears to be from a cardboard cut-out. Anyone agree?

David Covert

Artist? Really? Try 'vandal'... or 'criminal'...

Mike Meador

Watch Out! You might find B _ _ _ S _ _ _ painted. You won't be able to drive-by. You might have to cover the eyes of the ladies and children.

Miss Priss

Maybe it's those two little kids that Mark Henry had working the polls all during early voting without adult supervision, food or water. They had them working out there all day during that time.

Centerpointe Moderator

tgarland, with a middle school and a Walmart across from you, it doesn't surprise me that you've had this kind of thing happen in your area. It undoubtedly happens everywhere sooner or later, but this is the first time in four years I've seen it happen here.

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