Galveston police officers investigate the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident in the 3900 block of Seawall Boulevard on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

One person was killed in a motorcycle accident on Seawall Boulevard on Tuesday night.

The accident occurred in the westbound lane of the street just west of 39th Street at about 6:50 p.m.

Two motorcycles were traveling down the street at high speeds and moving in and out of traffic at high speeds just before the crash, the Galveston Police Department said.

One motorcycle moved to the north-side parking lane and appeared to strike a curb in the parking lane.

The rider was thrown from his motorcycle and landed in the street.

The curb is part of the city’s Seawall improvement project and the future location of a bus stop. At the time of the crash, there were two orange barrels marking where the curb was located.

The rider was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity was not immediately released

Crash investigators were still at the scene at 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. Traffic was being diverted down 39th Street as the investigation occurred.

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Steve Fouga


The first victim of the oddly and unexpectedly positioned bus-stop curbs. When I first saw them, I wondered how they decided to put them where they did, and why they were needed at all.

These curbs WILL cause damage to islanders' vehicles until we become accustomed to them, and to tourists' vehicles forever. But hopefully no more deaths. Sounds like it was definitely operator error, but I still wonder about those curbs.

W. H. Nelson

When I saw the construction of the bus stops, I told my wife that it would not be long before someone got killed because of them. Just like the structure at 47 th. and Seawall where a person was killed by running into it.
Might as well have put them in the middle of the street

Michael Moriarty

Regardless of any accusations of reckless behavior, the fact these "obstacles" rising merely inches from the pavement and immediately adjacent to a thoroughfare make them a hazard. The fact bus patrons will be drawn closer to the driving lane in and of itself is a hazard. Add to all this that the bus then stops in a driving lane to board and discharge passengers creates further hazard. This is a bad design and should be corrected before any further injuries or deaths occur!

Michael Moriarty

See Facebook - "Galveston Talks" for a huge number of comments on these bus stops and other hazards in the making.

Steve Fouga

True that. More talk about these curbs than about Trump, jellyfish, or spring breakers.

Don Ciaccio

Here's some tidbits about the accident: The bus stops are modeled after the ones used in Houston. They are no where near complete and will include shelters, trash cans, lighting etc. They cannot be placed on the sidewalks and they in no way contributed to the accident las night......speed over 80mph in a parking lane surely did.

Steve Fouga

Don, I read he hit a curb.

Don Ciaccio

Yes, he did. He hit the curb constructed for the bus stop! They are far from being completed.

Theresa L Gonzales

Omg. Unbelievable about the Speed involved in this Tragic Accident. I cannot even imagine someone traveling 80 miles an hour on the sea wall. So sad to hear.

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