There are three steps to filing a flood claim with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, officials said.

The first step is notifying your insurer to start the claims process, officials said.

Once your insurer has been contacted, an adjuster should be in touch in several days, officials said. If not, contact your insurer again.

After contacting your insurer, individuals should document the damage by taking photographs of all the damaged property and standing floodwater levels, making a list of damaged and lost items — including their date of purchase, values and receipts, officials said.

People may be required to dispose of damaged items, officials said.

The final step is that the adjuster will assist people in preparing a proof of loss form that will include a sworn statement of how much someone is claiming in damages and the supporting information, officials said.

The proof of loss form must be filed with an insurance company within 60 days of the flood, officials said.

Flood insurance under the national flood insurance program is meant to cover only direct physical loss from the flood itself and values property on an actual cash value, according to Wright Flood, an insurance firm.

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Marc Edelman

What is the procedure for people who did not have flood insurance. Several sources have said file a claim with your insurance and get a denial letter so you can apply for fema relief and grants. Is this true?

Kirk Jones

A really useful article! Thanks!
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Adam Doughty

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