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Diane Turski

Randy Weber and his letter signing cohorts are just trying to obstruct justice in my opinion! They should stop lock stepping together to support party over country! We constituents have an opportunity to repeal and replace Weber in 2018! We should be voting to support country over party!

Carlos Ponce

Go ahead, Diane, don't vote for Randy. He'll win without your vote.

Diane Brodie

We need fair and impartial justice, not witch hunt justice.

Steve Fouga

"Some Republicans, including Trump, have criticized Mueller’s team, because some of the investigators donated to Democratic candidates in the past."

Trump himself donated to Democrats in the past. So what?

Carlos Ponce

Steve, check the extent of their "contributions".
Jeannie Rhee represented Hillary Clinton in a 2015 lawsuit that sought access to her private emails. She also represented the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 racketeering lawsuit.
Problem with donations made by Team Mueller. They gave to Hillary but zero, zip, nada to Trump.
Trump gave to both sides in the past.

Steve Fouga

"They gave to Hillary but zero, zip, nada to Trump."

Makes perfect sense to me. Trump made a big point of not needing the money. They must have taken him at his word.

Carlos Ponce

Steve, the massive amount of money donated to Hillary an used by her campaign got her elected president, right?[rolleyes]

Steve Fouga

No, it was outshone by Russia's contribution.

Carlos Ponce

But the Russians, Steve, gave MILLIONS to the Clintons. Used for "charity" they claim.[rolleyes]

Gary Scoggin

I think it’s okay for special counsels to testify to Congress now and then. It does remind them of the scope of their remit. I just think about how Ken Starr grew and grew his scope and turned his prosecution into a witch hunt of the Clintons. And how Iran-Contra got out of hand. Boundaries are good in these things. But within Mueller’s remit, which is investigating Russian involvement in th3 2016 election, Congress should not interfere.

Jose' Boix

Re: Texans could be about to change their Constitution.
The text of the Texas Constitution is available from Texas Legislature Online
The Texas Constitution is one of the longest in the nation and is still growing. As of 2015 (the 84th Legislature), the Texas Legislature has proposed a total of 673 amendments. Of these, 491 have been adopted, and 179 have been defeated by Texas voters. Thus, the Texas Constitution has been amended 491 times since its adoption in 1876.
Rather than continue to amend the Texas Constitution, we must just get on with it and re-write it. These Propositions or Amendments only serve to add more "unclarity" to an already murky and convoluted document. As I said before the Constitution should define the "What" with the supporting Laws defining the "How." Just study the track record of Proposition 5 language.

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