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Stewart Thompson

The Front door?

Jim Forsythe

Texas City Police responded to a shooting call around 2:17 a.m. in the 5100 block of FM 1765.
According to police, several people were involved in an altercation at the Fish Place in the 900 block of Texas Avenue in La Marque

Carlos Ponce

KHOU TV 11 reports the altercation started at "The Fish Place", 900 Block of Texas Avenue in La Marque then moved across the street to the 5100 block of FM 1765 of Texas City.

Tamala Robinson

Did the report mention or say the The Front Door Club? It said a bar and the Fish Place is not a bar it is a restaurant ran as a bar. Second of all before you call out the name of a local establishment why don't you try google to pull up the address. If you have a problem with my response, my name is Tammy, the past owner's daughter of the The Front Door Club and I don't appreciate you calling out The Front Door Club when we run a respectable business that has been around for 50 years and we also help by giving back to the community by way of scholarships, Holiday baskets to feed families through the Front Door Social and Charity Club and so much more. People get shot at banks, churches, stores, so don't blame the establishments who attempt to give people nice places to go, blame the people who come in there to start trouble. Have a good day.
P.S. A wise person does their research before throwing out information that they know nothing about.

Dwight Burns


When we failed to speak truth to dispell a lie, we become complicit in the spreading of the lie.

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