By policy and practice, The Daily News very rarely publishes information from unnamed sources or agrees to shield the identity of sources through the use of pseudonyms.

We believe that identifying sources as fully as possible is essential to maintaining the newspaper’s credibility. We believe that people wanting to influence the content of news articles should be apparent in the articles.

The one general exception to this policy is the names of sexual assault victims, which, like most newspapers, we routinely do not publish, even though they are matters of public record.

There also are very specific conditions under which we may use pseudonyms and unnamed sources, as we have in some cases for the series “Bullied to the Brink,” which began today.

The conditions are these:

1. The information is essential to the story.

2. We can’t get the same information from a named source.

3. The source has what we think is a legitimate reason to remain anonymous to the public.

4. The source’s real identity is known to the editor and the editor can match each pseudonym to a real person.

In this series, we have used pseudonyms to identify some children who were bullied and have not named some of their parents or guardians.

• Michael A. Smith, editor

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