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Tim Thompson

And of course they pick a day where there's no breeze (probably to reduce chance fires will get out of control) so the smoke is everywhere, sitting close to the ground instead of being dispersed by winds. I have heard these are actually sugar cane fields, is that right? And I wonder why they simply can't cut the excess plant material down and recycle it rather than burn it, creating a health hazard for people. I know it's only a day or so but still.

Kelly Naschke

I actually kind of enjoy the smokey smell and have noticed the smoke....thanks for the clarification of its origin.

Carlos Ponce

The smoke was worse over Hitchcock than Texas City and Santa Fe. Too much exposure makes me ill. This happens at the Good Ole Days barbecue cook off. It also happened at the Edna Invitational Band Marching Contest where the Hitchcock High School Band made straight ones and were entered into the finals where we competed against class 4A and 5A bands. We did not get home until 3AM Sunday Morning. This weekends UIL Marching Contest is in El Campo, Texas. Hitchcock performs at 1:15 pm Saturday afternoon.

Mark Aaron

Or try walking on The Strand when the motorcycle rally is going on. I would need an oxygen tank.

Cary Semar

We had the windows open the last three days enjoying the cooler weather, but this afternoon, our smoke alarm kept going off. Now I know why.

Carlos Ponce

I wonder if those who monitor air quality will take the origin of the smoke into account. Air quality in Galveston County will be shown as low according to recording instruments. Not as a result of petro-chemical plants nor auto emissions nor anything local. The burning didn't even occur in this county.

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