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Bill Lowe

This is political grandstanding before a hotly contested election. Maybe we should check the connection between Enos and Henry. If someone looks into their history, I bet Enos has represented Henry in the past. So folks, keep all of this in prospective. Don't let them suck you in.

Kurt Sistrunk

If one wants possible ethics violations by an attorney to be investigated, every good attorney knows where to report them, the State Bar of Texas.
If one wants possible ethics violations by a judge investigated, every good attorney knows where to report them, The State Commission on Judicial Conduct.
If one wants press about a matter before an election, seems the paper and a "complaint" to the DA's office will get you there.
I'm confident the DA's office has crime to investigate and prosecute. I agree with the professor, let the State Commission on Judicial Conduct do what it is supposed to do with these matters. Seems that they've been doing a good job with complaints filed from our county for some time.

Don Johnson

Enos is asking for a special prosecutor to be appointed. Of course this is a ploy straight out of the Democrat operative playbook, where at the national level liberals have been successful in keeping a frivolous rant about Russian collusion in the news throughout the past year. Reading these stories I see Enos was one of Mark Henry’s divorce attorneys – is he no longer in that position because a political attack dog is more useful to Henry’s campaign? Everyone should remember the genesis of Stevens representation came from Mark Henry summarily terminating a court employee and the local district judges signing a letter objecting. As the Galveston County Administrative Judge, Cox filed an action to block the termination until the employee could bring suit to have the courts decide a wrongful termination case from the employee. Henry pitched a fit when the district court and appeals court found against him and continued a protracted legal battle all the way to the Texas Supreme Court with an expensive team of attorneys from an international law firm – spending upwards of $1.5 million from taxpayer funds to defend his action against one employee. Of course he could have settled with the employee for about $100 thousand long ago or he could have used in-house staff attorneys that would not have cost anything extra or he could have allowed the employee to keep their position until the wrongful termination suit was decided. (That would have saved us taxpayers greatly.) There was no personal benefit to Cox in any of this, in fact he paid thousands of dollars out of his own pocket to Stevens. It doesn’t take much deduction to see this is intended to be a political smear job, where Mark Henry is likely colluding with an admitted Democrat in an attempt to taint the outcome of the Republican primary.

Carol Dean

Wonder if Enos handled any of Henry's marital divorces? That seems to be a recurring dilemma for Mark Henry.

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