The Daily News will sponsor a public forum for candidates to the Galveston Independent School District board of trustees at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the auditorium of Central Middle School.

All five candidates vying for the two volunteer positions on the board were invited to appear, introduce themselves, answer some questions and talk a bit about their platforms.

As of Saturday, only Matthew Hay, the incumbent running in District 5-E, and Johnny Smecca, who’s running for the open District 6-F seat, have agreed to attend.

The others — Sandra Tetley, Laura Addison and Beau Rawlins — declined, arguing the newspaper, in collusion with others, including the school district, was attempting to lure them into a “biased event.”

The forum is expected to last about an hour or 90 minutes at most. Three panelists will pose questions to the candidates and more questions will be gathered in writing from the audience.

Early voting for the school board election begins Monday; Election Day is Nov. 7.

— Staff Reports

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David Schuler

I don't seem to remember that the candidates who declined called it a "biased event". I'm pretty sure they called it an unequivocally biased event; no quotation marks needed. Just another example of GDN's distress over tomorrow's no-show forum.

amy kovach

All candidates should attend together to be heard for the community.

David Schuler

First, that sounds like a 'talking point". Second, i have respect for candidates who make difficult choices of where to go and when. Things might have been different if former Mayor Rosen, who when faced with a demand to attend a meeting with HUD in DC (which turned into an ambush), might have replied, "Sorry, we're recovering from a major hurricane down here. You want to talk, get on a plane". If they choose not to attend this forum, then it's up to each of them individually to get their message out and make their case to the voters that matter.

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