Galveston County voters overwhelmingly supported seven constitutional amendments that, if approved by statewide results, could mean new tax breaks for some Texans, among other things.

County voters supported state of Texas Prop. 1 and Prop. 6, which would create property tax breaks for partially disabled veterans and their spouses and the spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty.

Both propositions were supported by more than 8-to-1 margins by Galveston County voters.

Those were the most decisively supported propositions, according to complete but unofficial voting results.

County voters also supported the other five statewide propositions, which loosen restrictions on who can receive home equity loans; put limits on the time people can serve in offices appointed by the governor; require the attorney general to be notified about constitutional challenges to state laws; allow more sports teams to hold charitable raffles; and allow banks to hold savings account-promoting giveaways.

The county’s votes closely mirrored early statewide results for the constitutional amendments, which had between 60 percent and 86 percent approval late Tuesday with more than 60 percent of statewide results in.


Voters in Water Control Improvement District No. 1 — which covers the city of Dickinson — approved a $5 monthly fee to fund the Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department. It was approved 509-80.

MUD 12

A $4.4 million bond was rejected by voters in Municipal Utility District 12, which included Bayou Vista and Omega Bay. The bond was rejected 188-133.


Voters approved an operation and maintenance tax for Water Control and Improvement District No. 19, which covers the unincorporated community of Freddiesville. The tax will be no more than 48 cents per $100 of valuation. Only 10 people voted on the issue. Six people voted to approve the tax.

MUD 56

Four voters in Galveston County’s Municipal Utility District 56 approved a bond package that could potentially lead to the sale of more than $200 million in water, recreational facility and road bonds.

There were only 26 eligible voters within the district’s boundaries, which includes part of the Lago Mar subdivision in Texas City. The subdivision currently has 369 platted lots, although a master plan for the community calls for 4,000 total homes.

Despite the approval, the residents of the district are unlikely to see their tax rates rise immediately. Rather, tax increases would correspond to the gradual expansion of the subdivision.

MUD 76

A single vote was all that was needed to confirm the creation of Municipal Utility District No. 76, create a board for the district, and approve the potential issuance of $47 million in bonds.

There were only two eligible voters in MUD 76, which is located on the West End of Galveston Island. The area is planned as residential development at Sportsman Road and Eight Mile Road.


Tuesday’s off-year election saw one of the lowest voter turnouts in the county’s recent history, with only 10,750 people casting votes in the election countywide.

In 2016’s election, which included a presidential election, the turnout was 125,336. In 2015, turnout was 21,570. In 2014, it was 64,950.

John Wayne Ferguson: 409-683-5226; or on Twitter @johnwferguson.


(3) comments

Jean Casanave

Sad that only a few decide the fate of so many. Off year elections and local elections are just as important or more important than federal elections. I personally am in a post-election funk.

Ron Shelby

Sad that so few voters, in one case 2, can tie the hands and obligate so many potential future residents/voters. Somehow that seems a bit bizarre to me. But I guess that potential residents do have a choice not to buy there.

Carlos Ponce

One reason for the low turnout: there were no controversial Propositions on the ballot. If you consider any controversial, I hope you voted. I spent almost all day at one polling place and closed up the building after they left.
Some voters complained about the lack of information of what was on the ballot before coming in. So I asked them if they get the local newspaper (GCDN). Answer: No.
Asked if they received the flyer in the mail explaining each proposition, some thought it was junk mail and threw it away. Others said they never received it but the poll workers said every registered voter in the county was sent one.
Some drove up then complained about the requirement of providing a photo ID or some other approved documentation. Drove up with no driver's license? WHOOPS!
But they voted. Gotta give them credit for that.

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