Chambers County oilman Mayes Middleton, who promised to bring Galveston County’s representation in Austin further to the political right, completed an upset bid against incumbent state Rep. Wayne Faircloth during the GOP primary election Tuesday night.

Middleton received about 7,981 votes, 57 percent of total ballots cast in both Galveston and Chambers counties, according to complete but unofficial results.

“It was the hard work that we all put into it,” Middleton said. “It was being willing to meet every single voter individually and talk to them and listen to what they care about.”

Faircloth could not be reached for comment late Tuesday.

Middleton mostly self-funded his campaign, and outspent Faircloth by a large margin on advertising.

His campaign also received a boost in January with an endorsement from Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who spent weeks during primary campaigning attacking Republican members of the Texas House of Representatives who the governor said helped block his conservative agenda during the 2016 legislative session.

Faircloth had the support of outgoing Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus, and several large business-oriented political action committees.

In addition to being backed by the governor, Middleton is a major donor and close ally of Empower Texans, an organization pushing for some of the most conservative pieces of legislation presented to lawmakers.

Middleton supports private school vouchers and has promised to work with Abbott on tax reforms that would limit cities’ ability to raise property tax revenue.

In the late days of the campaign, Faircloth received a bevy of support from Galveston-area civic and business groups.

Faircloth carried Galveston County, but by only 92 votes, according to complete but unofficial results. He trailed in Chambers County by nearly 1,300 votes after early results, however, and was never able to make up that margin.

“We’re giving the people that actually own the seat, the voters and the citizens and the taxpayers a voice, and they really haven’t had one,” Middleton said. “Austin lobbyists and career politicians are the ones that have had the voice.”

Faircloth was first elected to his seat in 2014. He was the first Republican elected to represent Galveston Island in Austin since Reconstruction.

Middleton will face Galveston Democrat Amanda Jamrok in Nov. 6 general election. Jamrok is a 25-year-old first-time candidate who ran unopposed in the primary.

Texas state representatives serve two-year terms. State representatives earn $600 a month, plus $190 a day when the legislature is in session.

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(15) comments

Carol Dean

Mayes Middleton...The People's Choice! District 23 has a bright future ahead of them! Texas, overall, will profit from Mr. Middleton's conservatism, honesty and integrity!

William Ashby
Lots of integrity for sure. NOT!

Donna Spencer

Middleton will be the governor's lap boy.

Carol Dean

Mayes Middleton will be the GOVERNOR one day!

Gary Miller

Big win. Getting rid of Strouse and Faircloth in the same year? Texas is more red after each election.

Nick Saum

Wish we could bring back Craig Eiland.

Walter Manuel

Congratulations Mayes!

Glad to see the voters of Galveston and Chambers county finally send Wayne Faircloth packing and kicking rocks![beam]

Mike Trube

I too want to add my congrats to Mr Middleton for the huge win. i wonder if he learned from Faircloth's mistake by not listening to the taxpayers and siding with a corrupt school board? I certainly did not forget. I wish Mr Middleton all the luck and hope he is successful and watches out for the taxpayers.


David Blackshear

Faircloth WON

Carol Dean

No, the voters WON and will now be rid of Fakecloth!

Walter Manuel

Mr. Blackshear...."Middleton received about 7,981 votes, 57 percent of total ballots cast in both Galveston and Chambers counties, according to complete but unofficial results".

What part of that statement is most confusing to you?

Walter Manuel

I can now see why you are possibly confused Mr. Blackshear.

Your apparently looking at the "Galveston county" results, not the "Chambers" county as well that led to Mr. Middleton's victory over Wayne Faircloth.[wink]

Diane Turski

Faircloth voters will have a common sense alternative in voting for Amanda Jamrok if they don't support the hard right wing agenda of Middleton!

Carlos Ponce

Amanda Jamrock has posted on the GDN forums before. On Feb 6, 2018 10:24am.
Obvious she hates Trump and posts "Obama was good for America."
Feb 23, 2018 6:26am she posted: "Mayes Middleton most certainly HAS supported eliminating property taxes, and still does to some extent."
Doubtful she would get very many Faircloth's voters on her side.
Diane, don't wait for that "Blue Wave". If it ever comes it will not be soon.

Susan Smith


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