Phillip Molis, the hotel security guard shot in a Galveston parking lot last week, died late Saturday night.

The Galveston Police Department confirmed Molis’ death Sunday morning. Since the shooting, he had been treated at the University of Texas Medical Branch for multiple gunshot wounds.

Molis, 23, was a security guard at the San Luis Resort and Spa, a luxury resort on Seawall Boulevard. He was investigating the presence of three men in an employee parking lot on Sias Street in the moments before he was shot.

He was shot at least nine times, in his arms, legs and torso, but was alive when emergency responders arrived at the scene just after 10 p.m. on April 9.

On Sunday, a Galveston Police Department spokesman said investigators have treated the shooting as a homicide since the moment it happened.

One person has been arrested in connection with Molis’ shooting.

Tyronne Haynes, 21, of Missouri City, was arrested the night of the shooting after allegedly trying to hide himself from police.

On Thursday, the Galveston Police Department held a news conference and announced that Haynes was a suspect in the shooting, but had not yet been charged with assault or another charge directly related to the incident.

He was charged with criminal trespassing and was being held on $5,000 bond at the Galveston County jail. On Sunday morning, Haynes was also charged with engaging in organized criminal activity.

He was still in custody on Sunday morning, according to a deputy at the Galveston County Jail.

Police believe Haynes is a member of a Missouri City gang called Gorilla Mob 187.

Police are still searching for two other people they believe were involved in the shooting. The department has offered a $30,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the people who shot Molis.

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Marie Taylor

To: My Easily-Impressioned, Recently Newsworthy, Gorillas,

Being an adult myself, I can tell you, you keep bad company! Horrendously Horrible Habits! All Of You!
You have, presently, at this time, set yourself up for a lifetime of more of the same-styled bad company. (Find some pride ... Doooodz!)
"Welcome To Your First Day In Your New Prison Home! Come in. Come on in here. Meet All Your New BEST FRIENDS!"
Can your "partners" help you now? HAH! Did, not one of you, think of how to get out your doggone Foolish lives before horrific events occurred? Did any of you truly believe, or even think, your way of life, was the REAL way.
It's going to be your older, (maybe elderly grandparents), modest, humbled parents, and kinfolk who will help you. Irony is, they will do ALL your work, and pay ALL your pay, and you will be locked up. That means for all that, they get NOTHING from You for their hearts thereby to heal. Thanks to each of you. This situation, into their lives, is what they get from You. It is endless. It will not go away. Face it, you're grown, you're wrong, and your family and kinfolk will bear your burden while you are Locked Up.
No crying now, when what is, turns out to be real-life, grown-up, adult consequences. Adults were telling you "gospel" truth all along, about how you can bring your own troubles onto yourself without anyone helping you do it. But, it was easier to be Big Shot, Fat Dog, Wise Guy, Muscle Man ... Murderer.
(Hey, Guys. I'm online. Find me. Write back to me. Convince me you are Human Race and just Pretend Gorillas. Y'all All got caught, gorilla or not. You can just count your free breaths one-by-one now.
Reader, you made it to the end.
(Hey, thanx, if anyone else read this far.)

Marie in Hitchcock

Marie Taylor

I have encountered conjectures voiced. Read my encompassing response to them all, collectively.

To conjecture guilt, or inexperience, upon this security officer, is unfair, and not smart. There is no way to know why he saw three men together. Probably didn't see them as guests at the hotel, (maybe no luggage, no garment bags). Perhaps, they stood too long together. Did he even know cars had been broken into at that point? Why exactly did he approach them, except that he was curious ... who, why, what ... as he Would be.
They saw (potentially) that this casual wear attired man was going to be a vehicle owner and they had been visually ID'ed if he actually saw them well and could describe them. What I am proposing is that the security officer, nor the supervisor, nor anyone But the Perpetrators involved, would have known the circumstance for approaching three men, if they themselves had not been there.
Perhaps the security guard mean to "chat" them, as a Field Interrogation. They would have seen him as a car-burglary victim coming back to discover their crimes. He would raise the alarm and describe them. They wouldn't go far quickly enough before being seen by others, and more others. This deadly assault, (which I'm not sure was known to be a security officer), upon a person who is in commission of their job, was their "quick fix" for being "suspects" later. Brilliant, huh? This is all only my humble opinions. I find No Fault on the security guard. He Was professionally-alerted enough to be interested, but maybe not enough to feel threatened, at that time. And ... I find No Fault with the Police Officer Supervisor. A large territory can be covered in a large hotel, but there always was, and always will be, the reality of a "Response Time" on Anyone's part.
Lt. Thomas was sent by The Eternal One to be there. (Sir, Rest the good rest; you fought the good fight.) Thank You for being there, from all of us within GDN, and thank you for your being a professionally-knowledged, First-Responder.
Thanx if y'all read this far. Don't blame. We don't actually know. We may know later. The bad guys had the gun. The gun did not shoot itself.

Marie in Hitchcock

Walter Manuel

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this young man's family, friends and co-workers during their time of loss.

May this young man who was much too young to die, forever rejoice in peace.

Godspeed to everyone that knew him.....

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