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Ray Taft

My Harvey experience with the Salvation Army and other charities in Galveston County is that they’re totally overwhelmed with the magnitude of the need.

The models they use to help people is not working. Many charities set up centers and expect people to go to them. And for the people who do show up at the centers, the charities are not able to keep up with the huge demand. They simply cannot think out of the box, so many many people go without much needed assistance.

Millions have been donated to Harvey Relief and there is still great need because apparently the aid is not being distributed to those who need it. Instead, charities complain people are not coming to them. I think they should have focused on going out to where the people were to meet their needs right there. People in need feel forgotten, unimportant and disavowed.

Jim Forsythe

Ray, please lay out your plan to think out of the box. As you said "charities are not able to keep up with the huge demand"
If you know someone that needs aid is not being distributed to them, please let the groups that are helping, know who they are.

Just a few groups helping.
"Houston Furniture Bank has provided essential furniture to nearly 1,500 Houston-area families as part of our Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts, giving out thousands of pieces of furniture to help families rebuild," said Houston Furniture Bank Executive Director Oli Mohammed. "Houston Furniture Bank will continue providing furniture to families and individuals for as long as supplies last."
One of the locations'  
Mattress Firm, 20814 Gulf Freeway, #Q, Webster, TX 77598

 The IRS is providing help to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Special tax relief and assistance is available to taxpayers in the Presidential Disaster
Residents of 11 counties may be eligible for D-SNAP

Ray Taft

Mr. Forsythe,
Really? The IRS isn’t a charity and I clearly stated what I thought charities should do.

Jim Forsythe

. You are right, that everyone was "totally overwhelmed with the magnitude of the need."Charities survive from people giving.
At this time, some people have not got their lives back to normal, so they are unable to give . Most Charities are sending out more assess then they are taking in. If they would do what you think they should, they would need more volunteers.  
If "The models they use to help people is not working." what model would you suggest?
If you have a better model, I'm sure they would like to hear about it.

Do you expect the charities to go door to door? 
If the charities are not able to keep up with the huge demand now, how would they be able to keep up with the demand of going to peoples houses? 
 "apparently the aid is not being distributed to those who need it." Which people, are not receiving aid?
Have them contact these groups, if they need help.

These are a few of the groups that are helping.
Food Bank, HIS ministries, The Galveston County Recovery Fund which is being handled by United Way. JJ Watts , Salvation Army, Red Cross, Churches are helping, Galveston County Residents Residential Disaster Assistance Outreach,
United Way Galveston County Mainland,  Catholic Charities Hurricane Harvey,   Portlight Strategies Hotline for people with disabilities,
The Gypsy Rose Market  help's direct donations directly to non-profits that will help our Galveston County community recover from Hurricane Harvey.      Gallery Furniture, Houston Furniture Bank .
Feed Galveston Project First Lutheran Church will host a "Feed Galveston" food packaging event on January 20, 2018 as part of the ELCA's God's Work .

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