Interstate 45 Construction

Traffic passes closed lanes on the northbound side of Interstate 45 near Tiki Island on Thursday. Bad weather has halted most work on the construction project


Part of Interstate 45 near Tiki Island will be shut down to one lane of traffic during part of the weekend as construction crews work to address concerns about unsafe road conditions.

Crews will close the far right northbound lane of I-45 starting 9 p.m. today so crews can work to smooth the surface, said Danny Perez, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation.

The work should be complete by 5 a.m. Sunday, Perez said.

The left two lanes of the same stretch of highway are already closed because of a project that began in December to repair a bridge deck and expansion joints on an overpass, Perez said.

Initial work caused major traffic backups on the causeway.

Friday’s news came after local drivers said they were concerned that conditions on that stretch of highway were unsafe.

Some drivers told The Daily News earlier this week they thought the far right lane was all but impassable except to four-wheel drive trucks.

Crews had removed the top layer of pavement in the far right lane of the overpass.

This weekend’s work attempts to address that problem, Perez said.

Work on the left lanes was initially planned to conclude in mid-January, when crews would move on to the right two lanes, but bad weather has delayed the project.

Officials now hope to have the inside lanes completed by late January or early February before moving to the next step, Perez said.

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David Schuler

"You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave!"

Steve Fouga


All things considered, this is a good thing.

Jim Forsythe

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Edgar Allan Poe

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