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Ron Shelby

GDN: Why do you only have 4 of 5 commissioners in this article?

Samuel Collins III

My thoughts exactly.

Michael Smith

Because Commissioner Holmes didn't respond to the same request for comment to which the other four did respond. The story should have made that clear.

PD Hyatt

All of the drainage money is going to be spent in the Bay cliff and San Leon area? What about the Dickinson and Hitchcock area that was drowned during Harvey? If the flood issues do not include doing something about our bayous being deepened, widened then we are spinning our wheels.... We need more flood control money then what they are projecting to spend.

Jose' Boix

The article states: "It is the first bond election since the Republicans took over leadership of the county in 2010. The county last held a bond election in November 2008 for $145 million, which voters approved. The package included $75 million for road projects, $45 million for facilities and $15 million for flood control."
Before I consider this new request, I would like to see/read a detailed balanced list of what were the projects consuming all the $145M; perhaps such list was posted, but if so it may be nice to see again. I think that we should have a defined set of measurable and consistent set of indicator parameters helping us follow and evaluate such requested expenditures. If such information is available, please let us know where to find.

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