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Steve Fouga

Good grief. NO trolleys! NO walking path! Just construct left turn lanes in both directions at every intersection with traffic lights, except for 25th. Doesn't anyone care about Broadway functioning as a proper thoroughfare?

My opinion. [cool]

Bill Cochrane

OMG! The sight police at their worst! The city can not/does not maintain Broadway right now. Trees are not trimmed (except by large trucks). Grass and plants are not taken care of. Another group in Galveston is firmly against left turn lanes. No buildings over three stories? Will this also block the view of the beach, or is it just to stop business development? Where were the height police when Mr. Moody built the 21 story ANICO building? What about existing businesses that do not meet the sight police visions? Close them down and demolish their property? Here’s how stupid the city is when they let the sight police rule. There is a city code that stipulates that a business like McCoy’s must plant bushes, etc along their frontage. The plants at McCoy’s are going to get someone killed because the plants block the view of oncoming traffic on the frontage road and cars exiting off I-45 at 60 plus MPH. What the City of Galveston needs more than anything is a city council with plain old common sense. But, . . . It Is What It Is.

Christopher Smith

Hey Samantha, is there a copy of the presentation or the consultant's proposal you could share with us?
I personally like the idea of a walking trail down the middle of Broadway although I don't know how safe it would be. Broadway is always the most dangerous part of my commute to work. I think it would be great if we could slow the traffic down and I'm all for more sidewalk cafe style businesses.

Susan Fennewald

Walking path?! Bike path! Ridiculous! Pedestrians and bike riders should be discouraged on Broadway. Both can use the streets one block off of Broadway without disrupting this this major traffic artery.

Traffic flow isn't the issue. Left turn lanes aren't needed at more locations. (51 st was really the only one - and then only for the eastbound lanes. The left turn lane on outbound traffic is less used.)
I don't think that DesignWorks should be paid to do anything more. They are clearly not in touch with the actual situation.

Roger A. Sturgell

Love the design as pictured with the bike/walking path down the middle and at the end of the streets curbs and parking. This creates a friendly walkable section on Broadway where the traffic will just have to slow down a little. Obviously this want work for all of Broadway but maybe for the zone from 43rd to 27th, I say to 25th. Ok committee and council, make this work. If you can't agree then do some town hall meetings on what Galveston owners think.

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