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amy kovach

In the meantime, individuals remain displaced and/or living in substandard conditions while government gridlock continues to fight for power. Thia is sad and should not be happening.

Donald Roccaforte

Many people are living the the remaining shell of a home awaiting Insurance and FEMA decisions. Once repair work begins on these homes, most of the essential items such as remnants of furniture and other items in the house will have to be removed to allow contractors to work in the house. It is not practical to occupy these homes during the repair phase. I am really surprised that there has not been any progress toward temporary housing such as trailers this long after the disaster.

Mark Aaron

From the article:
_The Texas General Land Office now has 1,262 trailers, manufactured housing units and recreational vehicles to use for housing in post-Harvey recovery. Of those 1,262 units, six are ready for occupancy, 42 have work orders for delivery and 13 have pending work orders, Phillips said._
_. . . Gov. Greg Abbott designated the land office as the agency in charge of short-term disaster housing programs such as getting trailers, providing basic sheltering repairs or arranging leases._
_“GLO doesn’t have any of the staff they had there after Ike,” Galveston County Judge Mark Henry said. “The disaster staff is all new. This is a bad time to be learning your job. We have people who need help, not for you to be getting your feet wet.”_

Ray Taft

I do not think anyone is in charge of the Harvey recovery.

Not FEMA, I got misinformation from the FEMA people at the League City center.

Not the State, they want to save money as in not spending the rainy-day fund, and you would be delusional if you think that Texas, with its track record, really wants to help people. In Texas, its everyone for themselves. It would not surprise me if the reason Phillips does not want to say where the trailers went is because he gave them to his buddies.

And not the county, their idea of help is calling FEMA.

PD Hyatt

From what I have read so far it would seem as if We The People are no longer capable to take care of our selves.... What in the world are we going to do not if but when the Feds can no longer take care of us because they have NO money left to print.... We used to be able to stand on our own but now it seems as if we can not do that unless someone takes care of us....

Mark Aaron

So you would have everyone become survivalists because you think the government is about to fail Paul? Or you just don't believe in insuring domestic tranquility and promoting the general welfare?

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