LEAGUE CITY — City council members want to build a new police station in the next two or three years.

And they might have a collaborator in the project.

The city council Tuesday approved a resolution supporting a partnership with Galveston County in the construction of a regional public safety and emergency operations facility.

League City Mayor Toni Randall and Police Chief Mike Jez have discussed the new facility for more than a year with Galveston County Sheriff Freddie Poor and County Judge Jim Yarbrough.

The building would have a jail police station and emergency response center Jez said. He said the station would be similar to Galveston Police Department’s joint facility with the sheriff’s office but the jail would be smaller.

The sheriff’s office has a contract to house Galveston police’s inmates and share training facilities and a communications area.

Officials have not chosen a location for the building and all discussions are in preliminary stages.

A new police station is a top priority for city council members.

The police department has outgrown the station at 500 W. Walker St. and the building has structural issues Councilman Mick Phalen said.

A former sheriff’s office facility on FM 646 housed probation offices a patrol division and county emergency operation services but the building fell into disrepair and was demolished several years ago.

Poor said he wants another building in the North County to house a patrol division and possibly a warrant division.

Officials are considering the possibility of Community Development Block Grants to help cover construction costs County Commissioner Ken Clark said.

The city would save on transportation and infrastructure costs because not all inmates would need to be processed at the Galveston County jail on the island Clark said.

A joint facility does not serve only to save money.

As the county grows police departments must consolidate resources and work together with other stations Jez said.

”Police stations can’t continue to serve as separate fiefdoms” Jez said. ”Consolidating resources and other records will help as urbanization continues.”

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