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Ray Taft

Here’s a thought. Stop being so generous with taxpayers money when it comes to paying yourselves. Use or lose your PTO, like in the private sector. If they get so much PTO that they cannot use it al every year, reduce it.

Steve Fouga

My thoughts: Leave policy should be identical across Galveston governmental entities -- City, Park Board, Wharves, etc...

Sick leave should never be paid out. An employee should be given 10-15 days per year, and allowed to roll it over to as much as double the annual allowance. It shouldn't depend on seniority.

Vacation should be allowed to accrue to double the annual allowance, and always paid out if not used. The annual allowance should depend on seniority, and the most an employee can earn should be 20-25 days annually.

This would be roughly in line with industry practice.

Don Schlessinger

The company I retired from 2 years ago let us earn 6 months sick leave if we needed it. When an employee left the company they leave their sick leave behind. I worked in the offshore industry, rotational employees had different rules regarding vacation time and pay, but 5 and 2 employees. Those employees were paid earned annual vacation at end of that year. Maybe that wouldn't work in city government because of unions, but it seemed to work well in my company.

PD Hyatt

The company I retired from 6 years ago, you either used your vacation every year or you lost it. As for sick days you were allotted so many per year and you did not carry any of them over nor did you get to cash them in at the end.... Seems like the government is always very generous with our money!

Mark Aaron

Paul: [ Seems like the government is always very generous with our money!]

Seems like your company was chintzy with its benefits. You need a union.

Keith Gray

Mark I do not know any unions that get their sick leave paid out... unless it is out of somewhere like Detroit... and that union is doing soooo well.

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