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Kelly Naschke

If a single use bag ban were to go into effect, will the GDN find an alternative to delivering its papers? I accumulate about an equal amount of single use newspaper bags as I do shopping bags. Possibly even more when you consider I get one a day 365 days a year. I have also been subscribing for over 20 years. Just my tally alone is near 8,000 single use bags sent by the GDN. And this is just ONE household. I would be very interested to find out how many single use bags the GDN has used in the last 20 years through its entire subscriptions???

Charlotte O'rourke

Some people in San Diego have claimed the ban of plastic bags and lack of adequate public bathroom facilities helped contribute to the Hepatitis A outbreak. True, not true .... I don’t know ....
but the people that are elected to contemplate such topics need to consider all the potential consequences of a plastic bag ban before making a decision.

Bill Cochrane

Kelly, I don’t think the single use bag ban is intended to stop the use of “every” bag. I think it’s specifically those bags that grocery stores and quick stop stores use. If it is a total, across the board ban, that would include everything that resembles a bag, like MM’s, snickers, condoms, etc.

Jean Casanave

It's wrong to assume a ban on anything will change bad behavior.

Joanie Steinhaus

Make an effort to change your behavior and start using a reusable bag before a ban is in place. "Bring the Bag" campaign has educated thousands of residents and visitors on the impact on single use bags (which photo degrade) on our marine environment. Such a simple action with huge rewards

Bill Cochrane

I was speaking with a friend in Kelso WA. He says that the grocery stores charge .25 for each plastic bag, and .10 each for each paper bag. Lots and lots of people bring their own bags.

Jarvis Buckley

So in Washington they would prefer to cut a tree down for paper bags , instead of recycle plastic for bags....

Mark Aaron

Jarvis: [So in Washington they would prefer to cut a tree down for paper bags , instead of recycle plastic for bags.........interesting.]

Also interesting: Biodegradation

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