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Carlos Ponce

The article says the perp "threatened her". Corinthia Morgan should have contacted the campus police first instead of the diversity education specialist the next morning.

Mark Aaron

Picking on the victim as usual Carlos?

Carlos Ponce

"Picking" on her? No just giving sage advice. The article reads the perp threatened her. Threats should NOT be treated lightly. Call the campus police.

Randy Chapman

Can you really be so dense and obfuscating, Mark?

Mark Aaron

Randy: [ Can you really be so dense and obfuscating, Mark?]

Can you?

Carlos Ponce

TAMUG Student Life Rules 31. Racial and Ethnic Harassment
"31.2.1 To rise to the level of Racial and Ethnic Harassment, behaviors must include something beyond the mere expression of views, words, symbols or thoughts that some person finds offensive. The conduct must also be sufficiently serious to deny or limit a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the educational program and/or experience."
"31.3 In some instances offensive conduct might not be severe and pervasive and objectively offensive to rise to the level of interfering or limiting an individual’s participation in services, activities or privileges provided by Texas A&M University. Nevertheless, the offensive conduct could still be a violation of the Student Conduct Code or other published rules of the university. As stated in the Student Conduct Code, violations of the Student Conduct Code that are motivated by prejudice toward a person or group because of factors such as race, religion, ethnicity, disability, national origin, age, gender or sexual orientation may be assessed an enhanced sanction. (see rule 24.4)"

Jarvis Buckley

I don't believe there is any defending
racism . This young lady should not have been subjected to that ignorant

Dwight Burns

Racism like sexism most be addressed and called out for what it is.

Don Bette

New meal plans fix everything.

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