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Marc Edelman

I am impact fees, here I come!

PD Hyatt

More flooding for the older homes here I come, as I doubt that they will include draining the water off where water was standing....

Diane Turski

We League City residents need to stay vigilant to ensure that greed does not trump common sense! I believe that drainage must be the top priority considered with any new development!

Michelle Aycoth

I agree 100% . Before any development goes in there should be an independent impact study done on how the proposed development will impact drainage of nearby residents and businesses. The cost of this study should be paid for by the developer . The developer should be responsible for the costs of drainage projects that may be required outside of the proposed development as a result of the study.
Andrew Aycoth

Michelle Aycoth

Look a Bay Ridge subdivision in League City as an example how development can cause flooding. The subdivision is now 3ft lower than everything around it and now sits in a bowl.
Andrew Aycoth

Chuck DiFalco

New property development requires comprehensive impact fees to pay its own way. Unfortunately, League City has never done this. That's why the rest of us get stuck with many bills for systemic municipal infrastructure upgrades, and why traffic, drainage, etc. always seems to be behind the curve.

Chuck DiFalco

Capital recovery fees for roadways in League City? Since when? I've never heard of it. I think that's an error in the article. (BTW, TIRZ assessments are neither cap fees, nor impact fees.)

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